Chapter 379: Key Figure

No matter whether it was the human experts of the Realm of a Thousand Devastations or the invading Demons, they all noticed that the grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was already changing the situation.

Unlike the humans’ ecstasy, the Demons from the Fifth Demon Realm sensed a threat the moment they discovered that rivers of starlight were starting to pour down from the heavens.

Numerous low-tier Demons started to let out restless roars and charge into the three lofty mountain peaks that emanated misty starlight.


They rammed their enormous bodies into the mountain peaks, hoping to shatter them with their brutal force in order to stop the grand spell formation deployed by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

However, the grand spell formation continued to make its impact from within the bellies of those mountain peaks.

Apparently, they had already changed when they started to unleash starlight. At present, not only were they impregnable, but the starlight they emanated seemed to turn into sharp blades of light.

As one low-tier Demon after another madly threw themselves at the lofty mountain peaks, bright starlight would shine upon them, instantly cutting open countless wounds all over their enormous bodies.

The low-tier Demons let out agonizing wails, yet they didn’t want to give up.

They kept ramming into the three lofty mountain peaks without any regard for their own lives, even though their repeated efforts turned out to be fruitless.


Yrie, who had been roaming the perimeter of the mountain range, along with the male high-tier Demon that Nie Tian had encountered earlier, arrived in the mountain valley successively.

Sitting on her mount which carried the Purple Glede’s bloodline and wearing her sinister mask, Yrie stared at the male high-tier Demon next to him and said, “Tark?! You failed to intercept that human kid too?!”

With a grim look in his eyes, the high-tier Demon who Yrie referred to as ‘Tark’ replied, “Yeah, he cast an Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s escape magic and got away. It shouldn’t have been long since he obtained those fragmentary star marks. I didn’t expect that he would actually master the secret magics recorded in them within such a short time and use it to escape from me.”

“We need to find him!” A cold and fierce light could be seen in Yrie’s eyes. “He’s the successor who has gathered the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s legacy marks. If we let him build up his strength, he will become a major threat to all of our Demon realms one day! Even if we can’t sack the Realm of a Thousand Devastations this time, we need to kill him before we retreat!

“Those from the Fourth Demon Realm and the Sixth Demon Realm have already failed to kill him, so we must do everything within our power to eliminate him! Otherwise, he will become like a major disease in our vital organs!”

“I know.” Tark nodded vigorously, fine, purple light flying out of his deep devilish eyes.

At that moment, a very profound bloodline talent seemed to be born within him, which would allow him to detect signs of life.

Waves of purple energy, which were invisible to the naked eye, began to quietly ripple towards the lofty mountain peak Nie Tian was on.

Simultaneously, Yrie let out a cold harrumph as she commanded her mount to charge towards another lofty mountain peak.

They both suspected that Nie Tian was hiding on one of the lofty mountain peaks.

Hiding behind a huge rock, Nie Tian had long since activated his bloodline talent, Life Stealth, and covered up all of his life signs.

Even still, he was worried.

He could see via his seven Heaven Eyes that the mysterious purple ripples were spreading closer and closer to him.

A human expert who was fighting multiple Demons in the valley suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs, “Keep Nie Tian safe!”

The arrival and actions of Yrie and Tark seemed to have enlightened the Demons from the Fifth Demon Realm.

A few high-tier Demons with formidable bloodline power also unleashed bizarre purple light from within their purple pupils.

Each of them stimulated their bloodline talent and formed a strange magnetic field that rapidly extended towards the three lofty mountain peaks, which were glittering with starlight.

Having hidden every sign of his life, Nie Tian seemed to have become a part of the huge rock he was sitting behind.

However, facing the joint search of so many formidable Demons, he still felt a sense of crisis.

After all, Life Stealth only allowed him to mask his physical movements, the fluctuations of his spiritual power, and the aura of his flesh and blood, but not his soul fluctuations.

People’s souls had unique, very subtle fluctuations. The reason why he had succeeded in sneaking up on targets repeatedly when he had been in the Realm of Split Void was that they had been at the Greater Heaven stage, or even lower.

At such stages, their psychic power hadn’t transcended into soul power, so they hadn’t been able to detect the most trivial fluctuations of people’s souls.

However, Nie Tian was now facing Demons with sixth grade bloodline power, which meant their strengths matched that of Profound realm human Qi warriors.

Demons at such a high grade were skilled in soul-related magics. Adding in the fact that they possessed profound bloodline power, it would be very likely that they could perceive even the slightest movement of people’s souls.

Just as Nie Tian felt nervous about exposing his whereabouts, the Sun Wheel and Moon Wheel in midair suddenly started to shine with blindingly bright light!

Nie Tian’s eyes were immediately seized by them.

To his surprise, he found that, of all the rivers of starlight that poured down from the heavens, two were actually falling into the Sun Wheel and the Moon Wheel.

After being infused by the two rivers of starlight, the might of those two signature treasures of the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect seemed to have skyrocketed.

Hanging high in the murky, purple sky, they seemed no different from an actual sun and an actual moon that were showing at the same time!

In the valley below, two powerful experts from the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect seemed deeply astonished as they looked up and sensed the changes happening to the Sun Wheel and the Moon Wheel. “What’s going on?!”

Those two Soul realm experts were the masters of the Sun Wheel and the Moon Wheel.

However, even they hadn’t expected that their Sun Wheel and Moon Wheel would be favored by two rivers of starlight.

They immediately sensed that the might of their treasures had been bolstered by the star power.

Almost simultaneously, the detection waves Tark had sent out in Nie Tian’s direction captured the subtle movements of Nie Tian’s soul. “Gotcha!”

Without any hesitation, he charged towards Nie Tian.

Immediately afterwards, Yrie turned her mount around and also dashed towards the lofty mountain peak Nie Tian was on.

Seeing that he had been discovered, Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly. He subconsciously summoned his star power, hoping to escape again with a Starshift.

He knew perfectly clearly that Tark and Yrie weren’t beings he could handle.

Those two were high-tier, sixth grade Demons from the Barten Clan, a noble clan with a long history in the Fifth Demon Realm. Therefore, they probably not only possessed formidable bloodline power, but also carried powerful tools that weren’t any bit inferior to humans’ spiritual tools.


Just when he was ready to cast the spell, a man appeared in front of him out of thin air.

“You’re Nie Tian, right?” The man smiled and nodded at him. “Rest assured. We won’t allow anything or anyone to hurt you here. Any of us will gladly give our life to save yours.”

As the man spoke, the Sun Wheel rapidly floated to a spot dozens of meters above him.

Staring at the approaching Tark and Yrie, the man said with a cold snort, “Get the hell out of here!”

He reached out with one finger, and in the next moment, dazzlingly bright light that resembled sunlight rushed towards Tark and Yrie like a torrential sea wave.

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