Chapter 388: The Realm of a Hundred Battles

The Realm of a Hundred Battles was different from the other eight realms of the Domain of the Falling Stars.

In the other eight realms, human Qi warriors were the overlords. Their sects sat in different parts of the realm, and they took in disciples from all over the realm.

That wasn’t the case in the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

The Realm of a Hundred Battles was every bit as vast as the others, but it wasn’t ruled by humans.

Rather, it was a paradise for spirit beasts.

It was said that the humans’ territory only took up one tenth of the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

All the rest was roamed by all kinds of spirit beasts. If humans dared to enter those areas, they would often fall prey to spirit beasts.

There were only a handful of truly powerful spirit beasts in the entire Domain of the Falling Stars that possessed seventh grade bloodline power, making them as powerful as Soul realm human Qi warriors. However, most of them lived in the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

The number of spirit beasts in the Realm of a Hundred Battles was almost as many as the number of the spirit beasts in the other eight realms combined!

Perhaps this was the reason why many areas of this vast realm were still waiting to be explored.

However, it would be extremely difficult for humans to take land from such a large number of formidable spirit beasts.

Up until this day, only four powers had dared to explore the lands of the Realm of a Hundred Battles and succeeded, which were the Dong Clan, the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect.

No one knew exactly when those four powers had been established in the Realm of a Hundred Battles, but through what must have been thousands of years of hard work, they only managed to explore and rule one tenth of the realm.

This was also why, when the Realm of Flame Heaven had faced the possibility of being stormed by the Demons, the sects in the Realm of Flame Heaven had all secretly transferred their core disciples to the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

After all, the other eight realms had long since been carved up and dominated by powerful sects with long histories like the Heaven Palace Sect, Ice Pavilion sect, Yin Sect, Yang Sect, and Flame God Sect.

If sects in the Realm of Flame Heaven dared to march over to their territories, it would be like taking prey out of tigers’ mouths. One could imagine the results.

Therefore, when the entire Realm of Flame Heaven had wallowed in desperation, the only realm they had thought of had been the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

Since most of the boundless land in the Realm of a Hundred Battles had been inhabited by spirit beasts, if it had come down to the point where they had to flee the Realm of Flame Heaven, they would have been able to fight and take land from the spirit beasts as the Dong Clan, Cao Clan, Gu Clan, and Pill Pavilion Sect had done.

In Water Moon City in the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

In a magnificent palace made of white jade, two people appeared in the center of an inter-realm teleportation portal.

One of them was Nie Tian, who was wearing the mask gifted to him by Dong Baijie, and the other was Liu Ling from the Yin Sect.

Water Moon City sat in the heart of the Realm of a Hundred Battles, and it had been built by the Dong Clan, Cao Clan, Gu Clan, Pill Pavilion Sect, and the fifth force in the Realm of a Hundred Battles, the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce.

The Water Moon Chamber of Commerce had moved to the Realm of a Hundred Battles many years after the other four forces.

Furthermore, unlike the other four forces, the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce wasn’t interested in exploring and expanding. They made their living by organizing trades and transactions.

It was under the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce’s proposition that the five forces had joined hands and built Water Moon City from scratch.

Since the Realm of a Hundred Battles was rich in natural resources and spirit beasts, large numbers of Qi warriors from the other realms would come and explore it.

Those who could make it back to Water Moon City from the areas roamed by dangerous spirit beasts would usually gain huge fortunes from their trips.

Through the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce, they could trade in the spiritual materials they had looted for spirit stones, medicinal pills, spiritual tools, and cultivation incantations.

The Water Moon Chamber of Commerce, however, would accumulate fortune from those trades.

It had business relations with many major Qi warrior sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Many precious materials unearthed in the Realm of a Hundred Battles were so rare that Qi warriors from the other realms would often have to resort to the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce when they wanted to purchase cultivation or equipment forging materials that suited their special needs.

A girl in her twenties approached and greeted Liu Ling with a broad smile on her face the moment she saw Liu Ling walk out of the portal. “It’s been a while since you’ve come here, Aunt Liu.” 

From the look of it, she was at the late Greater Heaven stage.

“Yeah, it’s been a while.” Liu Ling pursed her lips into a smile. “You’re always so pretty, Qin Yan.”

“How can I be when I’m in your presence?” After exchanging pleasantries, Qin Yan looked Nie Tian up and down with a measuring gaze before asking curiously, “Is he also from the Yin Sect?”

