Chapter 1793: Nip A Paragon In The Bud!

There were endless variations in the depths of the darkness.

Those variations were the profound truths that lurked deep in the origin of darkness.

Since ancient times, the Devil race had produced hundreds of grand monarchs and tenth-grade devil beasts and devil insects.

As long as they cultivated one or several variations derived from the darkness to the extreme, they could become grand monarchs.

Or, like the Dark King, those who had been favored by the origins could be made a paragon directly.

However, only Grand Monarch Heaven Devil could see through the variations of the origin of darkness in the real sense, hold fast to his conscience, and achieve his great Dao with the help of the variations of darkness.

Originally, he had been the darkness’s favorite, the chosen one.

With his gift, his abilities, and his foundation for becoming a paragon, he would be able to see through the endless variations that were derived from the darkness as long as he was given enough time!

He had been able to see through all the variations that had occurred in the Devils’ history, such as darkness, destruction, rage, resentment, despair, and fear.

It was because paragons, like their origins, couldn’t die naturally.

Therefore, they were almost eternal.

However, he had lost his patience.

He was facing Nie Tian, who had joined the ranks of paragons with the help of the Sea of Life and awakened appalling bloodline talents that allowed him to even swallow and refine other beings’ bloodline mysteries!

All the Devil experts, devil beasts, and devil insects that he had used to attack Nie Tian had been powerful and famous tenth grade members in the Devils’ history.

The variations of darkness that they had comprehended had been engraved in devil statues fused into the drops of devil blood.

Stimulated by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, they had been instantly revived with the help of the Blood Essence that the Sea of Life had given him. The true meanings of darkness they had studied for hundreds of thousands of years had also been activated, and had been vividly displayed.

Then… they were devoured by Nie Tian with Life Drain, leaving no trace of them.

This directly caused the dark bloodline in Nie Tian’s heart to generate hundreds of dense Bloodline Crystal Chains, which were many times thinner than strands of hair.

All the Bloodline Crystal Chains were branded with brand-new bloodline talents and magics corresponding to the darkness.

It could be said that Nie Tian had combined the strengths of hundreds of grand monarchs in the Devils’ history.

The core of all these strengths, however, was the profound Dao that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had comprehended — variations, because his darkness bloodline had originally come from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

Such a Nie Tian had also gotten the acknowledgment of the origin of darkness. When added to the true meaning of evil that the five evil gods had comprehended, the Rampage Behemoth’s devastating evil power, and the bloodline talents of many Devil grand monarchs, tenth-grade devil beasts, and devil insects, Nie Tian had become the most terrifying oddity in the chaos!


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil let out sad, shrill howls in the black devil mist.

Drops of devil blood sputtered from his lofty, mountainous body. Each drop of devil blood split into hundreds or thousands of devil characters and devil symbols.

Many bloodline talents started resonating with his heart in the form of words, devil patterns, and sounds.


The storm around his devil body that could destroy heaven and earth became more and more turbulent.

The horrifying rippling devil power made Ji Cang, the Divine Flame, who had taken a wait-and-see attitude, and Pei Qiqi, who had just regained her awareness, subconsciously avoid them.

For most grand monarchs and God domain experts in the three worlds, if they dared to approach Grand Monarch Heaven Devil at this moment, they would be crushed by his dark devil power and completely vanish.

Such power reminded Ji Cang and the Divine Flame of the grand explosion that had destroyed everything and created everything in this universe at the beginning of time.

However, to their surprise, no matter how hard Grand Monarch Heaven Devil struggled, and no matter how desperately he tried, the black devil mist kept firmly wrapping him in it.

When they took a closer look, they found that the black mist kept changing, sometimes morphing into a fighting devil god who was even more ferocious-looking and sinister than Zhao Shanling’s Ancient Arch-devil form.

Giant purple lumps grew in the devil god’s head, like devilish fruits that seemed to secretly contain endless devil power.

The devil god had hundreds of devil eyes. His swollen body was covered with cold black blades. His huge hooves and hands were like giant maces that could easily break a domain and destroy all the realms in it.

Then, the devil god morphed into an elegant noble Devil with a handsome face, looking at Grand Monarch Heaven Devil in a cold, commanding manner like a god without feelings.

After that, the noble Devil morphed into a giant bug that had black fetid liquid flowing on it. Its purple, slippery, and sticky tongue seemed to wrap around Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

The giant bug changed again, and became a devil god who stood towering in the depths of the darkness, his dark aura covering the three worlds. It was the departed Dark King...

Just like this, the devil mist sometimes expanded, sometimes shrank, morphing into horrifying figures who had dominated the three worlds.

The core talents, the bloodline mysteries, and the devil Dao that they had comprehended were manifested in the devil mist one after another. They attacked Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, cut at his fleshly body, and nibbled away at his devil blood.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil body, which was even larger than Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form, gradually shrank in the devil mist binding it.

As this happened, he clearly felt that his energies, devil power, and the dark imprints in his bloodline were being swallowed, melted, and erased...

Fear gradually filled his heart and every strand of devil power and essence in him.

He knew that fear came from the depths of the darkness. With his status as a paragon and his knowledge of darkness, he shouldn’t be feeling fear.

Only he could make others fearful. How could he be fearful himself?

Even though had long since known that the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life were devastatingly mighty, he had never felt any fear of them.

As for Qin Yao of the Doomed Star Sea, he only regarded him as an opponent worth fighting, but he was convinced that he could defeat him.

Both Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer viewed him as their leader.

There were countless grand monarchs and God domain experts in the three worlds, but who could make him fearful?

Even when he had faced the origin of darkness, he had only been very respectful to it.

After observing his own heart for a while, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil gradually figured out why he felt fear. “Yes, the disappearing strength, bloodline, and darkness imprints...”

It was because he was getting weaker...

When he had been strong and confident, he had been fearless.

However, now that he was getting weaker, so weak that anyone could kill him now, it was only natural that he felt fear.

What he didn’t know was that as fear filled his heart, the Sea of Life below forsook him, and stopped providing him with life power through the little blood-red ball of light in his heart.

This made it difficult for him to heal the wound of his fleshly body at a lightning speed as Nie Tian could.

Soon, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil shrank to be so small in the black devil mist that Ji Cang, the Divine Flame, and Pei Qiqi gradually failed to see him clearly.


Sparks of dark crystalline light the size of a grain of rice flew out of the black devil mist.

They flew into the origin of darkness, which then refined and fused them into the darkness spiritual core within Dong Li’s spiritual sea.

Before she knew it, pitch dark energies filled her spiritual sea, and even made her non-attribute spiritual cores turn black.


The black devil mist gathered and condensed before it morphed into Nie Tian once again.

Nie Tian gazed down at the blood sea below, grinned, and said, “Your hope is that the Blood Father of the Spirit World will get rid of the Tree of Life and the irrelevant living beings and then tackle me.

“Well, I’ll give you what you wish for.”

As he spoke, he gradually became illusory in the chaos before he completely disappeared!

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