Chapter 1786: Attitude Is What’s The Most Important

The three streaks of light contained metal, lightning, and ice power.

However, the amount of power they contained was actually so little that they couldn’t even scrape the colossal heart.

An attack like that couldn’t possibly inflict any noticeable damage on the origin of life.

There was still a considerable distance between the three streaks of light and the heart when they exploded under the counterattack from the thick blood mist surrounding the heart like a flesh aura sea, and vanished.

Even so, all of the other origins in the chaos were shocked.

They were shocked by the message he wanted to convey through this attack: he would fight against the origin of life no matter what!

It didn’t matter that the origin of life had told him that his transcended bloodline would allow him to stand at the peak of the three worlds as long as he left the chaos, or that he would be able to populate all worlds with Divinespirits and bring all the beings in the three worlds to heel as the Divine King!

By telling him this, not only did the origin of life want the other origins to hold scruples against him, but it also hoped to fix the relationship between it and him.

One step, and he would rise to the peak. Why would he refuse such an offer?

The origin of life found this hard to understand. Therefore, it grew more and more furious, and vibrated more and more violently.

Even the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was all the way in the dark land, grew more ferocious and ruthless because of its fury. With a nasty grin, he bellowed, “The little bastard doesn’t know how to appreciate favors!”


He brought the golden axe down with great force, sending out dazzling light that shattered numerous lushly-grown branches of the Tree of Life.

“Scram!” he bellowed.

Lightning bolts that were as thick as dragons struck the Ancient Arch-devil that Zhao Shanling had transformed into, and charred patches appeared on his mountainous form.

Immediately afterwards, a fist strike that packed endless rage and a wide array of energies came at him.

As the one who had created Titan’s Wrath, the Blood Father of the Spirit World manifested terrifying might as he cast it.

The fist strike that could destroy heaven and extinguish earth slammed into Zhao Shanling’s magnificent devilish form, bursting forth with billows of energy.

Hundreds of thousands of black magical symbols and purple lightning bolts, along with a blackish purple blood rain, splashed from the Ancient Arch-devil’s chest where it was hit. He clutched the Dark Aureole and fled to the forbidden domain of darkness created by Dong Li and the black tortoise’s joint efforts. Only by doing that did he escape the pursuit of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World let out nasty laughs as pieces of frigid ice fused with clusters of his blood and morphed into ice giants that were thousands of meters tall.

As they spread out to kill the experts from the three worlds, he opened his mouth. A streak of bloody light flew out to fuse with the power from the golden axe, which rapidly morphed into a gigantic golden dragon.

Like him, the golden dragon’s eyes also exuded endless bloodlust. Apparently, he had taken his Blood Essence and fused it with the metal power he had received from the origin of metal to condense it.


The golden dragon let out a wrathful roar, and every dragon from the Spirit World couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

Not only did they suffer bloodline suppression from it, but their bloodlines seemed to be subject to its control.

Moments later, all of the dragons turned around and joined the golden dragon in attacking the Floragrims, who were also from the Spirit World.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World laughed more and more wildly.

At the same time, his Blood Essence fused with the lightning chains wreathing him and created numerous Thunder Beasts and Thunder-devouring Whales, all of which were at the ninth or tenth grade.

All of them were lightning-attributed beasts controlled by his soul awareness, instead of living creatures with independent will and awareness.

In the meantime, the Blood Father of the Spirit World himself continued to channel endless power from the origin of life to improve his battle prowess.

Even the Tree of Life was gradually at a disadvantage in its battle against him.

If Zhao Shanling, Qin Yao, and Wu Ji hadn’t ordered the humans, the races from the Void World, and the experts from the Doomed Star Sea to attack the Blood Father of the Spirit World together, it would have found itself in an even worse position.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World, who had the favor of the origin of life, burst forth with unheard-of power now that it was fully awakened.


In the blood sea, Nie Tian was absorbed in thought as he stared at the dissipating golden, cyan, and silver wisps.

He didn’t pay any attention to the violent vibration of the origin of life, or what the other origins in the chaos were thinking.

Soon, it came to him that if he wanted to deal with the colossal heart, he would have to rely on power other than the power generated from his life bloodline.

Even though the three streaks of power he had used to attack the origin of life earlier had been very weak, the origin of life had had to eliminate them with its life power.

What would happen if they were magnified to a certain extent?

Eyes narrowed, he suddenly said, “It seems that you only hesitated about making me a paragon because you knew that I’d be an even greater threat than the Tree of Life if I turned against you.”

Both the Tree of Life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World came from it. Their power came from it as well.

Therefore, it would be impossible for them to eliminate it with the life power it had vested them with.

Only power from the other origins could be used to inflict real damage on it, on this endless blood sea.

“I don’t have enough of these powers.”

With these words, Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form left the depths of the blood sea, and charged into the void.

The other origins in the chaos seemed to have become quiet since he had attacked the origin of life with those three streaks of power.

In the cluster of darkness, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had also silently fixed his purple sun-like eyes on him for a long time, as if he were pondering something.

“Could this be a ploy of Nie Tian and the origin of life?

“Did he attack the origin of life with power that couldn’t possibly hurt it in order to win back the other origins’ trust, so they would resume passing their legacies on to his doppelgängers and helping them become paragons?

“Then, he’d fuse his doppelgängers into his true form and make himself an unprecedented wonder.

“After that, he’d charge out of the chaos as the paragon and king of the new era, and make all beings in the three worlds kneel before him? He’d make a great number of Divinespirits to lift the influence of the Sea of Life to heights it has never reached.

“Then, the origin of life would be the overlord in the chaos for countless years to come, while Nie Tian and his Divinespirits would enslave all of the other species in the three worlds!”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s eyes were clouded by these questions. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find answers to them.

Nie Tian suddenly jerked his head towards him and asked, “Do you want to become a paragon?”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil went blank for a second before saying, “Of course.”

Pointing at the blood sea below, Nie Tian said, “You can’t if it doesn’t allow it.  Do you understand?”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil fell silent.

He had long since been convinced that he was the one the origin of darkness had chosen.

Plus, the origin of darkness had indeed showered him with dark legacies and helped him move in the direction of becoming a paragon earlier.

It was just that his advance seemed to have been suddenly interrupted by some force, and had come to a halt.

He had found that baffling, and had asked the origin of darkness what the problem was.

However, the origin of darkness hadn’t given him an answer, but only told him to come out and prepare to fight.

Now, thanks to Nie Tian, he knew that the problem was with the blood sea below.

“I-it can prevent the other origins from making their own paragons?” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said with a stutter.

Nie Tian nodded.

Strong disappointment appeared in Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s eyes as his lips twisted into a smile of frustration.

“But I can help you,” Nie Tian added.



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