Chapter 1805: The Fierce Battle Between The Origins!

Dong Li refused to leave.

Ji Cang and the Divine Flame were silent for a while before they both advised him against making any rash moves such as attacking the origin of life.

No one in the world knew if all the living beings would perish along with it once the origin of life had an accident.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World had created both the human race and the outsider races.

The human race had no bloodlines because the Tree of Life had deprived the Blood Father of the Spirit World of his core life imprints, but there must be traces of the origin of life in the humans’ bodies, even if they might be very few.

For example, Ji Cang and the Divine Flame had fleshly bodies. Wasn’t that because of the blood sea?

If the blood sea was exhausted and the heart representing the origin was destroyed, what consequences would there be?

Nobody knew!


Nie Tian sank slowly toward the Sea of Life where the gigantic heart lay.

The heart was still beating.

Drops of blood that looked like blood jades drifted around the heart.

One could vaguely see a tree’s small shadow in the depths of each blood drop.

It was the remaining awareness of the Tree of Life, whose body Nie Tian had destroyed.

This awareness was connected with the origin, just as Nie Tian’s main soul was connected with his sub-souls.


Streaks of crimson light sputtered from the heart. All of them were imprinted with the true meaning of life power and a profound truth of life.

Clear awareness came through from every drop of blood as a soul voice echoed out. “Nie Tian...”

Nie Tian instantly froze.

Standing right in front of the heart in the depths of the blood sea, he could see the heart surrounded by crystal-clear blood drops, and feel the Tree of Life’s awareness everywhere.

His face looked solemn. However, the Spacetime Blade in his hand gave him boundless confidence.

Strands of flesh power converged from all directions and fused into him.

Drop after drop of brand-new Blood Essence was condensed at his heart as life power surged in his limbs and insides.

The flesh power he had consumed when he had wielded the Spacetime Blade to kill the Blood Father of the Spirit World was instantly restored.

Looking at the beating heart, he grinned and said, “You’re finally uneasy, aren’t you? Replacing the original origin was your pursuit to begin with, and you’ve achieved your goal. Too bad the Blood Father of the Spirit World didn’t obey you. Of course, even if he followed your orders and returned to the chaos, what could he have done?”

With that, he raised his Spacetime Blade.

Streaks of time light and space light fused with his flesh power and poured into the sharp blade.

The shining light that the Spacetime Blade burst forth with seemed to even make the vast Sea of Life surge and boil, before crimson, bloody storms and tides formed somehow in distant areas.


As the storms and tides roared and morphed into a cluster of chaos, many unusual ancient creatures came riding the storms and waves.

They were all controlled by the origin.

The origin’s will in them was very obvious.

Nie Tian chuckled and asked, “Want to strip the powers in me that don't belong to my life bloodline? I became a paragon with the help of this blood sea’s power. The bloodline eruption that came with my transcendence gave me the ability to absorb and condense other bloodlines. That was the reason why I became the ancestor of the Divinespirits and developed such a unique ability. Now that you’ve replaced it, you want to erase everything about it?

“Are you sure you can do that?”

Sneering, he swung the Spacetime Blade.


Streaks of time light and space light morphed into weird torrents of energies that slashed and exploded the storms and tides that had gathered at the edge of the blood sea before they could reach him.

The streaks of time light and space light plowed forward, leaving long narrow rivers of light in the crimson blood sea.

They shot from Nie Tian, broke away from the blood sea, and stretched into infinity.

They flowed with the power of time and space, black devil power, cyan soul power, as well as the power of thunder, ice, and metal.

Soon, the power of the other origins magically emerged in the Sea of Life.

The rivers of light were wrapped in a layer of spatial and time power.

That was what allowed them to streak across the void.

The inner layers were powers that originated from Nie Tian's bloodlines of darkness, metal, thunder, and ice.

Ji Cang, who was floating above the blood sea and beneath the darkness, suddenly exclaimed, “Hmm?!”

From his perspective, he could see numerous rivers of light in the vast blood sea below that obviously didn’t belong to the blood sea. He saw the rivers of light that penetrated outwards from the depths of the blood sea.

Those rivers of light seemed to be able to interact with the other origins!

The origins of time, space, darkness, souls, metal, thunder, and ice seemed to be able to infiltrate their influence and will into the blood sea through the rivers of light.

This had never happened before!

Nie Tian used himself as a medium to summon or attract these origins to infiltrate the Sea of Life.

Provoked by Nie Tian, the new origin of life in the blood sea could no longer keep calm. “Traitor!”

As a paragon created by the origin of life and the future ancestor of the Divinespirits, who it had placed high hopes on, Nie Tian actually communicated with other powers in the depths of the origin and guided them to infiltrate the Sea of Life. This was nothing short of treason and a mortal sin.

All of a sudden, horrifying turbulent waves surged in the sea of blood, impacting the rivers of light.

Impacted by the violent flesh auras, every river of light exploded in a split second.

It seemed the origins of thunder, metal, and ice in the distance shivered because of this. Then, scared and uneasy, they subconsciously flew further away from it.

The Goldspirits, Thunderspirits, and Icespirits of the Mortal World that the three origins had respectively corresponded to had been wiped out because of the Tree of Life.

They had only chosen to obey the original origin because they wanted the Tree of Life to die.

However, instead of dying, the Tree of Life had replaced the origin of life and tried to enslave them.

In fear, they had pretended to be obedient, but as soon as battle had broken out, they had quietly slipped away.

They had secretly done their best to help the Blood Father of the Spirit World, and pinned their hopes on him.

However, the Blood Father of the Spirit World had been killed by Nie Tian.

Meanwhile, after Nie Tian had killed the Thunder-devouring Whale, Gold Horn Beast, and Ice Liger, and had added tiny bloodlines to his life bloodline, profound connections had formed between them and Nie Tian.

Then, when Nie Tian had attacked the new origin of life, they had chosen to join him and fight against the Tree of Life!

With Nie Tian’s bloodline as a bridge, they had poured their power into the Sea of Life, intending to influence it with their will.

However, as soon as the infuriated Sea of Life launched a counterattack, they were badly injured and lost their spirit.

Even the origin of darkness and the River of Souls had been tremendously weakened by its counterattack.

At this moment, Dong Li suddenly screamed in the depths of the darkness, “Nie Tian!”

She was shocked to find a cluster of dark red aura appearing in the ultimate darkness.

From it, she sensed an aura that didn’t belong to the darkness.

Then, she sensed fear and uneasiness in the origin of darkness!


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