Chapter 357: Seal!

Within the belly of each of the three high mountain peaks, there was a special spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. In order to seal the spatial rift, the three spell formations would have to work together.

The fragmentary star marks were the keys to start those spell formations.

Nie Tian would only be the initiator.

After sitting down and quietly going through the spell, which would allow him to start the spell formations, in his mind, he started casting the spell accordingly.

His psychic awareness flew into his refined fragmentary star mark.

As soon as his psychic awareness flew into the fragmentary star mark, he sensed that three extremely strong gravitational forces were born within the mountain peak he was sitting on, as well as the two other mountain peaks, forming a perfect triangle.

The moment the gravitational forces were created, his two unrefined fragmentary star marks left his chest and floated in front of him.


They turned into two clusters of dazzling starlight and shot towards the other two mountain peaks.

Atop the mountain peak, every Profound realm expert focused their sight and soul power on the two clusters of starlight as they flew away and disappeared into the dense demon Qi in a flash.

In the next moment, the refined fragmentary star mark, which was infused with Nie Tian’s psychic awareness, also morphed into a streak of dazzling starlight and flew into the mountain peak he was sitting on.

At that moment, the seven fragmentary stars in Nie Tian’s soul simultaneously started to shine with bright light!

Furthermore, after leaving his body, the three fragmentary star marks seemed to have turned into three brand-new Heaven Eyes.

He could sense everything with great clarity as they flew inside the three mountain peaks at an extremely high speed.

Within seconds, he discovered that the three fragmentary star marks had reached the bellies of the mountain peaks.

Every mountain peak was hollow in the middle. As the fragmentary star marks sailed through the vast hollow space, Nie Tian had a very clear view of their surroundings.

He noticed that countless detailed and spectacular star power spell formations covered the insides of the three mountain peaks.

In the middle of the empty space, surrounded by countless spell formations, was a elegant pagoda.

The three fragmentary star marks rapidly flew into the three pagodas without pausing for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, the pagodas were lit up by the fragmentary star marks and became glorious and brilliant.

At that very moment, the countless beautiful spell formations on the insides of the mountain peaks also began to shine with dazzlingly bright light and the numerous fine lines that formed them began wiggling.

The spell formations reminded Nie Tian very much of the star formations he had formed with starsparks when he launched Starstrike.

The only difference was that they were in much greater number.

After lighting up, the numerous small spell formations gradually connected with each other and formed a mysterious, enormous spell formation within each mountain peak.

Afterwards, the enormous spell formations start to activate, and rapidly turned the empty space within the three mountain peaks into oceans of starlight, with the pagodas in the middle seeming to act as their central hubs.


Muffled rumbles constantly rang out from within the three extremely high mountain peaks.

Bright starlight started to rise from the stone ground at the tops of the mountain peaks, making the three lofty mountain peaks look like lit candles.

After another glance, the three mountain peaks seemed to have turned into three gigantic beacons that were attracting something.

Shock could be seen in the eyes of the Profound realm experts who were standing beside Nie Tian as they looked down at the stone ground.

Sparkling starlight was rising from the dark-cyan stone ground, enveloping every one of them.

In the meantime, the blackish-violet demon Qi that had filled the entire area seemed to be purged at an increasingly fast speed.

“Look! Up in the air!” Ghost Eye from the Ghost Sect called out.

Everyone immediately looked up.

As the raging demon Qi gradually dissipated, the starlit sky could be seen again for the first time in two years.

In the night sky, the stars seemed to be shining brighter than ever.

All of a sudden, numerous streaks of bright starlight started to pour down from the unknown outer space like rivers of light.

It seemed that the reason why the starlight could find this area with great precision was that they were able to follow the direction of the three beacon-like mountain peaks.

One after another, numerous rivers of starlight fell from the heavens and converged on the area.

As the starlight poured down, the dense demon Qi that had ravaged the area for two whole years rapidly dissipated like smoke being blown away by a gust of wind.

Within moments, the dense demon Qi was shattered and washed away by the pouring rivers of starlight.

Chang Sen, Huang Fan, and the others who had been standing beside Nie Tian seemed to be overwhelmed by the spectacular scene, and sat down in the lotus position one by one.

Eyes narrowed, they each unleashed their soul power, hoping to sense and draw enlightenment from the pouring starlight and the three gigantic mountain peaks that were shining with dazzling starlight.

The way they saw it, the magnificent changes that were happening to the mountain peaks and the starlight that was pouring down from the highest heavens was the work of extremely powerful experts that could shake Heaven and Earth. Therefore, they did their best to perceive the heaven-connecting grand spell formation they had created following the laws of Heaven, Earth, and the universe.

