Chapter 1745: Path to Becoming A Paragon

The Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into and the third-generation Tree of Life engaged in a fierce battle in the dark land.

At the same time, Nie Tian somehow felt changes in the endless blood sea, the origin of his life bloodline.

He had a feeling that new drops of blood were being condensed and added to this endless blood sea he was in, enriching the flesh auras in this wondrous sea that represented the origin of all lives.

Subtle changes even happened to the magnetic field of life in the depths of the sea.

“A battle has broken out between Zhao Shanling and the third-generation Tree of Life,” Pei Qiqi exclaimed softly. “Zhao Shanling is actually Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, the Ancient Arch-devil of the Devils. He was born almost around the same time as the Void World came into existence. His uniqueness allowed him to live many lives in the bodies of various species across the three worlds.”

Pei Qiqi seemed to have become a different person now that her lost memories had been awakened.

“Void Spirits, Spirits of Chaos...” At this point, Nie Tian was still trying to digest the information she had dropped on him earlier. As soon as he heard her words, his eyes lit up once again. “What?! Zhao Shanling is the Grand Monarch Lurking Devil who, according to Ji Cang, is a great threat to humanity?”

Simply too many aspects of his recognition of this universe were being overturned.

“Why would he fight the Tree of Life?” he asked with a frown.

“Perhaps instead of it, he prefers that you become a paragon.” With these words, she looked around at the sparkling, crystal-clear drops of blood that made the endless blood sea, and added, “Come on. It’s about time you went and saw what the so-called origin of life really is.”

Before Nie Tian could say anything, she grabbed his hand with her jade-like, slightly chilly, thin hand.

Nie Tian went blank the moment their hands were tightly bound together.

He hadn’t canceled his Life-origin Form yet. If he had been in a regular realm, he would have been comparable to a lofty mountain peak.

However, Pei Qiqi was standing shoulder to shoulder with him at this moment.

This made him realize that this Pei Qiqi in front of him might be different from the senior martial sister Pei he knew.

“I can give you a ride,” Pei Qiqi said, looking casual and calm. “Because you helped me expand my acupoints and purge the impurities from my fleshly body with your Blood Essence, I can move around in this blood sea now. However, the surging origin of life in the depths of this blood sea will never acknowledge me. And I can never reach it.”


A mysterious connection suddenly formed between Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form and the part of her flesh aura that had been nurtured by Nie Tian’s life force-infused Blood Essence.

Nie Tian looked down, and discovered that numerous wisps of her flesh aura that were finer than hairs seemed to quickly tangle together with the flesh aura he exuded naturally.

Immediately afterwards, the two of them started flying in the blood sea like one brilliant streak of light.

Countless glorious beams of crimson light kept shooting from the depths of the blood sea.

Some of them, which recorded certain wonders, hit Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form.

However, he had a different feeling from before, when he had roamed this blood sea as a soul shadow.

Ages ago, he had come here and derived secret life magics in soul form.

When those beams of light had hit him, they passed through him and left secret magics in him in the form of soul imprints and runes.

Those beams of light had continued to shoot forward like bolts of lightning.

This time, however, as he had arrived here in true form, the beams of crimson light vanished upon hitting him.

Immediately afterwards, brand new Bloodline Crystal Chains were generated in the bloodline aura in his heart.

Not just that, but subtle changes happened to his Life-origin Form as well, before he realized it.

His meridians, bones, muscles, and even the positions of his internal organs all experienced minor changes.

These changes made this body of his even more fit for battle, and the releasing of his bloodline talents and secret magics...

This made him realize that the incoming beams of light were tempering him and trying to fix the last remaining flaws in his body within a short time.

As this happened, not a single beam of light hit Pei Qiqi.

Most of the beams of light that missed him recorded wonders or secret magics that he had already mastered.

All of these beams of light coming from the magnetic field where the origin of life lay seemed to have their own awareness.

Nie Tian couldn’t tell whether a long time had passed, or it had only been a moment, when Pei Qiqi came to an abrupt stop.

He stopped as well with a glazed look in his eyes. Crimson sparks that were the size of grains of rice could be seen bursting in a gorgeous fashion in the depths of his eyes, as if numerous profound truths and wonders of life were being sorted and realigned.

At the same time, crackling sounds came from within his Life-origin Form, as if the power of those beams of light was still fixing his fleshly body from within with great perseverance.

“This is it,” Pei Qiqi said softly. “I can only get you this far. I can’t even move an inch forward. Of the myriad beings in the three worlds, you and the Tree of Life are the only ones that can go further from here. But right now, I suppose it’s being held off by Zhao Shanling and the others in the dark land.

“So you’re in the lead on this path to becoming a paragon.”

With these words, she gazed off behind her, her charming eyes gradually lighting up. “My path doesn’t lie here. Now that you’ve found your path, it’s about time I left and looked for mine.”


Countless brilliant sparks seemed to suddenly explode in the depths of his sea of awareness.

A violent soul storm seemed to instantly overtake his true soul and nine sub-souls, causing them to start rotating madly like ten giant whirlpools.

Brand new imprints were born and stimulated in the newly-generated Bloodline Crystal Chains in his heart.

The stimulated imprints flew from his heart into his sea of awareness like a rain of knowledge, and fused into his true soul. Then, his true soul and sub-souls worked together to channel them and derive the knowledge that was branded in his mind, as a permanent part of his memories.

“Nie Tian!” Pei Qiqi suddenly let out an exclamation. “You have to hurry now! I have a feeling that the immense life power in this endless blood sea is being drawn away!”

“Since you’re here, it must be the third-generation Tree of Life that’s channeling essence from this Blood Realm.

“The pressure it’s receiving from the Ancient Arch-devil must have helped awaken its bloodline talents. It once stood atop the three worlds. If it has regained the ability to channel power from this Blood Realm, it’ll be able to return to its peak within a short time. Both of us have seen how grand and formidable its withered first-generation is. We can imagine how much power it can wield.

“You have to become a paragon if you want to contend against it!”

Pei Qiqi’s words turned into cries.

“It transcended and became a paragon in its first generation,” Nie Tian said. “What it’s after must be more than that. I suppose it’s hoping to absorb this entire blood sea!”

Only after sorting through the knowledge and information the beams of crimson light had left in him did he come to a shocking realization.

All of these pieces of knowledge and information were gifts from the magnetic field of life in the depths of this endless blood sea, or the origin of life.

However, even the origin of life was being extra careful as it passed memories, knowledge, and information on to him.

It was being careful because it didn’t want the Tree of Life to find out!

It was hard to believe that even the origin of his and the Tree of Life’s bloodline had strong apprehension towards the Tree of Life!


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