Chapter 1731: Reverse!

Everyone was greatly shocked!

The strongest cultivator of the human race had long been possessed and stopped being himself?

Who on earth… or what on earth had possessed him?

At this time, the Divine Flame that had been floating motionlessly by Nie Tian’s side suddenly sent him a clear message. “He’s the same as me, but at the same time, different.”

Nie Tian was puzzled. “He?”

“That,” the Divine Flame showed him with its soul. What it was referring to was obviously… Ji Cang!

“I felt a strange sense of familiarity with him, but I wasn’t sure until now,” the Divine Flame explained, as if its wisdom was evolving and advancing. “Something has merged with his soul, so it isn’t pure anymore. But essentially, he, those Void Spirits, and I are the same, as we all come from the same place.”

Finally, Nie Tian couldn’t help but shout in shock, “Void Spirit!”

Yin Xingtian, Pei Qiqi and Dong Li all stared at him blankly.

“Ji Cang has been possessed by a Void Spirit!” Nie Tian cried out. “That’s the Divine Flame’s judgment! No matter how he changes, he’s essentially a Void Spirit now! No wonder, no wonder he dared to wander about in the dark land even when he was weak and without his Magnetic Star Crystal.

“No wonder those Void Spirits attacked you instead of him.

“I’ve got the Divine Flame’s aura in me, so many weak devil plants and spirit plants avoided me. However, just like how they avoided me, they instinctively kept away from him as well.

“All of this is because he’s essentially a Void Spirit!”

Standing in the sky with stars shining around him, Qin Yao said coldly, as if to confirm Nie Tian’s statement, “By chance, Ji Cang found you, a Void Spirit that secretly contained a star attribute! A seed… that could help him become a paragon! He felt as if he had found a treasure. He was so happy, and he told me about it.

“At the time, he and I were close friends, and he supported what I did.

“But after taking you to various domains to nourish you and help you transform, he failed to refine you and make you a part of him at the last step.

“Instead, you ended up controlling his body! You possessed him and acquired all his memories. Your soul has taken his place as the master of his body.

“You were originally a Void Spirit fitting into the great Dao of stars, so you were able to master the Fragmentary Star Incantation, the wonders of his God domain, and the many secret magics of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace after you saw them. You even surpassed Ji Cang and all the ancestors and founders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!

“It was hard for Ji Cang to obtain priceless weapons like the Magnetic Star Crystal, but for you, it wasn’t hard at all.

“You are a Spirit of Heaven and Earth, an unusual existence that was magically born when this starry river came into existence. You can acquire most of the priceless star treasures we know of.

“Then, you possessed Ji Cang, which is why he became so different. You must have killed Chu Rui, who fell in here before, and absorbed his power into your god domain. But before him, many who cultivated the Fragmentary Star Incantation must have died at your hands already.

“I suppose Luo Wanxiang also defected to collude with the Phantasms and secretly contact the Netherspirits because he had sensed you were plotting against him and wanted to kill him to achieve your goal.

“Poor Chu Rui had been regarding you to be the previous Ji Cang and trusted you completely, which finally led to his death!

“How dare you, a Void Spirit that wanders in the three worlds in my clansman’s body, scold me?”

Qin Yao snorted coldly and charged into the sky.

They didn’t quarrel anymore. Instead, the sea of stars that Ji Cang displayed and Qin Yao’s splendid star domain suddenly crashed in the sky.

Everyone looked up, and instantly saw billions of stars hanging high in the sky.

The whole sky of the dark land seemed to become a vast sea of bright, shining diamonds.

Numerous stars shot through the sky, crashing and bursting forth with extremely sharp and terrifying starlight that either plummeted into the dark land or sputtered out of this mysterious place.

Both Ji Cang and Qin Yao seemed to have morphed into countless stars and streaks of starlight.

Their incantations, power, and the Dao that they had comprehended were of the same origin, but weren’t quite the same.

What Ji Cang displayed were pure star incantations. He had blended the various wonders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s secret incantations with even more profound truths of the stars.

The star power that Qin Yao used was very complicated and all-embracing. With starlight, he displayed various mysteries like the changes of stars, the alternations of the sun and the moon, and the cycle of the seasons with starlight.

No one could see their true form, as everyone could only see the meeting of countless rays of starlight, the collisions of stars, and countless other wondrous scenes.

Their battle was even more magnificent, mighty, and remarkable than that between the third generation of Tree of Life and the colossal being!

The humans were puzzled again.

“A Void Spirit?!”

“I can’t believe that Ji Cang has been possessed by a Void Spirit fitting into the profound truths of the stars!”

“Instead of refining the Void Spirit, he was possessed by the Void Spirit, which erased his will, and acquired all of his memories and experiences. With Ji Cang’s body, aura, and star power, the Void Spirit walked in the three words, dug out the Magnetic Star Crystal, obtained all kinds of priceless star treasures, and killed Chu Rui to strengthen its own god domain.”

“Is that true?”

“If he’s indeed a Void Spirit, are his previous remarks and his accusations against Qin Yao, the Tree of Life’s struggle with the colossal being, and the relationship between our human race and the colossal being true or false?”

There had been many twists and turns since they had stepped into the dark land.

Their cognition had been constantly overturned, which was very confusing. They had a feeling that what they had heard here was even more shocking than the information that they had acquired in the past thousands of years they had lived in the Mortal World.


In the sky, the colossal human-like being that stretched like mountains was pierced by the emerald green branches of the Tree of Life, which had grown to be unprecedentedly large.

The golden divine light protecting the colossal being exploded into broken light that sputtered all over the sky. Even many ice crystals formed by cold power burst into fragments.

The colossal being, which was thousands of meters long, slowly sank from the sky.

As he did, many stray rays of starlight, star currents, and star sparks caused by the fierce battle between Ji Cang and Qin Yao were crushed into broken lights by his physical form.

All of a sudden, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s sneer came from somewhere in the dark land. “He is the creator of the human race and the foundation of its existence. If he explodes and dies thoroughly, there’s no telling what the consequence will be. Hmm, perhaps all the humans will be weakened, or perhaps you’ll even all die because of his disappearance.

“Of course, this is just a guess. No one knows what will happen.

“Likewise, if the Tree of Life dies completely, the Floragrims will likely disappear. The Ancientspirits may be a little better, but will decline as well, and perhaps no new offspring will be born...”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils was surprisingly talkative at this moment.

No one knew whether his words were alarmist or not, but he seemed to have a point.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer of the Netherspirits, and a few mighty grand monarchs had already gathered at his side without anyone noticing.

Dong Li’s expression flickered as she suddenly pointed to an area very close to them. “There! They’re too close. If they want to, they can get to us in a split second!”


All of a sudden, the Divine Flame became illusory and blurred.


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