Chapter 1782: The Divine Flame Shapes Its Body

Huang Jinnan from the Five Elements Sect looked longingly at the giant golden axe that the Blood Father of the Spirit World clutched in his hand.

It seemed to be vested with the profound truths of metal power by the origin of metal that was hiding in the depths of the chaos.

As far as Huang Jinnan saw it, if he could obtain that golden axe, his cultivation base would undoubtedly soar through the heavens.


A sphere of golden light that was only the size of a fist, but brilliant like a sun, manifested out of thin air in front of Huang Jinnan’s chest.

Huang Jinnan’s expression flickered with astonishment.

In the next moment, the brilliant sphere of golden light sucked Huang Jinnan into it before he could realize what was happening.

“Divine Son!”

Many Saint domain Qi warriors from the metal element sect were scared out of their minds.

However, Master Blood Spirit, who was loyal to Nie Tian and exuding a booming flesh aura, learned what was happening from Nie Tian’s soul will that was conveyed to him through their blood connection.

“That’s a tremendous fortune for him!” he yelled. “You need to get away from him now!”

Upon hearing this, the Qi warriors from the metal element sect found that Huang Jinnan was actually vigorous and spirited in the internal space inside that glowing golden sphere.


Several streaks of divine golden light shot out from the chaos.

They quietly infiltrated Huang Jinnan’s body and started making changes to his spiritual cores, domain, and sea of awareness.

As this happened, Huang Jinnan shrewdly sensed the aura of the origin of metal.

However, he was aware that the ‘Profound Truths Crystal’ he received now had been condensed from a unique metal-attributed beast Nie Tian had slain in the chaos. This was similar to what had happened to Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil.

Many elders, Divine Sons, and Divine Daughters of the Five Elements Sect that were gathered near Huang Jinnan couldn’t help but marvel, “Such a lavish gift!”

After obtaining such a tremendous fortune, Huang Jinnan was bound to gain an unstoppable momentum in his future cultivation even after he advanced to the God domain!

If there weren’t any mishaps, he would become the strongest expert of the entire Five Elements Sect within a short time.

There was no doubt that he would be able to reach the late God domain and surpass his master!

After all, that ‘Profound Truths Crystal’ he had been given contained the Dao of metal power from the origin of metal.

Every Qi warrior from the Five Elements Sect could see that Huang Jinnan’s golden spear, golden lotus, and all of his metal-attributed spiritual tools were breaking through their original levels.

Soaring along with them was his cultivation base!


Nie Tian let out a soft chuckle and said to Pei Qiqi, “There’s one more, that Ice Liger. It won’t take long, Senior Martial Sister.”

Then, after a moment of hesitation, he turned to the orange-red Divine Flame and said, “Well... This is for you.”

Drop after drop of Blood Essence flew out of him to join the Divine Flame like loose crystalline beads from a gorgeous bead curtain.

Surrounded by fire, the Divine Flame’s petite, delicate figure swayed slowly, somehow looking feminine and charming.

If they were stimulated by life essence from the origin of life, Void Spirits could transform into fleshly existences like Star Behemoths.

They could also collect life essence and use it to create species corresponding to their origins.

The Divine Flame had already created Nie Yan, the first Ifrit, with the Blood Essence it had obtained from Nie Tian in exchange for a flame spark it had separated from itself.

It had already finished the task the origin of fire had charged it with.

Because of that, it could use these drops of Blood Essence it received from Nie Tian on itself now, and make itself transform into a more advanced, higher being.

It would be its choice whether it wanted to become a being like a Star Behemoth, or something else.

At this moment, it seemed to be gazing quietly at Nie Tian from the depths of a cluster of fire.

“Go ahead,” Pei Qiqi said.

As a Void Spirit herself, she had an uneasy feeling as she sensed the changes the Divine Flame was experiencing after receiving Nie Tian’s gift.

