Chapter 1734: Bones Melting

Yin Xingtian stood there, motionless.

Before, he had been motionless because he had been torn by dilemmas after hearing Ji Cang’s words. After all, he was a human.

Now, he stood there, motionless, because the surging of Nie Tian’s power was simply astounding.

He didn’t know what had happened to Nie Tian.

All he knew was that even he, who didn’t have a single wisp of bloodline power, had a feeling that Nie Tian had become a boundless sea of blood and flesh power.

His aura had already risen above that of the top three grand monarchs of the Void World!

Changes seemed to have happened in an instant.

By the time the three mighty grand monarchs had arrived before Nie Tian, he had already become incredibly powerful. Even the strength of the five evil gods, Pei Qiqi, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the black tortoise seemed to have climbed to whole new levels.

“What the hell happened?” He found this baffling.


In the endless blood sea, which was also known as the Sea of Life.

Any beings that entered it with wisps of their soul essence like Nie Tian and the Tree of Life would be able to sense that the endless flesh aura within this Blood Realm had somehow become even more immense.

It was as if all of the experts from the three worlds that had perished earlier, all those blood mists, had been refined and fused into it.

The Sea of Life was slowly expanding as the flesh aura it had accumulated was condensed into drops of crimson essence of blood.

In another place in this mysterious dimension, that immeasurably lofty Mountain of Death seemed to be shrinking bit by bit.


In the dark land.


The remaining dry bones came together to form a down-sized bone throne.

Spatial power suddenly emerged within it, as if a gate connecting to the Bonedrude’s Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones was suddenly opened.

Numerous cracks could be seen on Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s giant form, which was made of jade-like bones now, which made him look like an exquisite porcelain ware that had been broken and glued back together.

It was hard to describe the strange feeling he gave others now.

After a brief soul communication with Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, he attempted to fly into the bone throne.

However, at that moment, Pei Qiqi, who had remained silent for a long while, suddenly cast the Space Boundaries Crystal out. In the blink of an eye, it shot into the bone throne like a streak of icy, mysterious light, causing the spatial power within the bone throne to go through peculiar changes.

Crimson sparks emerged in the depths of Nie Tian’s eyes before they soon filled his pupils.

He suddenly jerked his head towards the bone throne, and a mumble no one could make out came from his throat.


Streams of life power essence that contained the most mysterious life power erupted from his chest, and fused directly into the bone throne. From there, they poured into another part of the starry river.


In the Bonedrude’s Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.

A heavenly gate seemed to open above the vast expanse of forbidden land, before streams of intense life power started flooding in.

The exceedingly vast forbidden land that had been built by many generations of Bonedrudes seemed like a frozen heaven and earth being suddenly shone upon by countless suns.

Numerous white currents of rich death Qi melted like snow.

Billions of corpses of a wide variety of species from across the three worlds were gathered here, releasing death auras with every passing moment.

Now, however, a large number of them vaporized upon contact with the torrential life power.

It was as if they had gone through millions of years in a split second, and became bereft of any power, whether it be death or any other kind.

If one could look down at the entirety of this Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones now, they would be able to see torrents of life power ravaging it like evil dragons that were thousands of kilometers long.

Wherever the torrents of life power flew, corpses vaporized, and rich death power dissipated.

After all, unlike the Dark Abyss, the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones hadn’t formed naturally.

This forbidden land that had taken the Bonedrudes endless time and energy to build was gradually vanishing like a gigantic block of melting ice.

Every Bonedrude, even those who were far away in the Spirit World and the Mortal World, felt uneasy and weak for some reason.

They didn’t know what was causing this, but they were convinced that something terrible was about to happen, or was already ongoing.

Like Grand Monarch Bone Piercer in the dark land, they all felt deeply fearful and powerless.

“Don’t tell me that from this day forward, Bonedrudes and Bonebrutes are going to decline or even... move towards extinction?” 

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s giant bone form, which was covered in deep cracks, was no longer translucent like jade. Instead, all of his bones had become lifeless, pale-gray, and bereft of any luster, like the countless skeletons and bones it had refined.

He had a feeling that even the source of his bloodline was growing weak.

This concerned all Bonedrudes and Bonebrutes.

“No... It shouldn’t be like this...” As he muttered these words, completely overwhelmed by what was happening, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone was suddenly shoved into his chest.

Numerous profound truths of life poured into his heart of death through the bone.

His heart instantly burst into flames. The raging, dark red flames incinerated his heart before he could even put up any resistance.

Just like this, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, one of the mightiest grand monarchs in the Void World, perished before he could even see what the so-called Dark Abyss really was.

A bolt of lightning shot from the distance and morphed into Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil. Eyes widened, he watched the Bonedrude high chieftain’s gigantic bone form fall apart, giving rise to cracking sounds. “Nie Tian! You...”


Feng Beiluo also flew over, and then stared at the crumbling Grand Monarch Bone Piercer with his mouth open.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s heart was still burning.

However, all of the Bloodline Crystal Chains within it had already snapped and perished.

Meanwhile, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils was still stranded in a cyan misty heaven and earth the evil gods had created with the help of their signature tools and the Spirit Scepter. The look in his eyes was darker and more gruesome than ever, yet he just couldn’t break free.

Pei Qiqi was holding the Void Mirror towards Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who had taken the name Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, while utter darkness was spreading like weeds from under his feet.

The black tortoise had become considerably larger than before. Dark flesh aura exuded from its shell, condensed into a black storm, and joined Dong Li and Pei Qiqi in their battle with Grand Monarch Nether Spirit.

Only Yin Xingtian, the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, stood there with nothing to do other than glance around.

In farther locations, some grand monarchs from the Void World seemed to be attacked by some unknown force, and started fleeing in fear.

Some were wailing in agony and crying for help.

Attacking them were the Void Spirit’s projections. Without the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal, they couldn’t see or touch them. Therefore, they could only flee under their attacks.

The current situation was so strange that Feng Beiluo and Yuan Jiuchuan didn’t even believe their own eyes.


A bolt of crimson light suddenly struck down from the sky, and stopped among Yin Xingtian, Feng Beiluo, and the Thunder Devil.

It was Master Blood Spirit, who’s battle prowess had also soared through the ceiling because of Nie Tian’s stimulation of his life bloodline!

His blood aura was so vigorous and rich that it was as if numerous blood cisterns were boiling inside of him!

“You’re human. I know that. I’m a human too. But if you dare to make a move against Nie Tian, then I’ll kill you without blinking!” He said with a frantically fierce look in his eyes.


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