Chapter 1794: King Of Devils!

Pei Qiqi and the Divine Flame exclaimed at the same time.

“Nie Tian!”

“Nie Tian!”

Ji Cang, who was greatly shocked, shouted, “How dare he break away from the chaos?!”

As long as he was still in the chaos, no matter if the origin of life was willing or not, Nie Tian could extract flesh power from the blood sea for his own use.

He could be invincible here.

He could never be threatened unless the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was as strong as him and shared the same origin with him, returned from the dark land.

Once he walked out of the chaos, the blood sea would keep him from getting flesh power from it, just as it had done to the Tree of Life.

Moreover, even paragons needed approval from their origins if they wanted to step into the chaos.

For example, if the Tree of Life wanted to enter the chaos after its falling-out with the blood sea, it would have to see if the blood sea agreed.

Nie Tian had broken up with the blood sea.

If he left, it would likely be difficult for him to return the chaos.

Why would he do this?

Ji Cang couldn’t understand.


In the dark land.

The three outsider races of the Void World, the crooked forces of the Doomed Star Sea, and many humans were working with the Tree of Life to fight the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Zhao Shanling, Qin Yao, Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and the Rampage Behemoth were the main forces.

Wu Ji had repeatedly used time power. His consumption was so tremendous that he could no longer impose a time restriction on the Blood Father of the Spirit World or the Tree of Life.

He was silent and motionless as wisps of unusual light slipped from the corners of his eyes from time to time.

The unusual light, which was like some sort of blood or tears, was his leaking power.


A flash of lightning struck Fan Tianze’s sword domain.

Because of the lightning, wisps of brilliant sword light suddenly faded, their spiritual power gone.

The twitching lightning bolt cut and annihilated numerous strands of refined soul awareness in Fan Tianze’s god domain, making this powerful expert from the Heaven Span Pavilion shriek miserably.


Frozen by cold power, Mo Heng’s divine dharma idol was frosted over.

A ray of blood light shot from the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s eyes, pierced through the waist of Mo Heng’s divine dharma idol, and caused the divine dharma idol to fall and break into brilliant spiritual power filling the air, like glass falling to the ground.

Then, the Blood Father of the Spirit World wielded his golden axe.

Bright broken stars were annihilated by a sea of golden light, making loud noises.

Each broken star was Qin Yao’s star and soul power. As they were annihilated one by one, it felt like a sharp blade was cutting pieces of flesh from his body.


The Blood Father of the Spirit World opened his mouth and breathed in.

Emerald leaves, which had been floating in the air after they were severed from the Tree of Life, were sucked into his giant mouth, like a gigantic whale taking water into its mouth.

He chewed only a few times before swallowing them down.

Life power immediately erupted in his body. The wood power of the leaves nourished him like sweet dew, rapidly healing the slight wounds he had suffered in battle.

Gradually, the lush branches of the Tree of Life, which had been emanating brilliant sparkling divine light, began to dim.

Because of its secret arrangements, this dark land could have replaced the blood sea in the chaos and gathered the flesh power of the experts that died here. However, undermined by Wu Ji and Zhao Shanling and suppressed by the joint efforts of the origin of life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World, the flesh power that it could obtain kept diminishing.

Besides, it couldn’t extract life power from the origins for its own use.

The long fighting had gradually tired it out.

If it weren’t for experts like the Rampage Behemoth, the evil gods, Qin Yao, Zhao Shanling, and Mo Heng, who had taken pressure off of it, its branches and roots would have been severed and broken by the golden axe already.


All of a sudden, it sensed an unusual movement.

“Ah!” Wu Ji, who had been motionless, suddenly screamed, his expression shocked.

The many humans and experts of the Doomed Star Sea who were besieging the Blood Father of the Spirit World, also shrieked, “Nie Tian!”

“Young Master!”

“Little Tian!”

All of a sudden, they saw a giant godlike being, whose crimson skin was covered with devilish markings and patterns and whose strangely fierce aura gave them endless pressure, manifested out of thin air.

Judging by its face, it was clearly Nie Tian, who had disappeared for a long time and had become one of the paragons!

As the Devils of the Void World looked up at the giant god, who was only a little shorter than the Blood Father of the Spirit World, their devil blood started boiling.

Almost all the Devil experts and the devil beasts and devil insects they had brought stared at this new Nie Tian and somehow had a peculiar feeling that they were worshipping their ancestors. They couldn’t help discussing this among themselves.

“What’s the matter?”

“Isn’t he a human hybrid?”

“Why does he have…”

They even felt that Nie Tian was the progenitor of their race, and that they themselves were his descendants.

They didn’t know that the many little Devil elders, devil insects, and devil beasts that Nie Tian had refined and merged into his dark bloodline had really been the strongest experts in the history of the Devils!

As powerful as Zhao Shanling was, looking at Nie Tian now, he felt dwarfed.

This feeling of being dwarfed was both real and mental.

Even when the Dark King had become a paragon, Zhao Shanling hadn’t felt so dwarfed by him when he had examined him from the dark.

Zhao Shanling lowered his head slowly and spoke in a voice that only he himself could hear. “When I look at him, it feels like I’m looking at all the outstanding clansmen in the history of the Devils. If that one was called the Dark King, I feel Nie Tian should be called the King of All Devils now. He is the king that all the Devils, devil beasts, devil insects, Demons, and the people with darkness bloodlines want to worship.”

“It’s just that...” he added, frowning, “shouldn’t it be Dong Li who has been received by the darkness and replaced Grand Monarch Heaven Devil?”

He couldn’t understand it.

“I can’t believe you have the audacity to return from the chaos,” the Blood Father of the Spirit World growled. His growl shook the whole dark land so greatly that many spatial cracks appeared in it, as if it were a ball that was about to burst.

He stared at Nie Tian with his red, bloodthirsty eyes.

His tyrannical and cruel aura condensed into columns of blood-red light that broke through the dome of the dark land and shot into unknown places.

The moment Nie Tian appeared, he no longer had any other rivals in his eyes.

Even the Tree of Life was now regarded as the second trouble that he wanted to wipe out.

Nie Tian was the first!


Clusters of shadows could be seen hovering around Nie Tian, as if they were chattering and cheering.

Some with keen perception saw the shadows, and couldn’t but help scream, “Void Spirits!”

Indeed, those shadows were the Void Spirits that the origins in the chaos had separated from themselves and sent out on different missions.

They had attacked Dong Li and caused many living beings’ unexplained deaths before.

However, they now cheered for Nie Tian’s return with delight.

This was because they had learned from their own origins that Nie Tian, on whom the Sea of Life had placed high hopes, had broken off from the blood sea in the chaos and become its enemy.

To the Void Spirits and their corresponding origins, the blood sea was the most heinous villan.

Now that Nie Tian had broken up with it, he was their ally and hope!


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