Chapter 1777: The Subservient Origins

Both the Tree of Life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World who had been revived came from the Sea of Life.

In their eyes, all the living beings of the three worlds that had entered the dark land could be swallowed or killed, except for those who had bloodline relations with them.

In this way, they were like the Ancientspirits of the Spirit World, who had recklessly targeted the human race in earlier years, treating humans as livestock and food.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World opened his mouth and inhaled.


All the Devils, Netherspirits, Seaspirits, and Moonspirits that were killed by the light rain were condensed into rivers of different colors that disappeared into his mouth.

Meanwhile, streaks of golden light, beams of lightning, and blocks of ice flew away from the dead humans’ bodies.

They flew into the golden axe in his hands and the lightning chains winding around him, as well as the cold stone at his Adam’s Apple.

These pure, refined powers came from the Qi warriors who had cultivated metal, thunder, and ice power.


Wu Ji raised his hand, and the River of Time that had been condensed out of thin air absorbed the gold, blue, and red rain of light. 

The huge sparks of light burned like balls of fire at the bottom of the River of Time, and were eventually exhausted by the sand of time.

Nie Tian’s shadows emerging in the Heavenly Stars Flower’s buds frowned and stared at the Blood Father of the Spirit World with a solemn expression.

He was keenly aware that the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who could absorb flesh power from the Sea of Life in this dark land, was rapidly recovering his strength.

He and the Tree of Life were regarded by the Blood Father of the Spirit World as the targets that he most needed to kill.

The light rain all over the sky seemed to be falling on the human race and the outsiders where Zhao Shanling used to be, but the densest and most condensed light rain was in fact coming at Nie Tian.

This Nie Tian was merely a wisp of soul awareness. It wasn’t his true form or even a sub-soul.

If it weren’t for Wu Ji, who had used the power of the River of Time to envelop him like a giant umbrella, his soul awareness would have vanished upon being bombarded by the thunderous green light.

If that happened, it would have hurt his soul somewhat and slowed down his transformation.

Nie Tian’s shadows fluctuated violently and directly expressed his rage and dissatisfaction. “I’ve warned you not to provoke me or hinder me again!”

His rage and dissatisfaction appeared a little laughable in the dark land.

However, his true form in the chaos roared at the same time!

Having broken away from the vast blood sea, his true form stared coldly at the gigantic heart in the depths of the sea. “You and I both know that the Blood Father of the Spirit World is at your beck and call. Since you wanted him to hurt me in the dark land...”

His 100,000-metre-high Life-origin Form crashed into an area that was full of drops of Blood Essence in the vast blood sea.


Thousands of wisps of crimson flesh auras came roaring out of his body, pursued, and greedily engulfed the Blood Essence, as if they had their own awareness.

Nie Tian spread out his hands and watched the crimson flesh auras flying from his body and engulfing the drops of Blood Essence in the origin of life. “I’ve become a paragon because of this blood sea and because of you.

“So long as I don’t leave the chaos, I can refine the flesh auras here for my own use! Although my fleshly body, which has reached a paragon’s level, may still have a limited capacity and cannot absorb flesh power as infinitely as you can, I can give the refined flesh power to others, such as my other two doppelgangers!”


Streams of crimson flesh auras refined the Blood Essence, and twisted together into blood waterfalls that shot up into the void.

The two blood waterfalls rushed at the origin of fire and the origin of stars to help his flame doppelganger and his star doppelganger reach the height of a paragon.

As for the doppelganger with the Mountain of Death, he had planned to give it up, since it had been intentionally used against the origin of life and was filled with death power now.


Suddenly, a beam of dazzling golden divine light shot straight out of the depths of the chaos.

The golden divine light cut the doppelganger that was wreathed in death power on the summit of the Mountain of Death in half, like a sword splitting the sky.

Many rays of sharp golden light wandered in the corpse and quickly reduced it to pale-gray smoke.

In the blink of an eye, the doppelganger, which had separated from the River of Souls and Nie Tian’s main soul, was wiped out.

Nie Tian was enjoying refining flesh power and focusing on channeling it to the origin of stars and the origin of fire. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he looked up into the depths of the chaos, “Who is it?”


A golden unicorn with enormous hoofs that seemed to be made of gold emerged slowly from the distant void and growled.

“A Gold Horn Beast!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

The Gold Horn Beast in front of him was even bigger than the black tortoise, and was as large as the Rampage Behemoth.

It breathed heavily as currents of golden light gushed from its nostrils. Its eyes turned to look at the origin of fire. Immediately afterwards, it charged toward the origin of fire like a beam of golden light.


A cluster of orange divine flame suddenly flew out of the depths of the origin of fire and unleashed clusters of flames to fight a fierce battle against the gigantic Gold Horn Beast in the chaos.


A thunderous explosion sound suddenly rang out from another direction.

The next moment, a Thunder-devouring Whale, which was supposed to be extinct, emerged unexpectedly.

The Thunder-devouring Whale was hundreds of thousands of meters long, its silvery scales emanating dazzling electric light. As it flicked its tail and swam in the chaos, countless thunderbolts that slithered around it condensed into balls.

It had come for the River of Souls.

Like condensations of lightning, its eyes were fixed on Nie Tian’s main soul in the river.

Almost at the same time, an Ice Liger suddenly appeared in the same way the others had.

The Ice Liger, which was as crystalline as an ice sculpture and as gigantic as a mountain, headed for the origin of stars.


Streaks of icy light suddenly shot out of the Ice Liger when it was still a significant distance from the origin of stars.

The flesh auras coming from Nie Tian in the Sea of Life and shooting towards the origin of stars like an upstream waterfall were bombarded by the ice light spat out by the Ice Liger.

Surprisingly, the upstream blood-colored flesh auras were frozen in the void by the frigid ice light.

Cold power even flowed through the flesh auras to Nie Tian’s true form.

Nie Tian, who was in the Sea of Life, had tiny ice crystals appear on his chest that were like thousands of finger-sized Ice Ligers, trying desperately to get into his heart!

“A Thunder-devouring Whale, a Gold Horn Beast, and an Ice Liger!”

Nie Tian’s face darkened as he looked into some invisible zones in the depths of the chaos, and gave himself a casual pat on the chest.

All the finger-sized Ice Ligers were instantly smashed into exploding bits of ice.

“There seem to be some origins that are subservient and loyal to you. Who would have thought?”

The Thunder-devouring Whale, the Golden Horn Beast, and the Ice Liger were all Ancientbeasts. The Blood Father of the Spirit World had created them under the orders of the origin of life in earlier years.

These three unusual beasts lurking in the depths of the chaos reminded Nie Tian of the lightning chains around the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s body, the heart-protecting armor on his chest, and the cold stone at his Adam’s Apple.


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