Chapter 377: Enlightenment Derived from a Tool

Yrie from the Barten Clan possessed sixth grade bloodline power, which meant her battle prowess was roughly equal to that of a Profound realm human Qi warrior.

The beast she was riding carried a Purple Glede’s bloodline. Mere eye contact with it stiffened Liu Ling’s body and made her show signs of petrification.

Facing such formidable enemies, the only thing that Nie Tian could think of was the Flame Dragon Armor.

The Flame Dragon Armor flew out with a loud whoosh, and like a blazing bell, it descended from above Nie Tian’s head and forced itself on him.


The Flame Dragon Armor’s fierce flames scorched Liu Ling, who was standing within arm’s reach of Nie Tian, to the point where her face was soon covered in sweat.

However, the extremely fierce aura released by the Flame Dragon Armor pervaded Liu Ling’s body and surprisingly helped her reverse her petrification, which was caused by the magical beast’s bloodline talent.

Almost immediately, Liu Ling felt her blood recovering its surging vigor.


Bright moonlight burst forth from within the crescent-moon-shaped pendant on her neck. In merely a flash, the moonlight spread out and enveloped the entire Silver Chariot.

The substantial amount of spirit stones that covered the bottom of the war chariot suddenly shattered.

Liu Ling let out a snort as her hands formed a magical seal. Immediately afterwards, dazzling moonlight shot out from her hands, forming a crescent-moon-shaped, silver plate, which rotated as it rammed towards the fine, purple strings Yrie had unleashed.

Upon impact, brilliant sparks blossomed from the contact points.

Liu Ling seized the opportunity to adjust the direction of the war chariot, and eventually lost the pursuing purple strings. 

“Let’s go!” Once again, they flew straight towards the area where the demon Qi was the densest.

The bizarre, purple light deep within the eyes of the beast, which had remained still to cast its bloodline magic, suddenly dimmed.

With its eyes fixed on the Silver Chariot and Nie Tian, who was wearing the Flame Dragon Armor, the beast let out a series of bellows.

Watching Nie Tian’s war chariot flying further and further away, Yrie spoke to her mount in the Demon language with a deep frown. “A flame dragon? Do you mean that that man’s armor is made from a flame dragon’s heart?!

“The power originating from the flame dragon’s heart stopped your bloodline magic from petrifying that woman?!”

The beast replied with a sharp screech, confirming her speculation.

Frigid coldness could be seen in Yrie’s eyes as she said, “Humans are indeed the most vicious race. I can’t believe they would actually forge spiritual tools with a flame dragon’s heart!

“You carry the Purple Glede’s ancient bloodline. If those despicable humans ever capture you, you will probably suffer the same fate.”

The beast let out an angry roar.

Yrie breathed out a laugh as she consoled the beast, “Rest assured. As long as I’m still alive, I won’t allow you to become some material humans use to forge spiritual tools.” 

Then, she added, “The humans in the Domain of the Falling Stars are still far from strong enough. As far as I know, they don’t even have a single Void domain expert.

“Compared to the major human domains dominated by truly powerful Qi warrior sects, the Domain of the Falling Stars is just a forgotten place in a remote corner.

“For some reason, the connection between those major human domains and the Domain of the Falling Stars has been cut off. This is why we can go ahead and march into realms like the Realm of a Thousand Devastations without worrying about being surprised by powerful Qi warriors from those major human domains.

“What I can’t figure out is why Heaven Gates still appeared in the Domain of the Falling Stars while their connection with the other major domains is cut off.

“Not only that, but that young man with an unimpressive cultivation base even received the acknowledgment of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and united all three legacy marks.

“Can this whole thing be a plan of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?”

Yrie muttered to herself for a while, as if she wasn’t in a hurry to command her mount to chase after Nie Tian and Liu Ling.

Moments later, Yrie shook her head as she cast her various speculations out of her mind and chased after Nie Tian and Liu LIng.

As she did, she kept letting out short but sharp screeches, which seemed to be the Demons’ unique communication method.

By doing that, she was actually informing every Demon in a 50-kilometer radius that Nie Tian had become their primary target.

As the war chariot continued to fly towards the spatial rift at full speed, every Demon they encountered seemed to be able to rapidly learn of their importance before charging madly at them, no matter whether they were low-tier or high-tier Demons.

Liu Ling kept casting the Yin Sect’s secret magics to shield off the pursuing Demons’ attacks, leaving a trail of blood.

Even though only a quarter-hour had passed, Liu Ling was already soaked in sweat, and her consumption of spiritual power had been significant.

