Chapter 1802: The Number One Divine Tool!

Emerald light rain flew all over the area above the blood sea.

Each raindrop was an energy crystallization of the Tree of Life and contained abundant wood power.

There were tiny tree shadows swaying vaguely within the raindrops, as if they were consciously wanting to gather together.

It seemed that as long as all the raindrops gathered together, the Tree of Life would emerge again.

However, time power and spatial power filled each raindrop, and prevented the drops of energy from the Tree of Life from gathering together.

In the end, the raindrops fell into the blood sea.

As soon as they entered the blood sea, they were dyed by the crimson blood sea, turning from emerald to red and becoming drops of Blood Essence in the vast blood sea.

However, those drops of Blood Essence were pulled by the new origin’s awareness and instantly sank to the bottom of the blood sea, where they were quietly hidden.

Obviously, it did this to guard against Nie Tian.

It feared that Nie Tian would use his power as a paragon and Life Drain to refine the scattered crystalline drops.

They carried its deepest imprints.

Nie Tian, however, floated above the blood sea and did nothing.

He just stared at the wondrous, sharp blade.

It wasn’t condensed from pure spatial power or time power. It was heavy and cold, but it could be connected to his flesh aura when he held it.

Compared to the Rage Behemoth bone, which he had found the handiest before, this sharp blade was connected to his soul and flesh aura at an even deeper level.

It seemed to fit him perfectly and be specially made for him.

Streaks of brilliant time power and spatial power flowed on the surface and filled the inside of the sharp blade. However, he found its material and texture quite familiar.

Besides, he detected a familiar aura on it...

He thought hard, and tried to figure out how the sharp blade had been made, while temporarily putting aside the sharpness of the blade, which seemed to allow it to cut through everything in the three worlds.

“What, what on earth happened?” he muttered to himself, feeling that there were too many mysteries hidden within the sharp blade, which had named itself and made him feel connected the moment he had held it.

Suddenly, Dong Li emerged from the depths of the darkness with the Dark Aureole spinning over her head.

The dark aura from her body was very pure and rich.

She seemed to be only a step away from becoming a paragon and rivaling the Dark King.


Ji Cang and the Divine Flame, who had left earlier, returned.

The gigantic heart in the depths of the blood sea was still shaking, but not violently.

Even after its tree body had disappeared, the will of the new origin of life remained calm.

This new origin of life, which was dominated by the Tree of Life’s awareness, seemed even more difficult to deal with than the old one.

“That sharp light blade...” Ji Cang murmured and frowned.

Looking at the Spacetime Blade in Nie Tian’s hand that was condensed from numerous streaks of brilliant light, he whispered in shock, “How can he be so strong now?”

When the Spacetime Blade had formed and Nie Tian had wielded it to cut the branches of the Tree of Life, their origins had no longer been in danger.

After Ji Cang had helped the origin of stars leave the area, he had turned around to take a look, and then noticed that the Spacetime Blade had cut the Tree of Life into a light rain that filled the sky.

That was the Tree of Life, for heaven’s sake!

It had dominated the Spirit World for numerous years, killed three paragons of the Void World, forced the Blood Father of the Spirit World to seal himself in the Realm of Middle Continent, and returned to the chaos to replace the origin of life. Shouldn’t it be invincible?

However, Nie Tian had actually cut its tree body apart with a sharp blade that had seemingly come out of nowhere, and had a weird aura.

How could Ji Cang possibly not be shocked?

This was also the reason why he returned.

The same went for the Divine Flame.

Only Pei Qiqi was missing...

Exuding a dark aura, Dong Li Looked at Nie Tian, who seemed to be in a daze and had not yet come to his senses, and said softly, “The body of that sharp blade is made from the Space Boundaries Crystal. Nie Tian, she... is inside the blade.”

Upon hearing these words, both Ji Cang and the Divine Flame were flabbergasted.

At this moment, Nie Tian also sensed Pei Qiqi’s faint awareness in the Spacetime Blade.

“Master, Senior Martial Sister Pei...” Nie Tian muttered, his voice hoarse.

He understood everything immediately after he perceived Pei Qiqi’s awareness from the Spacetime Blade.

His master, Wu Ji, had seen his crisis before he had returned to the River of Time.

Wu Ji had secretly communicated with Pei Qiqi through the River of Time. At that time, Pei Qiqi had been rushing anxiously towards the origin of space, wanting to help it get rid of the attacks from the Tree of Life.

It was Wu Ji who had made time stop for a short time and thus come to a tacit agreement with Pei Qiqi and the origin of space.

They had agreed to try to combine time power and spatial power to create a miracle in order to fight against the origin of life.

The origins of time and space had always been the two most mysterious origins in the chaos.

The origin of space had given birth to the Voidspirits. Their space bloodlines still existed in the universe. However, there had never been a precedent that time inheritance or time bloodlines had appeared on a large scale.

Originally, it had been impossible for the two origins to appear in the same body.

However, after Nie Tian became a paragon with the help of the origin of life, his bloodline had the foundation for embracing everything.

The formation of his bloodlines of metal, thunder, ice, and darkness suggested a possibility that time and space might be able to unite in him.

With the proposal of Wu Ji’s remaining awareness and Pei Qiqi’s permission, the River of Time and the origin of space were forced to make an attempt after seeing that the chaos had gone out of control because of the Tree of Life’s arrival.

This attempt was that the origins of time and space would infuse Nie Tian with their imprints so that streaks of time power and spatial power could flow through his body.

When the time power and spatial power had flowed from his left and right hands, the Space Boundaries Crystal had traveled through space and instantly arrived.

At that time, Pei Qiqi’s flesh aura and awareness had completely absorbed and melted the original soul of the Space Boundaries Crystal before she had become its new soul.

The Space Boundaries Crystal had been fundamentally changed and upgraded because of the infusion of her flesh aura and soul awareness.

Because Pei Qiqi had been continuously given Blood Essence by Nie Tian, and she was a Space Voidspirit’s soul to begin with, she could merge with the Space Boundaries Crystal and make it undergo a metamorphosis before it became the Spacetime Blade that was able to bear the time power that had later poured into it.

As the founder of The Voidspirits, she had returned to the chaos. She could have merged into the origin of space to strengthen it.

She could have also disobeyed the origin’s order and become a different kind of space behemoth.

She could have also left the chaos to make the Voidspirits strong again, or to create other races of life that carried space bloodlines.

Or, she could have just lost all her burdens and gone to do whatever she wanted in the three worlds.

In the end, however, she had decided to merge her flesh aura, awareness, and the Space Boundaries Crystal that had found her and chosen her in the Shatter Battlefield into one, completely changing and upgrading the Space Boundaries Crystal into a peerless divine tool that could carry time power and space power at the same time, one this universe had never before seen — the Spacetime Blade.

Only Nie Tian would be able to wield this sharp blade and display its horrifying power!

After a long time, Nie Tian, who firmly held the Spacetime Blade, let out a hoarse, mournful yell . “Senior Martial Sister Pei!”


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