Chapter 422: Mountains of Corpses and Seas of Blood

A handful of loyal members of the Gu Clan held Gu Haofeng back from getting close to Dong Li with full force.

Having spent quite some energy attacking Specters and having suffered a blow to his soul, his strength had taken a significant dip. Even though he roared angrily, he failed to struggle free from his subordinates.

“Wu Tian...”

Qin Yan from the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce was the only one who knew Nie Tian’s actual identity other than Han Mu and the unconscious Dong Li.

Upon hearing Han Mu’s emotional plea, the tips of her eyebrows rose as she called out to Nie Tian, “If it’s possible, please try to help Li.”

At that moment, hearing her saying those words to Nie Tian with a pleading tone, all the others were shocked into a daze.

They didn’t understand why Qin Yan and Han Mu would beg for Nie Tian’s help.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t picture Nie Tian, who possessed the lowest cultivation base and had kept a low profile so far, to be the one who would be able to save Dong Li at this critical moment.

However, it was none other than this young man who said, after hearing Han Mu and Qin Yan’s pleas, “Alright, I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll work.”

Han Mu’s eyes instantly lit up.

Anticipation appeared in Qin Yan’s eyes as well.

The others, however, seemed rather confused as they looked blankly at the three of them.

Under everyone’s gazes, Nie Tian reached out with one hand and pointed one finger in between her eyebrows. As he did, his seven Heaven Eyes that he had deployed in the vicinity rapidly flew back to him and followed that finger of his into Dong Li’s soul.

A strong shudder ran through Nie Tian’s body.

This being the first time his Heaven Eyes had ever entered another person’s soul, he was flabbergasted by the scene in Dong Li’s soul.

At this moment, Dong Li’s soul sea looked like a misty sea of blood, in the middle of which were mountains of corpses that were unleashing endless negative auras.

It was said that only by entering the Worldly realm would Qi warriors be able to transform their psychic power into soul power and form their truesouls.

Entering the Worldly realm marked the transcendence of psychic power and the formation of truesouls.

However, since Dong Li was still at the Greater Heaven stage, her psychic power hadn’t transcended and she hadn’t formed her truesoul.

Hence, all of her memories, psychic power, and personal experiences were still in the form of a vague soul shadow that roamed within her soul sea.

At that moment, her soul shadow was surrounded by the mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

Her black phoenix was flying above her soul sea, letting out soundless cries, as if it were attempting to get Dong Li’s soul shadow out of there.

However, the mountains of corpses and seas of blood seemed to be creeping in odd ways, forming layers of illusions that served as multiple hemispherical shields over Dong Li’s soul sea, stopping the black phoenix from getting close.

The moment Nie Tian’s seven Heaven Eyes entered Dong Li’s soul, they seemed to transform into seven fragmentary stars, and started shining over Dong Li’s soul sea.

He was perfectly aware that they were not the actual fragmentary stars in his soul, and that the soul power within them was also very limited.

However, it seemed as if the moment they appeared over Dong Li’s soul sea, they seemed to infuse Dong Li’s soul with a breath of fresh air!

As the Heaven Eyes floated closer to the mountains of corpses and seas of blood under Nie Tian’s command, endless bloody images and negative emotions swarmed in and started corroding them.

At that moment, the seven fragmentary stars in Nie Tian’s soul instantly started to emanate dazzling starlight.

Incomparably pure soul power started flowing madly from Nie Tian’s soul into Dong Li’s soul.

Due to the transmission of soul power, the seven fragmentary stars in Nie Tian’s soul gradually shrunk in size.

Meanwhile, the seven Heaven Eyes in Dong Li’s soul started shining with increasingly brilliant starlight.

Starlight poured down on Dong Li’s soul sea, like fierce sunlight shining on ice and snow.

Bathed in the starlight from the seven Heaven Eyes, the creeping mountains of corpses and seas of blood rapidly vaporized and disappeared.