Nie Tian laughed in an unrestrained manner, then flew towards the origin of stars.

As soon as he left, the Divine Flame in the cluster of orange-red fire rapidly refined the Blood Essence Nie Tian had given it as a gift into itself, and started forging and shaping its body according to its likings.

In the Primal Era, Star Behemoths’ incomparably immense flesh power had made them the mightiest and scariest forces in battle.

At that time, not many other intelligent higher species had been created. Therefore, the Void Spirits' concept of them had been rather shallow.

In this era, however, the Void Spirits got to see many powerful species such as Devils, Netherspirits, and humans after coming out of the chaos. This changed their perspective.

Therefore, the Divine Flame decided to shape itself into an unearthly beautiful, curvaceous young woman with long red hair cascading to her shoulders.

Soon, it finished her transformation and manifested in the fire with great clarity.

Upon seeing its new form in the fire, even Pei Qiqi marveled inwardly, knowing that the Divine Flame must have put all that made a female human charming and desirable into this new form of its. It was simply perfect.

If compared, she, Dong Li, Hou Chulan, and all the other so-called beauties from the human domains would be outshone by this young woman in the fire.

She frowned slightly, a cold look appearing in her eyes. Then, she said with a somewhat hostile tone, “Why would you waste such precious original life power on modifying your looks? You could have used it to make your new form even stronger and more adapted for combat.”

“I think if I look like this, he’ll like me more,” The Divine Flame said in a slow, dulcet voice.

After that, she giggled, which was as sweet as the sound of a silver bell.

Seeing this, Pei Qiqi frowned even deeper.


The origin of stars.

Suppressed by Ji Cang, who had finally returned from the dark land, the Ice Liger was forced to escape.

By the time Nie Tian arrived, it had already left the First Star, and was fleeing towards the origin of ice in the depths of the chaos.

Anger filled Ji Cang’s heart as he stared at Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form and remembered that his star doppleganger was still receiving legacies inside the origin of stars. “What are you doing here? Don’t imagine that I’ll resign myself to fate just because of the lecture you gave earlier.”

Looking at him, Nie Tian said, “I suppose you’ve changed, since it summoned you back and let you deal with the Ice Liger. Don’t forget that you came from it. It can sense your thoughts even if you’re out there, and it’s in the chaos. I bet you’ve accepted what I said to you earlier.”

“No, I haven’t!” With these words, Ji Cang’s face dropped, and he prepared to go chase after that Ice Liger.

“I’ll take care of it,” Nie Tian said casually. “As long as the Blood Father of the Spirit World doesn’t return, I’ll be unmatched in the chaos.”


He suddenly morphed into a streak of blood-colored light and shot off after the fleeing Ice Liger with a speed and a momentum that even Ji Cang couldn’t match.

Ji Cang could only watch him disappear into the distant void and sigh.

Moments later.

Nie Tian returned with an icy sphere and several sparkling ice power-infused stones in his hand. He stopped in front of Ji Cang.

Every last wisp of the Ice Liger’s aura had disappeared from the chaos.

With a forceful fling, he cast the Profound Truths Crystal that contained the wonders of the origin of ice outside the chaos.

As for the icy stones, he hesitated for a brief moment before flicking his finger.

The icy stones then shot towards the colossal heart in the endless blood sea.

Midway, the icy stones morphed into ice shards that were incomparably sharp and exuded frosty auras.

A derisive laugh escaped Ji Cang’s mouth. “Who would have thought that you’d turn around and attack the Sea of Life moments after you became a paragon with its power, just as the Tree of Life did. I find all of you who carry a life bloodline quite funny. First, it was the Tree of Life. Now, it’s you. Not only would you rebel against your own origin, but you would actually go so far in your rebellion!

“Even the Star Behemoths in the Primal Era only went against their origin’s will, and chose to soar through the three worlds as free spirits.

“None of them thought up every possible method to return to the chaos and kill their own origins.”


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