As Nie Tian stood unscathed in the war chariot, the flames unleashed by the Flame Dragon Armor on him gradually went out.

The dark-red suit of armor stuck to the shape of his body perfectly, so much so that it seemed to have become a part of him. Other than the exceedingly heavy weight it put on him, Nie Tian didn’t feel any discomfort.

While Liu Ling fought the pursuing Demons, every now and then, Nie Tian would summon strength from the Flame Dragon Armor to assist her.

After getting into the right mindset, Nie Tian lifted his arm and pointed at a low-tier Demon.

At that moment, it had just been hit by Liu Ling’s crescent-moon-shaped plate, which she had condensed with moonlight. A huge, bloody wound was created on its gigantic body, causing it to wobble in midair.


A beam of blazing flames shot out of Nie Tian’s leveled arm.

He could sense with great clarity that, in a split second, his own flame power, the fierce flame power from the Flame Dragon Armor, and flesh power from his blood had joined together and formed a incredibly fierce and violent force.

As the beam of flames bombarded the heavily-injured Demon, it immediately created a huge bloody hole in its abdomen.

Flames could been seen burning within the bloody wound, as if the power from the Flame Dragon Armor and Nie Tian had already effortlessly followed that wound into the Demon’s core.

As the Demon let out miserable screams, its strong meridians and veins seemed to be burned by wisps of mixed flame power. Even its tough bones gradually became charred.

Nie Tian’s eyes were filled with amazement as he watched the gigantic Demon wail in agony and slowly fall towards a mountain valley while shaking his arm.

Eyes narrowed, he mulled over what had just happened.

Soon, he realized that it was the Flame Dragon Armor’s indescribable energy that had raised the might of his beam of flames to a whole new level, and enabled him to inflict so much damage on that low-tier Demon.

He recalled that, when he had formed that beam of flames, fierce and violent flame power had rushed out of the Flame Dragon Armor’s Blood Core.

That flame power seemed unique and mysterious, as if it contained the heaven-burning might of a flame dragon’s bloodline power. His own flame power that he had drawn from his spiritual sea didn’t seem to have made much of a difference in the beam’s power.

On the contrary, his flesh power that he had drawn from his flesh and blood seemed to have greatly boosted the might of the flames when infused into the mixed beam of fiery power.

“Does this mean that I can use my flesh power to strengthen the violent flame power the Blood Core unleashes? Is this another use of my bloodline power?”

Nie Tian was deeply fascinated by his speculations. Wearing the Flame Dragon Armor, he once again summoned his flesh power.

One wisp of his pure flesh power after another gradually dispersed and merged into the Flame Dragon Armor.

He observed with rapt attention and discovered that, as those wisps of flesh and blood essence flowed into the Flame Dragon Armor, the complicated and detailed fiery patterns on the armor’s surface suddenly became enlivened and lifelike.

He continued to trace the flow of his flesh power...

All of a sudden, his eyes widened and shone with the light of excitement.

To his surprise, he discovered that there seemed to be translucent crimson strings inside of the Flame Dragon Armor, which were so small that they were almost imperceptible!

The wisps of flesh power were being collected into the incomparably fine crimson strings, which they followed to rush towards the Flame Dragon Armor’s Blood Core at an astoundingly fast speed.

At that moment, Nie Tian was struck by a feeling that the Flame Dragon Armor was no longer a spiritual tool, but rather a living being that had flesh and blood!

It seemed as if the crimson strings were the Flame Dragon Armor’s veins, while the Blood Core was its heart.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered dramatically. â€śWho forged this Flame Dragon Armor? How come it’s so unfathomable and miraculous?” 

As he uncovered more of the Flame Dragon Armor’s incredible features, he had an increasingly strong feeling that this so-called Spirit Channeling grade treasure was simply a miracle!

How in the world could anyone forge a spiritual tool that not only had flesh and blood, but also possessed its own soul? If anything, it was the work of the gods, which went far beyond Nie Tian’s imagination.

While he was seized with shock, Liu Ling, who was standing next to him looked him up and down with a similar look in her eyes.

The enormous Demon had just been hit by Nie Tian’s beam of flames and was plummeting towards the mountain valley below.

For the time being, no other Demons had come anywhere near them.

Slightly relieved, Liu Ling took out a few medicinal pills and stuffed them down her throat. Meanwhile, her amazed gaze landed on Nie Tian. â€śHe’s only at the Heaven stage, but he has already received the legacies of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and owns a Spirit Channeling grade treasure. Such a figure will definitely rise up to become the brightest star throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars.”

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