Even though they didn’t practice star-power-related incantations, they assumed if they could receive even the slightest enlightenment from this magnificent heaven-channeling magic, it would be very helpful to the advancement of their cultivation.

Therefore, every single one of them held their breaths as they focused all of their attention on sensing the subtle changes happening in their surroundings.

Atop another mountain peak...

Hua Mu and Pei Qiqi, who had arrived before Nie Tian and the others, also sat down on the ground.

An intangible magnetic field spread out from within Hua Mu’s body, enveloping Hua Mu and Pei Qiqi together.

The mountain peak they were on wasn’t very far from the one Nie Tian and the others were on.

Yet, since Hua Mu had intentionally masked his and Pei Qiqi’s aura, even Chang Sen and Huang Fan hadn’t been able to sense their existence.

“Qiqi, sense the unusual movement within the spatial rift underneath us with your heart,” Hua Mu said softly. “Since you practice space power, if you can derive even the slightest enlightenment from the profound methods those grand Qi warriors used to seal the spatial rift, you’ll benefit from it your whole life.”

Pei Qiqi nodded gently. “Yeah, okay.” 

Sitting atop the extremely high mountain peak, with a deep breath, she looked down at the huge spatial rift that had revealed itself due to the dispelling of the demon Qi.

In the middle of the three high mountain peaks, blackish-violet demon Qi was oozing out of an enormous black hole unceasingly.

Meanwhile, a large number of fine spatial rifts seemed to have appeared around the black hole.

At that moment, more and more dazzlingly bright starlight poured down from the highest heavens and converged on the black hole like torrential rivers of light.


The numerous scattered and broken fine spatial rifts began to swim around rapidly.

It seemed as if a giant invisible hand was pulling those rivers of starlight in order to fix something.

As that happened, the numerous small spatial rifts rapidly wiggled and slithered as they gradually gathered over the enormous black hole, where they rearranged themselves and formed a network of spatial rifts that seemed like an ancient, restrictive spell formation, full of star power.

Pei Qiqi could see with great clarity that the volume of the demon Qi flowing out of the black hole had declined noticeably.

The mouth of the black hole seemed like a bowl that had its mouth covered by a piece of paper that was full of rifts.

At this moment, the demon Qi could only flow out through the rifts.

Meanwhile, as rivers of starlight continued to pour down on the mouth of the black hole, the numerous rifts were healing rapidly. It seemed as if it wouldn’t take long before all the fine rifts healed completely.

Just like that, the rivers of starlight repaired the broken grand spell formation while purging the demon Qi in the area.

Nie Tian had noticed that, after he had lit up the pagodas within the three mountain peaks, everything worked in an orderly fashion, driven by the profound spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As the initiator, his job had finished, since the fragmentary star marks had flown into the pagodas.

At that moment, everyone around him was trying to pry into the mysterious spell formation and sense how it interacted with the profound star power within the pouring rivers of starlight.

He wanted to practice the Fragmentary Star Incantation and channel some of the unique-sensing starlight into his spiritual sea. However, he was afraid that he would affect the operation of the spell formation by doing that.

Therefore, he rose to his feet and stepped to the edge of the mountaintop, where he looked down and observed carefully.

He took note that as the demon Qi was being dispelled by the starlight, substantial amounts of strange-looking plants could be seen in the valley among the three high mountain peaks.

There seemed to be a great variety of plants, each of which had strange appearances. Some had black branches and leaves, while others were purple.

Many of them had even borne fruits that were translucent like purple jades, with bright lights sparkling inside of them.

While his eyes were seized by the beautiful fruits, a few spirit beasts suddenly caught his attention.

Each and every one of them had dark-purple eyes, as if they had gone through a mutation.

Some of them were eating the plants’ leaves, while others were fighting over the fruits that resembled purple jades. They fought each other fiercely and unleashed bellows from time to time.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he secretly formed his seven heaven Eyes and spread them out to observe the vicinity.

Soon, he discovered that the surrounding valleys were filled with even more mutant spirit beasts. He even discovered large amounts of skeletons that seemed to have belonged to spirit beasts.

That was when he realized that as the raging demon Qi had filled this area, most of the spirit beasts that breathed the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth had died. Only those that gradually adapted to the demon Qi had survived. At that moment, Su Lin quietly appeared next to him and said, “It’s our fortune that Demons haven’t descended upon us. Otherwise, they could have easily infused those mutant spirit beasts with demonblood and turned them into low-tier Demons.

“Wow... That’s just...” Nie Tian said.


At that very moment, three people suddenly arrived.

One of them was the sectmaster of the Cloudsoaring Sect, Jiang Zhisu, who he had met just once in Black Cloud City.

However, now he looked very bedraggled with his face covered in blood, as if he had just gone through a bloody battle.

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