Chapter 1810: Outsiders’ Bloodline Upheaval

In the Void World, the Spirit World, the Mortal World, the Doomed Star Sea, and the Silent Star Sea...

Almost every ninth and tenth grade outsider expert gazed up into the sky with confused looks on their faces.

At this moment, all of them were suffering heart-wrenching pain that came suddenly and without a reason.

A feeling of the world ending took them over.


An ice phoenix that was flying gracefully in a frigid realm in the Silent Star Sea suddenly fell out of the sky, screeching as she did.

After landing with a loud crash, her silver feathered wings strangely burst forth with beams of icy light.

“Stella!” another Ancientbeast cried as this happened.

Stella, who was a late ninth grade ice phoenix, trembled on the ground that was covered in ice.

Nothing seemed to happen to the seventh and eighth grade Ancientbeasts that hastily gathered to her side.

However, soon, they heard roars coming from the distance.

They had selected this realm in the Silent Star Sea and migrated from the Spirit World.

Most of their ninth and tenth grade grand patriarchs and grand monarchs had answered the summons of the Tree of Life and left for the dark land.

Most of them had died, while the survivors hadn’t returned yet.

Even though the majority of these Ancientbeasts that had stayed behind in the Silent Star Sea were at low grades, all of their ninth grade members like Stella were wailing in agony at this moment.

None of them knew what was happening.

Stella, who was trembling on the icy ground, her feathered wings emanating beams of icy light, slowly shrank into her human form.

She sat on the icy ground, embracing her knees. Her face was ghastly while her tender shoulders shivered nonstop, as if she were suffering great pain.

She felt as if her heart was being pierced by countless needles, as if something was majorly wrong with her bloodline.

An eighth grade Ice Liger landed with a loud crash, his enormous feet leaving deep holes in the icy ground. “What happened to you, Lady Stella?”

The Ice Liger was hundreds of meters tall like a small mountain of ice, and awe-inspiring like a loyal guard.

In her human form, Stella looked like a small piece of ice sitting in front of an elephant, which could smash her with its feet effortlessly.

However, at this moment, he was looking at her with nothing but fear and reverence in his eyes.

A Thunder Beast flew over from the distance, landed behind the Ice Liger, and said in the Ancientbeasts’ language, “Lord Dark Crystal! Lady Stella isn’t the only one. The other ninth grade lords seem to be in distress as well!”

Stella, who was still in great pain, jerked her head up, astonishment and confusion flowing in the depths of her silver pupils. “What? What in the world is happening? Why am I feeling such pain in my chest? Why are the other ninth grade members afflicted in the same way as me?

The eighth grade Ice Liger that had been referred to as Dark Crystal didn’t have an answer.

All of a sudden, a necklace made of bells around the Ice Liger’s neck started ringing fiercely.

The eighth grade Ice Liger puffed out frosty mist as he said under Stella’s grave gaze, “Lady Stella, it’s not only here; the same thing is happening in all of the other realms we’ve selected in the Silent Star Sea. Also, all of the titans and dragons that have reached the ninth grade are suffering the same situation as you.”

Stella gasped with astonishment. “All of them?!”

“Yes, all of them!”


In the Domain of Shadow Devil in the Void World.

The Netherspirits and Devils that had fled the dark land through the gaping spatial rifts suddenly started howling madly, as if they had suffered heavy blows to their bodies.

Their raging, chaotic flesh power shot in every direction.

Even a large piece from a broken realm in their surroundings exploded upon being hit by their flitting flesh auras.

Meanwhile, nothing seemed to be happening to the Bonedrudes that had fled the dark land with them.

The Bonedrudes had taken a major hit after the destruction of the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, the death of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, and the substantial weakening of the Mountain of Death. Originally, it was considered that they would most likely enter a prolonged decline after this series of setbacks.

However, they weren’t in distress now while all the other species were.

Holding a giant bone sword, a ninth grade Bonedrude grand patriarch looked at a Devil grand patriarch with whom he had fought many battles in the Doomed Star Sea, and asked with a pungent tone, “What’s happening to you, Chuck?

“We’re out of the dark land now. The Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life can’t affect you with their power despite the space between you, right?”

Covered in gray hair and thousands of meters tall, Chuck looked like a devilish gray ape in his Ancestral Awakening form. His ferocious face and sharp fangs gave him a very scary look.

At this moment, he thumped his own chest with his giant, hammer-like fist, and howled. “My chest hurts like hell! It feels like my heart is going to explode!”

Immediately afterwards, many Netherspirits and Devils responded to him, howling in pain.

“Me too! It’s as if my heart is being pierced by sharp blades!”

“It’s like my heart is burning!”

“My heart is shriveling!”

Completely baffled, the Bonedrudes subconsciously turned to look in the direction of the spatial rifts through which they had escaped the dark land, and muttered inwardly, “What is happening in the dark land right now? Don’t tell me that something happened to the origins of souls and darkness.”


In some extremely remote areas in the Mortal World, barren realms that the four great sects didn’t even care to govern, Demon, Phantasm, and Fiend survivors suddenly let out agonized wails.

All of them were ninth grade grand patriarchs.

Originally, they had joined the three major races of the Void World and wreaked havoc in the Mortal World.

After the death of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, these defeated outsider experts from the Spirit World hadn’t even been able to return to their homes in the Spirit World.

Instead, they could only hide in remote corners of the Mortal World, desolate places that even the humans didn’t care to take into their domains.

These realms were bereft of any spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, and had harsh environments.

They could barely survive in them by relying on their outstandingly strong bodies, and wait for a silver lining.

Their hope was to be rescued by the three major races in the Void World and enter the Void World.

Now, however, their strongest members suddenly felt as if their hearts were being sliced by a thousand knives. The pain coming from their bloodlines was so great that they wished to die.

They didn’t know what was happening, and only thought this was a secret ploy of the humans.

This put them in deep fear.


In the dark land.

It didn’t matter whether they were outsiders like Grand Monarch Serene Fiend or hybrids. As long as their bloodlines had reached the ninth grade, they were now screaming in agony.

Even the evil gods, the Rampage Behemoth, and the black tortoise were roaring and howling.

In contrast, Zhao Shanling, who was Grand Monarch Lurking Devil reanimated as a human, wasn’t feeling any anomalies.

He was only baffled by what was happening.

Nie Jin, Qin Yao, Yin Xingtian, and all the human experts turned to him for an answer.

He spread out his hands and said with a helpless expression, “Don’t ask me.”

Clearly, the answer lay within the chaos, where a battle between the origins was taking place. However, they knew that they couldn’t enter the chaos to see what was really going on.


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