Chapter 1795: Escape From The Dark Land

The Void Spirits chattered like joyous birds.

They were no longer invisible as they morphed into clusters of brightly-colored balls of light dancing around Nie Tian.

However, the Void Spirits were far too small compared to the size of his giant body that they were almost like flies.

Nie Tian squinted slightly to carefully examine one of the light balls. It seemed he saw the Void Spirit’s awareness flowing like a blue river inside.

“The Void Spirit of water...” he muttered, his eyes wandering around the dark land before he saw a Seaspirit who was staring at the blue light ball with eyes blazing with desire.

The bloodline of the Seaspirits had a strong reaction, so they knew that the blue light ball was the Void Spirit derived from the origin which their bloodline corresponded to.

If they could refine it and merge it with their bloodline, they would have a chance to become a paragon in the future.

The eyes of the Moonspirits, the Lightspirits, and a few other races from the Void World also followed the light balls that flew around Nie Tian.

They were their hope of becoming paragons.

“Pity,” Nie Tian said, shaking his head slightly and looking calmly at the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was growling at him.

He knew that the Blood Father of the Spirit World was the key to whether or not he could dominate the world.

The golden, cyan, and silver-white bloodlines in his body, which were from the Gold Horn Beast, the Thunder-devouring Whale, and the Ice Liger, shivered like small creatures facing giant beasts.

It was the aura of the Blood Father of the Spirit World that they were afraid of.

They feared the thunderbolts encircling him, the great golden axe that he wielded, and the cold stone at his Adam’s apple.

Those three things corresponded directly to their origins.


The Rampage Behemoth shot up from the far land into the sky and flew to Nie Tian’s location in almost an instant.

It felt closer to Nie Tian now.

Nie Tian smiled, and purple devil clouds emerged under his feet like lotus flowers.

He strode across the sky and suddenly mounted the Rampage Behemoth.


The devil lotus flowers, which were tens of acres across, flew out towards the Blood Father of the Spirit World like spinning sharp round discs.

A few Devils who had a profound knowledge of their history couldn’t help but scream as soon as they saw the devil lotus flowers. “It’s Grand Monarch Devil Lotus of our race, who once was very powerful in the Bone Emperor’s era! Grand Monarch Devil Lotus’s bloodline talent allowed his devil lotus flowers to fly all over the sky, cutting down all the living beings that stood in his way.”


The devil lotus flowers struck the rib cage of the Blood Father of the Spirit World, split his flesh, and cut into his bones.

However, that was it.

The Blood Father’s face showed no sign of pain. He gave those huge devil lotus flowers a look, chuckled, and casually patted them a few times before the giant devil flowers exploded into countless rays of devil light.

The wounds in his chest were instantly restored, leaving no traces of injury.

Nie Tian roared, “Go!”

The Rampage Behemoth that he sat astride growled as boundless devil power and flesh auras surged out of its body. Stimulated by his bloodline, its strength increased threefold.

“Bring it on!” the Blood Father of the Spirit World spat with a grim smile before golden light shone so dazzlingly that all those around him couldn’t open their eyes.

The golden light was from the giant golden axe in his hand.

In a flash, the area where he and Nie Tian were was engulfed by a sea of golden light.

Whoever was close to the area was suppressed by their bloodlines.

Rays of golden light splashed in every direction. Each of them contained the true meaning of metal power, and was sharp enough to pierce all fleshly bodies and realms.

Even Zhao Shanling, who had morphed into the Ancient Arch-devil, had no choice but to use spatial magics to shift between different spaces.

All of a sudden, the many experts in the dark land found that, after Nie Tian’s return, the Blood Father of the Spirit World seemed to finally let himself go and start displaying his battle prowess to the extreme.


Qin Yao and the others quietly retreated to the place where Wu Ji was, which was far from Nie Tian and the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Nie Jin said, looking anxious, “Senior Ji? Why are there boundless devil flames in Nie Tian’s aura? Hasn’t he advanced to be a paragon with the help of the Sea of Life in the chaos?”

She noticed that all the Devils and devil creatures from the Void World had changed their attitudes when they looked at Nie Tian, as if they were looking at their ancestors...

They hadn’t even looked at Grand Monarch Heaven Devil like that before.

“It’s too complicated to explain,” Wu Ji spoke with a difficult tone. “All I can say is that although Nie Tian failed to become a dark paragon, he does have a bloodline in his body that resonates with the origin of darkness. Moreover, the bloodline is very strange, as it contains the myriad changes and endless mysteries of the Devils.”

Nie Jin was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Why is Nie Tian fighting the Blood Father of the Spirit World with the Devils’ bloodline and fighting style?” Qin Yao asked with a grave expression. 

Wu Ji couldn’t explain, so he said, “Even if he can’t become a dark paragon, he is a unique being.”


Zhao Shanling flew over in his Ancient Arch-devil form, and rapidly shrank into his human form.

As soon as he arrived, he dropped a bombshell. “The dark land is about to fall apart! As far as I can tell, it’s unlikely that any new paragons will be born. Winning the Void Spirits’ acknowledgment is the best we can do now. If those who are weak continue to stay in the dark land, they will die in vain, which will be meaningless.”

As he spoke, everyone saw members of the three outsider races in the Void World looking around for cracked spatial rifts.

As soon as they saw familiar scenes in some of the spatial rifts, their eyes lit up before they flew into them without hesitation.

Some of them thought that they had seen a ray of dawn. However, the moment they flew in, they let out miserable shrieks because the position of the glistening spatial rift had changed in an instant.

They were thus killed beyond salvation.

Even so, the Void World survivors began to evacuate because of Zhao Shanling’s warning.

Zhao Shanling, however, ignored them, and wielded the Void Mirror in his human form to open stable rifts that lead to the outside world.

Originally, it would have been hard for him to get even himself out of here with the help of the Void Mirror.

However, the dark land couldn’t bear the duel between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and Nie Tian, so the ‘cage’ was broken, and he was able to find a chance.

At this moment, a blue shadow suddenly manifested out of nothing.

Upon seeing it, the Void Spirit Society disciples exclaimed in surprise, “Miss Pei!”

Qin Yao, Nie Jin, those from the Doomed Star Sea, and Mo Heng all looked at Pei Qiqi with surprise.

Expressionless, Pei Qiqi nodded to greet Qin Yao, Nie Jin, and Wu Ji, then she spoke, “Zhao Shanling is right. You can’t stay in the dark land anymore. I’m here to help.”

The Space Boundaries Crystal flew out of her hands and hung high over the heads of the others.


A multitude of brilliant streaks of light shot out of the facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal.

Each streak of light split open a spatial rift like a sharp blade.

It seemed that some of the spatial rifts led to the Realm of Split Void, some led to the Shatter Battlefield, and some led to the Realm of Maelstrom in the Domain of Heaven Python.


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