Chapter 1764: From The Ancient Times To The Current Era

In the dark land.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life, who were old enemies, were having a fierce conflict both in the sky and in the depths of the earth with their boundless flesh auras.

The sky was filled with bright energies that fell like rain.

Wu Ji, who had mastered the mysteries of time, withdrew all his time power and observed the distant battle between the two experts in a quiet, indifferent manner.

Dong Li, the black tortoise, the Rampage Behemoth, Yin Xingtian, Mo Heng and the others quietly gathered around him.

Most of the humans and those people who were close to Nie Tian chose to do what Wu Ji did.

In another area, Zhao Shanling had also canceled his Ancient Arch-devil form.

Gathered around him, the experts of all the races in the Void World were all waiting in solemn silence as well.

Even the Netherspirits had chosen to believe him and obey his orders after learning of his identity as “Grand Monarch Lurking Devil.”

As for Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who was also known as Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, he had been cast aside by the Netherspirits.

That was because he had killed his clansmen before trying to rush into the chaos and become a paragon with the River of Souls’ help.

In the distance, under the grey sky, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s roar was still loud and harsh. “Nie Tian! Damn you!”

Everyone could see a ball of deep cyan blue light, which contained many ferocious souls and evil spirits, flying around, roaring and taking the opportunity to engulf the fragmentary souls of the experts of different races that the Blood Father of the Spirit World had wiped out.

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit was still doing his best to gather soul power.

However, in everyone’s eyes, as a person who had lost the favor of the River of Souls and had been expelled from the chaos halfway, he would never have a hope to take that step forward.

His way to become a paragon had most likely ended.

Nie Jin flew over, stopped in front of Wu Ji, bowed slightly and said in a very sincere voice, “Senior... Thanks for taking care of Little Tian for us for so many years. If you hadn’t introduced him to the Cloudsoaring Sect, he wouldn’t be what he is today.”

Many Qi warriors of the crooked forces and outsider experts who were from the Spirit World and the Mortal World followed Nie Jin.

“It was fate that I met him in the Cloudsoaring Sect,” Wu Ji said with a calm expression as time seemed to flow in the depths of his eyes. “I even think it’s because of him that I was in the Realm of Flame Heaven in the Domain of the Falling Stars.”

“Anyway, thank you very much,” Nie Jin said softly.

Had it not been for Wu Ji, who had asked for Nie Tian to be admitted into the Cloudsoaring Sect and methodically embarked on his cultivation career, she and Qin Yao would not have been able to focus on the reforms in the Doomed Star Sea.

During that time, the Doomed Star Sea had had various inner conflicts, and had always been in conflict with the three outsider races of the Void World.

The clansmen of the three outsider races had even directly invaded the Doomed Star Sea at that time.

Before his bloodline had awakened, Nie Tian’s cultivation base had been so weak that he hadn't been strong enough to establish himself in the Doomed Star Sea.

They had also felt that Nie Tian would be safer in the Mortal World than in the Doomed Star Sea.

Later on, when Nie Tian’s bloodline had awakened and he had advanced rapidly in cultivation, they had found to their surprise that he had developed very deep connections with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Five Elements Sect, and the Void Spirit Society.

Nie Tian had not only been able to take care of himself, but he had even grown stronger by leaps and bounds.

This had made them think that if they had reunited with Nie Tian at that time, they would have had a negative effect on his fame, as they were leaders of the crooked forces in the Doomed Star Sea.

Therefore, they had repressed their desire to see him until now, after Nie Tian had become a God domain expert.

Nie Jin sincerely consulted him. “Senior, what should we… do next? You’re so strong that you can see into the ancient times as well as the current era. I hope you can guide us.”

Not only her, but the human survivors like Yin Xingtian and Mo Heng also fixed their eyes on him.

Wu Ji, who had imprisoned the Tree of Life with the power of time and space through joining hands with Zhao Shanling, was obviously a mainstay in everyone’s eyes.

From the images manifested in the River of Time, they had also learned about the feud between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life, and the secret of the human race’s birth.

Besides, Wu Ji’s mysterious aura made everyone present feel that he had remarkable battle prowess.

A variety of factors made Dong Li, Nie Jin, and the other human survivors stand by him and attach importance to his opinion.

“Nie Tian is trying to become a paragon in the chaos,” Wu Ji spoke. “Plus, his true form and three doppelgangers are all trying to transcend at the same time. This is unprecedented in the history of the chaos. I’m not sure if he’ll succeed. It’s unpredictable.

“So there’s nothing we can do but wait.

“Besides...” he hesitated, and then said, “we can just stand by as the Blood Father of the Spirit World fights the third generation of the Tree of Life. The winner will most likely be our enemy, no matter who it is.”

Dong Li was taken aback. “What?”

“Will the Blood Father of the Spirit World be our enemy if he wins?” Yin Xingtian asked in surprise. “Isn’t he the creator of humanity? When he charged at the Tree of Life, he only killed the outsiders of the Void World he came across along the way. We and the Ancientspirits of the Spirit World weren’t his targets.”

The survivors of the four great ancient sects also looked quizzically at Wu Ji with slight frowns of doubt.

Most doubtful of all was Fan Tianze of the Heaven Span Pavilion.

“He is our creator. According to Ji Cang, our lives are tied to him!” he said with a grim look in his eyes. “If he died, what good would it do us? If he died, wouldn’t it hurt us? Besides...”

After a short pause, added in a raised voice, “You’re an expert in time power, and Zhao Shanling is proficient in spatial power. Zhao Shanling is Grand Monarch Lurking Devil of the Devils of the Void World. He can be reincarnated with his soul from generation to generation. If he can do that, it’s possible that you’re not a human either!”

Hearing this, many people of the four great ancient sects were puzzled.

They all suspected that Wu Ji was also an outsider of the Void World, and that he had taken on human form through a reincarnation spell, and had evil intentions towards them.

“Ji Cang, er, no,” Wu Ji said. “The Void Spirit that has taken Ji Cang’s form has planned this for years. What he wants is for all the experts of the three worlds to die. We can’t trust what he says completely. The human race doesn’t rely on bloodlines. Even though the Blood Father of the Spirit World created the human race, he can’t control or influence our rise and decline, or our death.

“He only hasn’t targeted you because you have no flesh aura, so you aren’t helpful in his fight.”


As he spoke, he casually waved his hand.

Inspired by his time power, countless grains of quicksand rapidly gathered into a picture in the River of Time.

In that picture, everyone could see “Ji Cang” secretly communicating and meticulously planning with Grand Monarch Heaven Devil after crossing the Doomed Star Sea.

They could also see “Ji Cang” go into the dark land in advance, sneak up on, and kill Qu Yi.

They also saw the joy on Ji Cang’s face as he looked up from time to time in the dark land when the experts of various races of the three worlds were reduced to blood rain in the gorgeous passage of the Realm of Shadow Devil.

“These are things that have actually happened,” Wu Ji said. “As a matter of fact, what that Ji Cang wants agrees with what the Tree of Life wants now.

“They both want every God domain expert and every grand monarch of every race to die.”

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