Chapter 1766: Threat

After flying into the three origins, Nie Tian’s three doppelgangers quickly acquired the information Wu Ji had told the humans.

The three origins of flames, stars, and souls fed him all that they knew.

When he had received flesh power and legacies from the origin of life earlier, he hadn’t received anything about the relationship between the human race and the other races, or the competition between the various other origins and the origin of life.

This showed that the origin of life in the endless blood sea had deliberately avoided them.

It believed that Nie Tian would never break away from the endless blood sea, and would only rely on it to become a paragon.

After all, it was the strongest of all the origins in the chaos. Also, Nie Tian carried a life bloodline. Wasn’t it reasonable that he would rely on it to break through and advance to a paragon?

Nie Tian’s true form stared at the colossal heart and felt its vibration in the depths of the blood sea. Squinting, the look in his eyes as sharp as swords, he said, “I didn’t expect there to be such a reason. Is it because I’m a human… that you hesitated and chose the Blood Father of the Spirit World to stop the Tree of Life instead of helping me become a paragon immediately?

“To you, the human race is your biggest concern to begin with, right?

“If I were a titan, an Ancientbeast, a dragon, or a Floragrim that bears your life bloodline, instead of a hybrid, you wouldn’t have been so hesitant.

“You’re only treating me as a backup plan.

“If the Blood Father of the Spirit World wins, you won’t need me anymore, and you’ll forcefully stop me from becoming a paragon, right?

In the chaos, his sub-souls received information and knowledge from the three origins, which enabled Nie Tian to learn of the strife among the origins as Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, and the others had.

He also learned that to the Blood Father of the Spirit World, the Tree of Life, and the origin of life, the human race… was the outsider, and the biggest hidden trouble!


The numerous rays of crimson blood light that linked to Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form instantly withdrew and flew back to the colossal heart.

Not a drop of blood floated around him anymore. Even as the heart beat, blood light no longer spurted from it, and no more Blood Essence was condensed.

Because of what Nie Tian had said, the origin of life had broken its connection with his Life-origin Form.

By doing this, it seemed to be telling Nie Tian that it was discontented.

Nie Tian’s lips twitched as he gave a cold smile. “You are discontent with me? Do you think I have no choice other than you? Hehehe, great, that actually works for the best!”


His true form immediately flew upwards, trying to leave the origin of life like his three doppelgangers.

After learning about the truth and the origin of life’s thoughts, he was disheartened, and made up his mind.

He decided to give up on advancing to a paragon through the Sea of Life.

He was also aware that because of his identity as a human hybrid, it was extremely difficult for him to be trusted by the origin of life truly and unconditionally.

He might as well make other arrangements.

However, just as he was about to leave the Sea of Life, the colossal heart started pounding violently in the depths of the blood sea.


The heart started beating at a strange rate that directly affected Nie Tian!


He suddenly felt excruciating pain in his heart, and found that the countless tiny Bloodline Crystal Chains in the green aura in his heart seemed to have instantly morphed into chains that wrapped around him.

He examined himself with his soul, and then saw countless Bloodline Crystal Chains fly out of the green aura, shining brilliantly and bursting forth with restrictive power.

They rapidly wrapped around his naked body and tightened like ferocious, writhing dragons.

His momentum to leave the endless blood sea instantly stopped, and he couldn’t move an inch further!

Then, his body started sinking back toward the colossal heart in the depths of the blood sea little by little...

The origin of life didn’t make any sounds or send out any soul awareness. With the change of its heartbeat alone, it let Nie Tian know everything that it wanted to say — his body, which contained a life bloodline, couldn’t break away from it!

“You won’t let me go?”

Lowering his head, Nie Tian watched his Life-origin Form be slowly dragged back to the colossal heart by his own bloodline. “Because of my human background, you didn’t see me as your first choice and weren’t willing to help me become a paragon quickly. But when I tried to leave, you stopped me through my bloodline...

“Do you want to strip me of my life bloodline? I know you can do that. If I am stripped of my bloodline and my flesh aura, I’ll become a pure human and have nothing to do with you anymore.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

The origin of life didn’t respond.

It only stopped Nie Tian from leaving, letting Nie Tian know that it didn’t agree with his leaving, that he would have to stay in the blood sea and wait for the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life to finish their duel.

It didn’t seem to care whether the other three origins could make his three doppelgangers paragons.

Perhaps it thought that the three origins of souls, stars, and fire didn’t have what it took to make Nie Tian a paragon. Perhaps it thought that even if they were fortunate enough to succeed, he wouldn’t be as strong as it could have made him.

Nie Tian looked down at his violently beating heart and laughed. “I never expected that my bloodline, which has made me stand out and surpass my peers, and has helped me escape death several times, would become the power that eventually imprisons me.”

His laugh grew more and more weird. “I don’t like this!”

The colossal heart emanated a bloody light, which somehow gave it a cold look.

It seemed to be saying: Even if you don’t like it, what can you do about it?

This was its world, where it was the ruler!

It was also the strongest origin in the chaos!

No origin could shake its supremacy in the chaos or the three worlds!


Pulled by its power, drops of blood beads, which were like crimson diamonds, suddenly flew over from the edge of the endless blood sea.

Pei Qiqi’s image emerged in one of them.

She was looking around in confusion inside a crystal. Suddenly, a bitter look appeared on her face before she stared at her acupoints, feeling that the acupoints that Nie Tian had once helped expand with his Blood Essence were about to explode and vanish.

If her acupoints exploded, she would lose her fleshy body and return to being a disembodied Void Spirit.

Nie Tian’s laughter instantly stopped. His face changed, and he looked coldly at the heart. “Are you using her to threaten me? Are you showing me this scene to tell me that the power she used to expand her acupoints came from my bloodline, that is, from you? Do you want to tell me you’re able to destroy her body with life power in the chaos?

“And she will die if I refuse to obey you?”

The Sea of Life responded with vibrations: Yes.


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