Chapter 1817: Abandonment

All the grand monarchs from the Doomed Star Sea who hadn’t left before the upheaval looked eagerly at Qin Yao.

They had lost their strong bloodlines.

Their current battle prowess had been tremendously reduced. It was impossible for them to change the overall situation of the three worlds.

All they wanted was for the humans to give them and their clansmen a chance to survive.

Even though they were regarded as traitors by their own clansmen, they didn’t want them to be exterminated.

Nie Jin shook her head at Qin Yao with pity on her face. “Husband.”

Fan Tianze sighed. “We can defer dealing with the other races, but we must get rid of the Devils as soon as possible. Zhao Shanling has a very powerful cultivation base and can cultivate in his human form by channeling Devil Qi. His presence will make the Devils continue to be strong. Those Devil grand monarchs and grand patriarchs are not stupid. Once they comprehend this whole new cultivation method and condense devil power cores, they will cause us endless trouble.”

Many human experts from various sects in the Mortal World and the crooked Qi warriors from the Doomed Star Sea also tried to persuade Qin Yao.

“Yes! Mr. Qin, please decide as soon as possible!”

“The human race has the opportunity to dominate the three worlds now. We cannot let go of this opportunity!”

“Your Excellency, we’ve been fighting in the Doomed Star Sea against the invaders from the Void World for years. Haven’t we been waiting for an opportunity to sweep across the Void World and wipe out the outsiders that have been eyeing the Mortal World so covetously?”

They were well-aware that Qin Yao’s attitude was crucial.

At this moment, a slow voice rang out untimely. “Whatever you decide to do, we’ll wait for Nie Tian to come out.”

The speaker was Yin Xingtian of the Streamcloud Sword Sect, who had once been the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor.

Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion was taken aback. “Weren’t you a senior of our sect?”

Yin Xingtian controlled the Godspan Sword Formation. Shouldn’t he return to the sect and reinvigorate the Heaven Span Pavilion after his soul awakened?

“It was, but things are different now,” Yin Xingtian said with a calm expression. “Whatever choice you make, please don’t count us in. We don’t care about the battles out there or the outsiders’ fate.”

As soon as he spoke, everyone who was closely related to Nie Tian nodded coldly, as if to declare their independence.


In the depths of the chaos.

Pursuing the blood-colored smoke, the origins had disappeared into the remote secluded border area.

Only Nie Tian and Dong Li stood alone in the central area.

After crying out the words “I want to become a paragon again” with his soul, Nie Tian, who had displayed his star domain and flame domain, fell silent, his eyes darkened.

“What’s the matter?” Dong Li asked in a low voice.

Nie Tian shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

The three origins, which had favored him, invited him, and called upon him, hadn’t responded to him.

No one knew whether it was because they were too busy swallowing and refining the blood-colored smoke or because of some other reason, but none of them responded to him. They didn’t make any moves, or show any intention to approach him.

Dong Li raised an eyebrow and spoke softly, “That darkness is calling upon me!”

“What?” Nie Tian asked.

“It’s calling me to merge into it. It’s telling me to approach it of my own accord.”

“Just you?”


Nie Tian’s face grew darker and darker.

“Are they destroying the bridge after crossing the river?” (Idiom: abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal) he said with a derisive snort. “They used me and got me to use my sword against the origin of life, who had helped me become a paragon. Am I worthless after the origin of life has dissipated? Since I’m not a paragon anymore, I can’t walk out of the chaos. I’m stranded here forever. Isn’t this imprisonment?

“Or will they discuss how to deal with me after they finish dividing and devouring the blood-colored smoke?”

Squinting, he concentrated on his senses.

The star domain and flame domain that he displayed were consuming his powers of star and flame, but he couldn’t replenish either of these kinds of powers in the chaos now that the First Star and the origin of fire had flown away.

The chaos was empty and enveloped in dead silence; there wasn’t any spiritual Qi of heaven and earth available.

At the thought of this, he changed his mind and canceled his domains, condensing them into spiritual cores again.

He was suddenly in a very bad mood as he had a feeling of being betrayed...

The origins in the chaos had been his comrades before, communicating with him, supporting him, and using him as a medium to fight against the origin of life.

Now, after they lost their common enemy, Nie Tian suddenly seemed to have been abandoned.

The wonderful feeling that he had had before seemed like an illusion that had never actually existed.

He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, feeling that he was a clown who had been fooled.

Suddenly, from the Spacetime Blade came Pei Qiqi’s soul awareness. “They’re all scared of you.”


“You were born because of the origin of life. It made you a unique existence. Even though you have lost your life bloodline and become a human, they are still worried.”

“Worried about what?”

“They’re worried that one day your life bloodline will come back. If you regain your bloodline, and the power of the Divinespirits reappears, the races of life that they plan on creating will become your food like the others. Their flesh auras will be absorbed by you. Even their bloodlines will be stolen by you.

“They don’t want such things to happen. They don’t want the Divinespirits that the origin of life had designed to rule the three worlds to be born.”

Nie Tian was puzzled. “The origin of life has been annihilated, and all the living beings’ bloodlines have been broken. How could I possibly have a bloodline?”

“Because they are scared, they want to eliminate all possibilities. I think they never want you to step out of the chaos. They even hope that you will vanish here without leaving a trace, as the origin of life did.

“Perhaps even the power you have now will soon be stripped from you.

“Also, it’s highly likely that Ji Cang will come back to kill you under the orders of the origin of stars.”

All of a sudden, Pei Qiqi’s soul awareness broke off.

The connection between Nie Tian and her disappeared in an instant.

It was as if some force had suddenly intervened in the communication between them and disrupted her soul awareness, making it difficult for her to make her voice heard.

Who in the chaos was capable of this?

The origin of space!

The Spacetime Blade in Nie Tian’s palm abruptly broke free from him like a runaway wild horse.

Streaks of time and spatial power no longer poured into the sharp blade, which was perhaps the most wondrous weapon in the universe. Pulled by some power, it suddenly flew away into the distance.

Nie Tian could only watch as it left.

Inside of it was Pei Qiqi’s soul.

Dong Li opened her mouth. “Nie Tian, I...”

Before she could finish the sentence, she was forcibly pulled away by some dark power and dragged elsewhere.

As she flew farther and farther away, her eyes widened. They were pitch dark and full of indifference, cruelty, and destruction, as if another will had suddenly poured into her soul.

Nie Tian’s heart was filled with tremendous helplessness and sorrow.

The two most important women in his life were both forced to leave him.

Suddenly, he had a strange sensation of being watched by strands of awareness.

He knew at once that those origins were secretly observing him and watching him in the dark, although he couldn’t see them. “So, you’ve all been watching me.”


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