Chapter 1760: The Blood Father Returns

The Blood Father of the Spirit World finally vanished from his senses.

As he continued to be transfused with knowledge and power from the origin of life, he could perceive even the slightest changes in the Sea of Life.

Therefore, he was convinced that the Blood Father of the Spirit World had charged out of the Sea of Life.

Also, before he did, his life bloodline had been reforged, and his majestic body had been infused with immense flesh power.

He had even regained some of his awareness.

It seemed to him that the Blood Father of the Spirit World had become very powerful.


His face grew grim as he looked down, and watched countless rays of blood-colored light fusing into him from the Bloodline Crystal Chains of the colossal heart.

He had a feeling that even though the Blood Father of the Spirit World had regained part of his strength, he was still no match for the Tree of Life.

He also knew that the ‘seal of time and space’ created by the joint efforts of his master, Wu Ji, and the Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into wouldn’t be able to keep the Tree of Life contained for long.

That was because the profound knowledge and mysteries of life he continued to receive made him gradually realize how unprecedentedly mighty the Tree of Life had become!

He also learned that the Tree of Life had made secret arrangements many millennia ago to ensure that the dark land would be the place where it fought a great battle against experts of all species.

One could even say that everything about the dark land had close connections to the Tree of Life.


All of a sudden, crisp bone-cracking sounds came from different parts of his body.

Stimulated by the boundless life power, his Life-origin Form had started growing again!

“This transformation must have been triggered by the changes to my heart!”

He instantly realized that because the origin of life had been using its power to refine his heart further, his heart could hold more essence of life power now, which allowed his body and bloodline to advance towards a brand new level: the paragon level!


Billions of rays of crimson light shot madly out of the pores all over his body to devour the drops of Blood Essence floating in his surroundings like vicious dragons and greedy serpents.

Drop after drop of Blood Essence was rapidly converted into pure flesh power and transfused to his internal organs, bones, and muscles as wisps of blood-colored light.

His Life-origin Form continued expanding.

His pupils shone with scary blood-colored light. Observed from afar, they looked like two scarlet suns.

“Almost there... This body of mine already contains more power than that of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and the Ripper Behemoth. It won’t be long before it becomes as strong as that of the Rampage Behemoth!” Nie Tian roared inwardly as seemingly endless flesh power poured madly into his body.

“But this is still not enough! I need more!” He conveyed his will to the origin of life. “If I want to fight the Tree of Life and stop it from replacing you, I’ll need more power!”

Even though his soul awareness stirred up huge waves, the look in his eyes remained surprisingly calm.

Quiet and calm, he fixed his gaze on the colossal crimson heart that was the origin of life.

He sensed a hint of hesitation from it...

The look in his eyes suddenly changed, and his face dropped. “You’re reluctant to give me the power I need? You’re hesitating?”

His surging soul fluctuations rapidly quieted down. “I know the flesh power you’ve gathered isn’t as boundless as it seems to be. However, since you helped him reforge his shattered life bloodline and restore power to his body, you should do the same for me.

“Do you think he’s your hope to defeat the Tree of Life? Do you think he can do it alone?

“I have a feeling in my guts...”

With these words, he suddenly stopped conveying his soul will to the origin of life.

He was absorbed in thought again.

Soon, he sensed that there wasn't a single drop of blood around him that could be taken into his Life-origin Form anymore.

The rays of blood-colored light he had released with Life Drain couldn’t extend very far into his surroundings.

No more fresh blood was condensed around him or pulled into his surroundings by the thumping origin of life.

This meant that he had come to a temporary stop on his way to becoming a paragon...

However, his expression didn’t change in the slightest, calm as always.

He only fixed the colossal heart with a deep, thoughtful gaze, without saying another word or making another demand through soul communication.

He seemed to be waiting for something.


In the dark land.

In scarlet light that looked like waterfalls of blood, the vanished Blood Father of the Spirit World reappeared in heaven and earth!

The moment his enormous form manifested, Wu Ji and Zhao Shanling, who was in his Ancient Arch-devil form, exchanged a glance, complicated expressions appearing on their faces.

Zhao Shanling remembered a saying: Only paragons can leave the chaos.

Wu Ji sighed inwardly, with exhaustion written across his face. “You shouldn’t have returned at this point. Your timing couldn’t have been worse. Do you think you can defeat it without our seal of time and space?”


A blood-colored hurricane seemed to form in the flesh aura sea the Blood Father of the Spirit World activated around him, before spreading into his surroundings, sweeping heaven and earth like a vast sea of blood.

As soon as that happened, a crisp snap echoed in Zhao Shanling and Wu Ji’s minds simultaneously.

The two of them instantly realized that the seal of time and space they had created together was broken.

The power that had blasted through the endless barriers between the chaos and the three worlds contained the most primal force from the chaos, which allowed it to shatter even the seal of time and space.

“This isn’t good.” Zhao Shanling said, looking frustrated. “I thought we could trap it a bit longer and buy Nie Tian more time while he seeks his way to become a paragon. Why would you be so eager to return? Is it because you haven’t regained your awareness and you’re acting instinctively? Will you regret your rash behavior after you regain your awareness fully?”

The moment the seal of time and space that had been created by Wu Ji and Zhao Shanling’s joint efforts was broken, the experts of various species in the dark land burst into a great clamor.

“What the...?!”

“What happened?”

“Why couldn’t I perceive or sense anything just now?”

“How come he’s back all of sudden?!”

Wu Ji and Zhao Shanling, however, had pasty looks on their faces. Both of them had lost a tremendous amount of power due to their spell being broken by the untimely return of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Fissures even appeared in Zhao Shanling’s Void Mirror.

After he looked at it, his expression grew even grimmer.

However, everyone noticed a hint of spirit and vigor in the originally glazed, hollow eyes of the Blood Father of the Spirit World upon his return to the dark land.

Then, under everyone’s watch, his face split into a strange grin.

It was a grin that was full of brutality and cruelty.


Streaks of blood-colored light poured out of his abdomen like magnificent waterfalls.

In the blink of an eye, they pierced through the Devils, Seaspirits, and experts of other races in his surroundings, and drained their exuberant flesh power.


He, who had filled almost the entire space between heaven and earth after standing straight, suddenly lunged forward and rammed towards the Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into.

Zhao Shanling’s expression flickered as he hastily cast a spatial magic to vanish into thin air.

Then, by following his fighting instincts, the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who hadn’t fully regained his awareness yet, stepped towards the colossal Tree of Life.

However, he didn’t forget his bloodline talents.

He relentlessly attacked any being he came across or perceived along the way.

Many beings that didn’t share bloodline connections to him, such as Devils, Netherspirits, and Seaspirits, were brutally attacked.


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