Upon seeing the divine scene, the black phoenix warbled cheerfully and excitedly. 

As the corpses and blood gradually melted away, Dong Li’s muffled soul shadow gradually recovered the ability to move.


Dong Li’s soul shadow broke free from its restraints and rose up to reunite with the black phoenix.

Nie Tian’s Heaven Eyes were still emanating bright starlight that seemed to be able to purge every bit of filth in this world. It wasn’t long before the mountains of corpses and seas of blood vanished completely, along with all the illusions, leaving nothing but wisps of cyan smoke.

No one on the outside knew what was happening in Dong Li’s soul. They stared blankly at Nie Tian and Dong Li, not understanding why he would point a finger in between Dong Li’s eyebrows.

However, to their surprise, they soon noticed that the blood-colored and cyan light that had flashed across Dong Li’s pupils every now and then gradually disappeared.

Meanwhile, Dong Li, who had seemed to be rather edgy and on the verge of losing her senses, slowly calmed down and closed her wide eyes.

Moments later, wisps of cyan smoke slowly flew out of the corners of Dong Li’s closed eyes and dissipated into heaven and earth.

As soon as the mountains of corpses and seas of blood vanished, Nie Tian’s seven Heaven Eyes returned to the seven fragmentary stars in his soul upon receiving his soul intent, along with the remaining soul power within them.

The fragmentary stars that had shrunk noticeably expanded again, though they weren’t as large as they had been before.

Letting out a long breath, Nie Tian withdrew his hand, stepped to the side, and sat down. Only after a brief moment of recuperation did he turn to the bewildered Han Mu and say, “She should be fine now.”

Upon hearing these words, Han Mu was so flabbergasted that he even forgot to give a  response.

When Dong Li had returned in a unconscious state, he had turned to Nie Tian, who was the closest to him, without much thought.

He actually hadn’t had high hopes that Dong Li could be saved, and he hadn’t had faith that Nie Tian would be able to reverse the changes taking place inside Dong Li.

However, as he looked at Dong Li now, the spiritual power fluctuations on her seemed normal, and he could no longer feel any threat from her.

All the signs indicated that the Dong Li he knew had been saved.

While he wandered in his thoughts, Dong Li’s voice suddenly rang out, “I’m okay now.”

Her eyes slowly opened.

After opening her eyes, she looked at no one but Nie Tian, who was sitting quietly beside her, with an extremely complicated expression on her face. Her mind seemed to drift away.

“Li!? A-are you alright?” Qin Yan probed.

Dong Li withdrew her gaze from Nie Tian’s face, shook her head, and said, “I’m alright.”

“Are you sure?” Qin Yan asked.

“Yeah.” Dong Li suddenly burst into a flaming rage as she turned to glare at Qian Xin and Cao Qiushui, asking, “You wanted to kill me just now, didn’t you?”

Qian Xin and Cao Qiushui looked deeply embarrassed, not daring to say a word.

Dong Li turned to stare at the other Dong Clan members. “And you! You bore the same thought, right?”

In fear and trepidation, the Dong Clan members knelt and looked down at the ground, not daring to meet her eyes. “How do we dare, Miss!?”

“We were just afraid that you might... But we would never dare to make any move against you!”

“Please forgive us, Miss!”

With a cold expression on her face, she stared down at them. However, she suddenly felt exhausted, so with a wave of her hand, she said, “...Forget it... but I won’t give you another chance.”

“Thank you, Miss! You’re so magnanimous!” They exclaimed simultaneously.

With a cold snort, Dong Li’s expression grew less intense as she said to Han Mu, who was standing beside her, “After this exploration trip is over, everyone in your clan will be welcome to move into the Dong Clan.”

“I can never thank you enough, Miss!” Overjoyed, Han Mu dropped his knees on the ground and kowtowed to Dong Li. “But Miss, I’m not the one who saved you.”

“I know.” As she spoke, her gaze landed on Nie Tian.

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