Chapter 1773: Paragon!

Nie Tian slowly rose from the vast expanse of the blood sea like a dawning sun.

Then, his colossal Life-origin Form floated above the sea’s surface like a magnificent divine mountain standing in a sea of red clouds.


The thick crimson flesh auras under his feet quickly morphed into a gigantic vortex.

The vortex started spinning and devouring the flesh power in the Sea of Life below that had taken eons to condense like a gruesome bloody mouth.

Drop after drop of Blood Essence that looked like blood diamonds could be seen vaporizing and rising from the sea as clusters of blood mist.

The refined flesh power within them rapidly fused into the giant vortex, and then Nie Tian’s body.

At this moment, he had broken free from the origin of life completely.

Like an immortal god, he looked down at the boundless blood sea underneath him.

His face remained expressionless and numb, as if he still had yet to awaken from the great changes that had just happened to his body.

His gaze pierced through many layers of blood mist into the depths of the blood sea.

He locked his eyes on that colossal heart...

“Paragon?” He suddenly muttered softly, a hint of smile slowly appearing at the corner of his mouth.

The smile slowly spread on his numb face like ripples spreading through a quiet lake.

Within moments, the numbing look on his face was wiped out and replaced by a hearty smile!

He let out a wild laugh. “Paragon! So this is how it feels to be a paragon!”

Then, he raised his huge, bridge-like arm to point at the mysterious cluster of fire in the distance. “My flame doppelgänger!”

Immediately afterwards, his flame doppelgänger manifested in the origin of fire!

Raging fire seemed to be flying out of its every single pore as the extremely wondrous flame spell formation that was a downscaled version of the one in the Flame Land floated over its head.

“Blood Essence Infusion!”

Crimson Blood Essence started surging within Nie Tian’s raised arm like boiling lava.

The giant flesh aura vortex under his feet started spinning madly to draw the purest and most refined original life power from the Sea of Life.

Then, the power rushed directly towards his flame doppelgänger through the flesh aura connection between his true form and his doppelgänger.


A long river of flesh aura shot out of his palm into the origin of fire in the blink of an eye.

In the origin of fire, his flame doppelgänger seemed to be nourished by timely rain and divine dew, as every single one of its pore suddenly opened up, allowing even more fire to enter and exit it.


His flame doppelgänger burned furiously, like a piece of iron that was being hammered in raging fire.

At that moment, Nie Tian raised his other hand and pointed at the First Star that was shining brilliantly in the chaos.

It was the origin of stars.

Another long river of flesh aura blasted out of his palm like a roaring blood dragon and rushed towards the star that was emanating icy starlight.

Billions of tiny sparks existed in the heaven and earth inside the star, corresponding to every single realm in the three worlds.

His star doppelgänger was originally trembling slightly due to the suppression of the Sea of Life.

However, at this moment, the eyes of his star doppelgänger burst forth with wondrous light as every single one of its acupoints emanated brilliant starlight, as if to light up every corner of the starry river.

Numerous buds appeared and immediately went into full bloom on the Heavenly Stars Flower that was perfectly compatible with his star domain and helpful when he wanted to communicate with the origin of stars.

Bits of gorgeous starlight dotted every blossom.


A streak of original life power that would help his star doppelgänger transform poured down into it through the top of its head.

It was a gift from his true form!


Eyes icy and brilliant, Nie Tian’s star doppelgänger suddenly reached out its arms, as if to embrace this wondrous heaven and earth.

Then, countless wisps of light that were either bright or dim shot from the billions of glittering sparks in this heaven and earth, and fused into his star domain, his body, and his sea of awareness.

They were the imprints of the origin of stars that carried the most profound mysteries of the starry river!

As the mysterious Heavenly Stars Flower swayed in a graceful manner, it also released wisps of starlight that converged on him and pierced into his star power sub-soul.


He let out a soft exclamation, and instantly realized that this Heavenly Stars Flower, which had gradually upgraded and transformed into a Heavenly Stars Flower, came from the origin of stars.

It had been a Void Spirit!

Originally, the Starspirits had worshiped the mysterious Heavenly Stars Flower.

According to their ancient legends, the birth of their species had a great deal to do with it.

However, as the Starspirits had gone extinct, the Heavenly Stars Flower had also exploded and vanished in the starry river in the Mortal World. No one had ever seen it again.

Even the Qi warriors from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had no idea that the Nine Stars Flowers, which many of them had refined into their star power spiritual cores, were a brand new species that the Heavenly Stars Flower had evolved into in the Mortal World after its destruction.

Nie Tian’s Nine Stars Flower had only reappeared in its ultimate form, as the Heavenly Stars Flower, after having been nourished by a tremendous amount of star power and stimulated by Nie Tian’s wood power essence!

After its rebirth, it had naturally regathered its soul fragments, which were the soul fragments of a Void Spirit.

However, compared to the second-generation Void Spirit of Star, Ji Cang, the Heavenly Stars Flower was considered a failure.

“Void Spirits are the key to entering the chaos and becoming paragons.

“The Heavenly Stars Flower has long since fused with my star domain, taken root in my wood power spiritual core, and become a part of me. No wonder I was able to hear the calls of the First Star in the chaos!

“And this is probably why Ji Cang couldn’t completely suppress the Heavenly Stars Flower even with the help of his Magnetic Star Crystal!

“Don’t tell me that Ji Cang did everything in his power to stop me because he was afraid that I’d enter the chaos with the help of the Heavenly Stars Flower and seek my path to become a paragon through the origin of stars...”

Many mysteries were unraveled at this moment, when he suddenly sensed indignation and fury from Ji Cang, who was all the way in the dark land.

However, he simply ignored it.

“Fire, star, and soul...”

In his Life-origin Form, he slowly ran his gaze over the origin of fire, the origin of stars, and the River of Souls, before his gaze finally landed on the Mountain of Death.

One of his doppelgängers was atop the Mountain of Death.

It was just that that doppelgänger was now wreathed in pale-gray death power, and bereft of any life force.

The faint connection between his true form and that doppelgänger was making him very uncomfortable.


The Mountain of Death seemed to sense his gaze, and hastily flew away, as if it was going to vanish into the depths of the chaos, where it would sever the last-remaining connections between that death power-infused doppelgänger and Nie Tian, and take it as its own.

Nie Tian was taken aback. “You want that soulless doppelgänger of mine? Don’t tell me that you’re hoping to create another species like the Bonedrudes with it.”

An unreadable look appeared in his eyes.

After a moment of silent pondering, he suddenly reached his hand towards the blood-colored vortex below and made a grabbing motion.

Streaks of blood-colored light were then pulled out of the vortex like mud fish.

Each and every one of them contained immense flesh power that originated from the Sea of Life.

“Go!” he let out a soft cry and cast the streaks of blood-colored light into the distance.


In the dark land.

The streaks of blood-colored light suddenly manifested out of nowhere and slithered into the Rampage Behemoth, the black tortoise, the evil gods, and Master Blood Spirit.

As soon as the streaks of blood-colored light fused into them, they started going through changes under everyone’s gazes.


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