Chapter 1785: Overthrow

In the chaos, many origins had joined up to fight against the origin of life.

The origin of life had long since been aware of this.

Before humanity had come to exist, the various species in the Void World, the Icespirits, Lightningspirits, and Firespirits in the Mortal World, and the Star Behemoths had all belonged to the bloodline cultivation system.

As long as that didn’t change, no matter how powerful they became, the status of the origin of life as the strongest origin in the chaos would remain unchanged.

After all, all beings that relied on their bloodlines to make themselves stronger were naturally bound to it.

Later, humanity had been born and developed their unique cultivation system. With the secret guidance of many origins in the chaos, humans had learned to channel power of various attributes into their spiritual seas in their dantian regions.

Not just that, but they had also explored their seas of awareness and developed the ability to refine their souls, as the Netherspirits and the Phantasms had.

How could it not know that each attribute that humanity had mastered had an origin behind it, and why all those origins had put so much effort into making humanity strong?

Therefore, when the Tree of Life had decided to create Nie Tian with Qin Yao’s help, it had snuck in without anyone noticing.

As far as it was concerned, Nie Tian would be the first of a brilliant new species that could help it defeat humanity, break the old system, and create a new era where it ruled over all three worlds.

However, after Nie Tian had entered the blood sea, and it had helped lay the groundwork for his advance to becoming a paragon by purging his body and tempering his heart, it had grown hesitant.

What had happened to the Tree of Life was a lesson to it. Even till this day, it was still a major threat to it.

It feared that it wouldn’t be able to control Nie Tian, and knew how overwhelmingly powerful this new talent it had found after countless years of study would make him after he became a paragon.

It knew that given time, Nie Tian’s power and talent would rise to heights that even the Tree of Life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World wouldn’t be able to match.

Therefore, it had decided to wait for the result of the battle between the Tree of Life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World before deciding what it wanted to do with Nie Tian.

However, Nie Tian had misunderstood its intentions.

Then, as a force that had been unchallenged in the chaos for eons, it had been angered so much that it had attempted to threaten him with Pei Qiqi and the Divine Flame’s lives.

By doing that, it had finally driven Nie Tian to its opposite side.

“Hmm?!” Nie Tian suddenly exclaimed softly in the depths of the blood sea.

He jerked his head up to look at the River of Souls, the brilliant First Star, and the cluster of fire that were floating in the void above the Sea of Life.


His true soul flew out of the River of Souls.

The water in the wondrous river was stirring. Clearly, it was angered by something.

His true soul was expelled!

Before this, the river had been transfusing the wonders of souls it had derived through eons of time to his true soul in its own way.

It had been eager to make his true soul its new paragon as the replacement for Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.


Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian’s star doppelgänger and flame doppelgänger were expelled by the origins of star and fire in succession.

Floating in front of the First Star, Ji Cang fixed Nie Tian’s star doppelgänger with a fierce, cold look. “Liar! You’ve been working with the blood sea the whole time! You tricked my origin into making you its paragon!”

The curvaceously, gorgeous young woman at the heat of the Divine Flame was also exasperated.

Pei Qiqi, however, frowned slightly and secretly communicated with the origin of space in an attempt to figure out the truth.

“Nie Tian!”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s voice suddenly echoed from within the cluster of ultimate darkness.

His scary-looking gigantic form slowly rose from the darkness, and turned out to be even larger than Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form. “Now you carry the auras of the Gold Horn Beast, the Ice Liger, and the Thunder-devouring Whale! Those are the unique auras of their bloodlines! How can you absorb their bloodlines into your own?!”

Each bloodline corresponded to an origin.

Naturally, the bloodlines of the Gold Horn Beast, the Ice Liger, and the Thunder-devouring Whale came from the origins of metal, ice, and thunder.

The fact that Nie Tian could take their bloodlines and fuse them into his own seemed to be an omen, an omen for the blood sea to absorb all the other bloodlines in the three worlds through Nie Tian, and leave and their corresponding origins to wither! 

Tens of thousands of years later, there would be a large number of Divinespirits in the three worlds.

Each and every one of them would carry a life bloodline, and hunt members of the other races to make themselves stronger. In the process, all of those races’ bloodlines would be refined into their life bloodlines and become a part of them.

All of the beings that the origins in the chaos had created wouldn’t be able to fight them. They would descend to the lives of slaves or be reared as a source of flesh power.

If that happened, their origin, the origin of life, would naturally become even stronger.

Then, what would happen to the other origins in the chaos?

Nie Tian looked down at the colossal heart. “It’s you. While telling me those things via your unique vibrations, you also made sure that all of the other origins in the chaos heard them. You revealed your grand plan just to make the other origins view me as their enemy, didn’t you?”

The fact that his true soul and two doppelgängers had been evicted by the River of Souls, the First Star, and the origin of fire was proof of this.

Every origin in the chaos that was intelligent and conscious had suddenly realized that Nie Tian was the sharpest knife the origin of life had forged against them!

If Nie Tian could steal and absorb even other beings’ bloodlines, what would be the point of them making paragons out of his doppelgängers?

Would they create them just so that Nie Tian’s true form could devour and absorb them?

Also, there were natural connections between his true form and his doppelgängers to begin with.

At that moment, Pei Qiqi seemed to figure out the truth. A very complicated look filled her bright eyes as she murmured, “So that’s how it is.

“Who would have thought that you’re the source of all evil that the Sea of Life created. You only exist because the origin of life aspires to create a new species called the Divinespirits and use them to rule over the three worlds.

“All intelligent species will have to bend to its will if they want to live.

“You only exist to overthrow humanity and absorb all the outsider species.

“The human cultivation system will be completely erased, along with all signs that humanity has ever existed...”


In the dark land, Wu Ji, who controlled the River of Time, sensed the turn of events that had happened in the chaos.

He, who thought himself to be learned and well-informed, felt lost for the first time. “How can this be? The origin of life created Nie Tian so his Divinespirit descendents can help it eliminate humanity and dominate all other species in the three worlds?”

He represented the River of Time.

Like the River of Souls, the Mountain of Death, and that cluster of darkness, the River of Time was also determined to end the tyranny of the Sea of Life, and had placed high hopes in humanity.

He had assumed that Nie Tian would be the key to humanity fighting against the Sea of Life.

Now, however, he realized that Nie Tian was the first Divinespirit.  

All of his descendants would carry his life bloodline and have the overpowering ability to take bloodlines from outsider species and fuse into their own.

Who would be able to contend against such a paragon and such a new species?


In the blood sea, three streaks of light that were golden, cyan, and silver suddenly shot out of Nie Tian’s chest towards the colossal heart.

They each carried power from the origin of metal, the origin of thunder, and the origin of ice!

Many origins in the chaos were astonished by this.

The colossal heart beat violently, as if it were stamping with fury.

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