Chapter 1751: The Hardest Way To Become A Paragon!

From nonexistence to existence, from first to tenth!

Relying on the boundless flesh power, the giant being of the human race advanced so quickly after his bloodline was recondensed that it seemed inconceivable.

Nie Tian had just seen the heart. Before he could comprehend its mysteries, he had found that the giant being was regaining strength at an astonishing speed.

He looked back in horror, and couldn’t help but think in his mind: Can the giant being regather his soul?

If he was a mere fleshly body without intelligence and awareness, Nie Tian wouldn’t need to be afraid of him even if his regained bloodline advanced to or even beyond the tenth grade.

However, if the giant being could get his soul back… then he would definitely be able to return to his peak with the help of the heart, which was the origin of life!

He was originally a paragon, while the Tree of Life, which was a rare miracle in the three worlds, also wanted to recover its strength as a paragon. Then, which of the three of them would be able to win the fortunes of the Blood Realm of Life?


At this moment, another Bloodline Crystal Chain in his flesh aura exploded and perished.

He instantly exclaimed. “Fear!”

The evil god of fear, who was one of the five evil gods, was dead. The attacks from the Tree of Life had erased his soul and reduced his fleshly body to ashes.

Nie Tian keenly sensed that as the giant being grew in the Sea of Life, the third generation of the Tree of Life was feeling an intense sense of crisis.

The Tree of Life wasn’t so scared of him. It hadn’t been anxious because he had entered the Blood Realm of Life.

Now, however, the third generation of the Tree of Life obviously sensed it as the giant being started crazily absorbing flesh power in the endless blood sea to improve his bloodline.

He felt that the Tree of Life had suddenly become anxious.

Dong Li was still out there in the dark land with Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and all the others.

The power of the Tree of Life was improving tremendously with every passing moment, as it wanted to regain its strength to its peak through the endless blood sea.

Who could stop a Tree of Life like that?

How many more experts… would have to die?


Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form once again morphed into a ball of crimson blood light that rushed towards the gigantic heart, the so-called origin of life.


Suddenly, hundreds of millions of crimson Bloodline Crystal Chains surged from the heart.

They were like ferocious pythons and huge dragons that were carved out of blood crystals. Almost in a flash, they twined around his gigantic fleshly body, before they suddenly dispersed and morphed into countless tiny rays of blood light that penetrated into his flesh and miraculously connected to his meridians.

His expression flickered with astonishment. “Hmm?!”

At this moment, he sensed that flesh power that contained the mysteries of the origin of life and the most essential secrets of life was pouring into him from the gigantic heart like torrents of blood!

All of a sudden, numerous sparks of crimson light emerged in his heart like bright red stars, before they morphed into the most miraculous unusual flesh power and merged into the heart’s blood vessels and walls. They were remaking his heart in a bid to drive him to become a paragon. “My heart is being tempered again!”

He quickly concentrated, got rid of any distracting thoughts, focused on his heart, and started actively helping with the tempering of his heart.

The sparks of crimson light were imprinted with the ultimate mysteries of life, the secrets of the creation of species, and the wonders of all living beings’ origins.

This made him realize that he was on his way to being a paragon!

In the process, however, his true soul, flame power sub-soul, and star power sub-soul seemed to hear cries coming from other sources.

As he decided to break through to be a paragon through his life bloodline, the River of Souls, the origin of the Divine Flame, and the origin of stars seemed to call out to him simultaneously.

The three origins, the River of Souls, and the bright stars seemed to be trying hard to sway him.

It was as if as long as he broke from this endless blood sea and casually walked into the River of Souls or the bright stars, he would be able to advance to become a paragon with their help.

However, he had already made his choice.


In a corner of the dark land.

Thousands of floating ghosts gathered one by one before they morphed into Grand Monarch Nether Spirit.

At the moment, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s aura was every bit as strong as that of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils.

This was because of the numerous Netherspirit souls he had reaped and absorbed.

A touch of surprise suddenly appeared in the depths of his deep cyan eyes, “Hmm?! I can’t believe that Nie Tian has forsaken the River of Souls’ call and chosen to fight the Tree of Life and that giant being for the recognition from the origin of life. To become a paragon through his bloodline? That’s the hardest!”

However, a smile appeared on his face the next moment.

Nie Tian, who had obtained recognition from the Spirit Scepter and the Nether River and had comprehended and refined Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul magics, had been originally regarded as his strongest enemy, and a man who would vie with him for recognition from the River of Souls and the chance of becoming a paragon.

Seeing that Nie Tian had ignored the River of Souls’ call, answered the gigantic heart in the depths of the endless blood sea, and prepared to become a paragon with the Sea of Life’s help, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit suddenly got excited.

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s last remaining soul imprints had been erased by Nie Tian, who had chosen not respond to the River of Souls’ call. If...

If the River of Souls had to choose someone, who but Grand Monarch Nether Spirit could be its choice?

If he wanted to become a paragon like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, wouldn’t he have no opponent?

“So it seems that Nie Tian is no longer my enemy,” Grand Monarch Nether Spirit murmured, staring at a green branch stretching in midair. “If Nie Tian wants to take the roughest path, I don’t mind giving him a hand when I can.”

As he spoke, he reached out and pointed at the giant green branch in the air.

Beams of bright cyan light mixed with dark cold nether power and soul power shot into the branch.


The thick, strangely long branch instantly snapped.

His power seemed to reach even the Tree of Life’s main body, which made the Tree of Life that was being attacked by so many experts sense danger, and shake its branches and leaves violently.

In an instant, a large number of members of various races who were attacking the Tree of Life noticed leaves flying out of the enormous Tree of Life.

The falling leaves were all wreathed in bright cyan Nether Qi. Before they could fall to the ground, they were reduced to flying ashes.

Judging from the Nether Qi alone, many smart people guessed that Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who had been hiding in the dark, had launched a sudden attack against the Tree of Life.

Then, the bright vast sea of stars in the sky of the dark land suddenly split in two.

No one knew if this was because Ji Cang and Qin Yao had fought it out or because of some other reason, but they had actually stopped fighting.

In a sea of stars, the Magnetic Star Crystal and Ji Cang’s spiritual cores gathered stars and morphed into Ji Cang’s form. He went blank for a moment before saying, “Nie Tian has ignored its call and chosen to vie with the Tree of Life and that other one?

“If this is the case, then you and I...”

He looked at Qin Yao, who also withdrew his divine dharma idol and manifested in his true form.

Qin Yao was silent for a moment before he spoke with a complicated expression. “I won’t fight you for it. I thought he would choose the stars, so I was going to stop you at all costs. But now, he’s taking the hardest road.”

Ji Cang’s eyes brightened gradually. “If so...”


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