Wearing the mask Dong Baijie had gifted him, Nie Tian’s appearance looked unimpressive.

With a brief examination, Qin Yan reached the conclusion that Nie Tian was only at the late Heaven stage.

Qi warriors at his cultivation stage could be found everywhere, so he didn’t attract her attention in the slightest.

The only thing made her curious was that she knew that the Yin Sect seldom took in male disciples.

All of the Yin Sect disciples that had ever come to the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce were female like Liu Ling. Never had she ever met a male disciple of the Yin Sect.

“Wu Tian here isn’t a disciple from my sect.” Liu Ling smiled and avoided explaining Nie Tian’s identity in detail. Then, she asked, “I heard that, over the past year, many sects in the Realm of Flame Heaven have arranged for their disciples to move to Water Moon City, is that right?”

Qin Yan nodded. “That’s right. But now that the spatial rift in the Realm of Flame Heaven is sealed, many of them have already moved back to the Realm of Flame Heaven.”

“Does the Cloudsoaring Sect still have people in Water Moon City?” Liu Ling asked.

“Cloudsoaring Sect?” Qin Yan’s eyebrows furrowed. “Wait a second. I’ll check for you.”

With these words, she took out a thick book and started searching in it under Liu Ling and Nie Tian’s gazes.

At that moment, after having glanced around briefly, Nie Tian’s eyes were caught by this pretty girl with a quiet quality, who was wearing a light-green dress.

Compared to Pei Qiqi’s beauty, which could overthrow cities, Qin Yan seemed slightly inferior.

However, she was still among the few females who Nie Tian had ever considered outstandingly beautiful. In his eyes, her beauty matched An Shiyi’s.

After some time, Qin Yan put the book away and raised her chin. “Yeah, some members of the Cloudsoaring Sect are still in Water Moon City.”

With these words, she noticed that Nie Tian, who was standing next to Liu Ling, was staring blankly at her.

Qin Yan frowned slightly, as she felt somewhat offended. However, she didn’t say anything in Liu Ling’s presence.

“Qin Yan, would you do me a favor and take Wu Tian to the Cloudsoaring Sect members’ residence?” As she spoke, she took out an exquisitely carved green jade pendant.

Since no spiritual power fluctuations could be detected from the fine pendant, it seemed to be an ordinary accessory.

Qin Yan smiled broadly as she straightforwardly accepted the pendant and put it away. “No problem,” she said.

“Thank you.” Liu Ling turned around and walked back into the teleportation portal. “As you know, we just went through a bloody war against the Demons from the Fifth Demon Realm. Many troublesome matters still require my attention in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations, so I’d better return now.”

“Sure, I understand,” Qin Yan said.

After Liu Ling disappeared from the teleportation portal and returned to the Yin Sect in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations, the smile filling Qin Yan’s face gradually faded away.

Her attitude suddenly took a turn for the indifferent as she said, “Your name is Wu Tian, right? Come with me. I’ll take you to the residence of those people from the Cloudsoaring Sect.” 

Nie Tian nodded silently before following her out of the grand palace made of white jade.

As soon as they stepped outside the palace, Nie Tian was drowned by all kinds of noise and people that stretched as far as his eyes could see.

He found himself standing in a square, where four teleportation portals were set up for people to teleport between different locations within the realm.

Many Qi warriors came and went through them, but Nie Tian didn’t know which part of the Realm of a Hundred Battles they led to.

Numerous lofty stone pavilions were scattered around the square, with Qi warriors entering and exiting all the time.

They walked through the square and followed a wide and deep street out of the headquarters of the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Qi warriors of various cultivation bases could be seen sitting by both sides of the street. Apparently, they weren’t members of the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Placed in front of them were all sorts of cultivation materials, medicinal pills, spiritual tools of various grades, and scrolls about spell formations.

Nie Tian found that the buildings on both sides of the street were much lower than the stone pavilions in the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce. Each of them had a banner hanging at their gate, stating their name and the scope of their business.

Some people would shop in stores, while others would stop by the curbside and choose materials and tools that suited their needs from the vendors’ collections.

Compared to Shatter City, this city was much larger, freer, and more prosperous.

Before he could get a good look at everything, Qin Yan urged him to pick up the pace from ahead.

Nie Tian could only catch up.

About two hours later, Qin Yan led him to what seemed to be the end of the street. She pointed at a courtyard with a handful of low buildings and said, “People from the Cloudsoaring Sect live here. Help yourself.”

With these words, she turned around and left.

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