Chapter 370: Itching Desires

Hard like rocks, pieces of the Demon’s broken body were scattered on the frozen ground.

As soon as Nie Tian’s Golden Chariot got close enough, he caught sight of the Demon that looked like a giant ape, and that the moment it crawled out of the spatial rift, Ling Dong froze it and broke it into pieces with his frost power.

Gradually, a misty frost aura pervaded the area around the spatial rift where rich demon Qi filled the air.

Like a thick mist, it spread in the air. Wherever it reached, everything was instantly overtaken by frigid coldness, and the mountains looked as if they had turned into glaciers.

Nie Tian’s heart shook as he subconsciously looked at Ling Dong.

Standing atop a mountain peak, his beard fluttered against the wind. Numerous complicated, fine lines seemed to be wiggling in a special way in the depths of his pale-gray pupils.

As he briefly swayed his head from side to side, great changes happened to the heaven and earth his eyes covered.

It wasn’t long before the valley where the spatial rift was located and the average-sized mountain peaks in its surroundings were enveloped in his frigid frost power and took on a cloak of white. 

The only things that remained unaffected were the three exceptionally high mountain peaks that formed a perfect triangle around the spatial rift, which, with all the other mountain peaks in the background, looked like three grown men standing in a crowd of children.

While Nie Tian glanced around curiously, his three fragmentary star marks suddenly became scalding hot.


Another blood-chilling roar rang out from within the spatial rift.

Ling Dong’s face was calm as ever as he looked towards the spatial rift with his eyes narrowed.

Zhao Luofeng, the sectmaster of the Heaven Palace Sect, also remained expressionless, as if the Demon’s roars didn’t cause even the slightest waves in his heart.

The faces of the other scattered Heaven Palace Sect experts looked every bit as calm as Zhao Luofeng. They didn’t even pay much attention to Nie Tian when he arrived with Huang Fan.

The Golden Chariot floated in midair as Huang Fan bowed towards Zhao Luofeng and Ling Dong. “Sectmaster, grand elder, I have brought Nie Tian.”

Only then did Ling Dong finally lay his eyes on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian met his gaze, but a mere glance at his pale-gray pupils made Nie Tian’s blood run cold.

Under Ling Dong’s piercing gaze, Nie Tian had a strong feeling that he had nowhere to hide, as if he could see through all of his secrets.

“Those three high mountain peaks that remain unfrozen are the ones that form the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s special spell formation. You can go ahead and do what you need to do.” After uttering these words with an indifferent tone, Ling Dong turned around and refocused his gaze on the spatial rift.

Then, with an expressionless face, Zhao Luofeng cast a glance at Nie Tian without the slightest fluctuation in his eyes.

After the wordless glance, he also turned around and concentrated his attention on the spatial rift.

None of the other Heaven Palace Sect experts even spared Nie Tian a glance, but instead, they had focused all of their attention on the spatial rift, as if they were anticipating the Demons’ arrival.

A confused expression stretched across Nie Tian’s face.

Before coming to the Realm of Mystic Heaven, he had been under the impression that the Qi warriors of the Heaven Palace Sect must be as anxious as their counterparts in the Realm of Flame Heaven, consumed with finding methods to seal the spatial rift and stop Demons from coming through it.

Through Hua Mu and word from the Spirit Condor, he had learned that the Heaven Palace Sect had already started to panic and thus planned to force Ning Yang to give up his fragmentary star mark.

He had assumed that as soon as he arrived, people from the Heaven Palace Sect would urge him to seal that spatial rift as quickly as possible.

However, from the look of it, that wasn’t the case at all.

Neither Zhao Luofeng, Ling Dong, nor any of the other Profound realm experts from the Heaven Palace Sect showed any fear or tension on their faces.

Instead, what Nie Tian saw from their stances were itching desires and high ambitions.

A terrifying speculation appeared in his head: these experts from the Heaven Palace Sect were actually waiting for the Demons’ arrival!

Immediately afterwards, Zhao Luofeng’s statement confirmed his speculation.

“Now that Nie Tian is here along with all three fragmentary star marks, we can do this without any scruples,” Zhao Luofeng said with a very subtle smile. “Grand elder, you go ahead and do what needs to be done. If things get out of hand, we’ll have Nie Tian seal the spatial rift with the spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.”

Upon hearing these words, the face of every Heaven Palace Sect expert in the vicinity grew very grim.

“W-what’s...” Huang Fan, however, looked deeply confused, as if he was completely clueless about what was happening.

“Got it!” Ling Dong called out with a deep and powerful voice.

As he did, the frozen mountain peaks surrounding the spatial rift seemed to suddenly turn into a multitude of enormous prisms.

Numerous beams of blindingly bright light shot out of them and met right above the spatial rift.

Ling Dong splayed his hands. One sparkling ice pearl after another flew out of his palms and shot into the prism-like frozen mountain peaks, each of which carried a bone-piercing cold aura. After receiving a strong bolstering effect from the ice pearls, the frosty light that shot out of those mountain peaks became increasingly frigid and powerful.


Another Demon flew out of the bottomless spatial rift.

This one had large, purple, feathered wings. The moment it appeared, it fluttered its wings against the demon Qi, sending out thick lightning bolts.

Nie Tian felt secretly amazed by the scene.

From what he could tell, his master’s Thunder Beast must have some kind of bloodline bond with this Demon, since it looked very similar to the Thunder Beast. The only difference between them was that the Thunder Beast was smaller in size.

“Another beast sent to its doom...” As soon as Ling Dong let out a cold harrumph, a few beams of blindingly bright light shot out from their intersection point above the spatial rift.

As the beams of light swept across the Demon, it was instantly cut into pieces by numerous razor-sharp blades, its flesh falling apart and scattering on the ground.

Shortly afterwards, many more Demons flew out of the spatial rift.

However, each and every one of them was a low-tier Demon, and as soon as they emerged, they were rapidly sliced into pieces by the icy light beams that shot out of the spell formation deployed by Ling Dong. 

Zhao Luofeng and the other powerful experts from the Heaven Palace Sect remained composed and silent, as if they were still waiting for something.

The slaughtering went on for a while before a pitch-black battle steed suddenly charged out of the spatial rift.

The steed was wearing iron armor that had magical patterns engraved on it. Sharp horns jutted out from its forehead, and its eyes shone with brutal and bloodthirsty light.

Mounting the steed was a high-tier male Demon wearing pitch-black, full-body, heavy armor and a sinister mask with a black, long spear in his hand.

The only thing unprotected by his armor and mask were his dark-purple eyes.

Upon seeing the Demon rider, Zhao Luofeng’s expression flickered. The same went for Ling Dong and the other powerful experts from the Heaven Palace Sect.


Numerous beams of frigid cold light suddenly shot down from the intersection point above the spatial rift.

Adorned in heavy armor, the high-tier Demon grinned and said in perfectly clear human language, “Humans! You are indeed good at playing tricks. From the look of it, you’ve been waiting for me for quite some time.”

“Who are you?” Ling Dong asked in a loud voice.

“Auden from the Fourth Demon Realm!”

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