Chapter 1729: Cognition Overturned!

In the sky, apart from the colossal corpse and the Tree of Life, the star domain that Ji Cang had displayed was also very eye-catching!

Many eyes were caught by Ji Cang’s appearance.

Ji Cang was the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and the strongest cultivator of the human race!

Under his leadership, the human race had once thrived and almost crossed the Dead Star Sea into the Spirit World.

He had once suppressed the Ancientspirits, Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, and Bonebrutes so badly that they had joined forces to resist the human race.

Ji Cang had made great contributions to the human race’s prosperity!

No one could surpass his reputation in the human race, and he acted as expected of the strongest cultivator!

Hence, as soon as he appeared, all the humans fixed their eyes on him and listened attentively, whether they were from the four great ancient sects or other sects from various human domains.

Now, after hearing his conversation with Nie Tian, the Void Spirit Society disciples were taken aback.

“What? He murdered our sectmaster?”

“Ji Cang killed our sectmaster Qu Yi?”

“Ji Cang!”

At that moment, Ji Cang’s voice rumbled through the entire dark land. “All pure humans from the Mortal World and the Doomed Star Sea, listen to me!”

“That,” he pointed to the colossal corpse, which was fiercely fighting the third generation Tree of Life with his lightning bolts, golden divine light, and frigid power, “is the founder and ancestor of our human race!”

Hearing his words, the humans scattered everywhere were lost in deep thought.

Those like Yin Xingtian, whose cultivation bases had reached certain levels, had already vaguely sensed their relationship with the colossal corpse, and guessed something by tracking the flow of the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

“Our race had a glorious history in the Spirit World before the Mortal World was discovered and explored!” Ji Cang shouted. “He created us, while the births of the Ancientspirits, the Floragrims, the Birdmen, the Blackscales, and the others who have special bloodlines in the Spirit World were mostly associated with the Tree of Life.

“The Tree of Life has had three generations. The first generation secretly enabled the births of the titans, the dragons, and the Ancientbeasts. The second generation created the outsider races like the Floragrims, the Blackscales, and the Birdmen. All those races that were born with strong flesh auras and whose source of strength is flesh power are inextricably linked to the Tree of Life.

“The battle between him and the Tree of Life was a struggle for the fortunes and energies the Spirit World had to offer, which led to a battle between our human race and the various races in the Spirit World.

“We were a strong race back then!

“But in the end, we lost. Because of our failure, as our founder, he was defeated by the Tree of Life! He could only seal his corpse deep in the center of the Realm of Middle Continent. With his remaining power, he formed layers of barriers to prevent the Tree of Life from completely destroying him.

“His failure resulted in the complete marginalization of our race in the Spirit World.

“The history of our past prosperity was erased by the Tree of Life. The humans lost even the way he taught them to practice cultivation with the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

“Humans were gradually reduced to cattle in the Spirit World, and were enslaved by the Ancientspirits, Birdmen, Blackscales, Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends. They lived very sad and miserable lives.

“Every time there was a sacrifice to heaven and earth, humans would be the sacrificial offerings that were slaughtered in batches. They worked for their masters all their lives, and lost the possibility of personal advancement.

“It was not until we were taken to work in the Mortal World that we reacquired the way of cultivating the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth by accident.

“Then, our race rose again in the Mortal World and expelled all the outsiders!”

“Now, since his residual will still exists, and his corpse hasn’t perished, the prosperity of our human race will feed him in return! As long as we are strong enough, he, who used to be a paragon, will be able to be revived and guide us again!

“I didn’t know this at first either. So, all that I have been doing has been to make the human race more powerful and prosperous, so we can overpower the creatures with flesh auras in the Spirit World, enter their world, and arrive at the Realm of Middle Continent to help him reappear in the world! But this will only happen if we’re strong enough.

“The Tree of Life needs the Ancientspirits, Floragrims, Birdmen, Blackscales, and other races it has created directly or indirectly to be powerful and prosperous, and to undergo metamorphoses and advance from generation to generation.

“The battle between the human race and the races of the Spirit World can be regarded as his unfinished battle with the Tree of Life.

“Having seen the human race rise rapidly and inexorably, the Tree of Life realized that it could no longer contain the human race only by the powers of the Ancientspirits and Floragrims in the Spirit World. Because it was afraid that he would be resurrected, it thought of an evil plan.

“That is, to divide us from within! That is Qin Yao’s so-called hybrid plan!

“The hybrid plan that Qin Yao proposed in his early years matched the Tree of Life’s scheme perfectly! Before the Tree of Life found Qin Yao, his so-called hybrid plan had been failing without much in the way of progress. And it was at around that time that I found out the truth by quietly traveling through the Spirit World, searching for the erased histories of various races.

“That was also when I learned of him and his battles with the Tree of Life.

“So I went to stop Qin Yao, and told him that what he was doing would harm the whole human race, indirectly help the Tree of Life, and hurt the ancestor of the human race. But it was a pity that Qin Yao had already suffered a Qi deviation, and couldn’t be persuaded at all.

“Everyone knows what happened after that. I expelled him and sent disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace after him to get rid of this black sheep of the human race.

“But at the critical moment, the Tree of Life appeared and helped him escape into the Doomed Star Sea.

“It was with its help that the hybrid plan finally succeeded in the Doomed Star Sea, and a large number of hybrids started to show up. Hybrids are a disaster for the human race! Human hybrids are no longer pure humans, and will not do any good to the resurrection of our creator. Even their hybrid blood may become power for the Tree of Life.

“Qin Yao, Nie Tian, and the hybrids are a poison to the human race! Their spread and development have been harming our entire race, and our creator!

“Pei Qiqi, the disciple whom Qu Yi had taken in, is also a hybrid. Qu Yi had been corrupted by evil ideas, so he deserved to die too!

“All of the so-called hybrid projects of the human race over the years, including the ones sponsored by the four great ancient sects, have been a ruse of Qin Yao and the Doomed Star Sea. In other words, they are part of the plan of the third generation of Tree of Life!

“Everyone, our race’s prosperity can nurture our creator in return. Qin Yao, Nie Tian, and the so-called hybrids are moles and rebels of the human race, and need to be eradicated.”

Ji Cang threw out such a new theory with righteousness and power.

He was the strongest cultivator of the human race and the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Everyone had to take what he said seriously.

Meanwhile, any human who cultivated the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth could indeed feel wisps of spiritual Qi leaving their bodies and flowing to the colossal corpse.

“The creator of our race! In the distant past, our race... had glory once!”

“After our defeat, our glorious history was completely erased by the Tree of Life?”

“Was it the Tree of Life that erased any traces of the human race’s prosperity, made the humans lose their cultivation method, and caused them to be enslaved by the outsiders and slaughtered like cattle?”

“The Tree of Life is our sworn enemy?”

All of the human survivors were in shock.

Some human experts who had been hostile to Nie Tian and the Doomed Star Sea made up their minds almost instantly. Then, they shouted.

“Qin Yao, Nie Tian, and all the hybrids deserve to die!”

“It is they who have contaminated our race’s blood, and are stopping our creator from awakening!”

“They must die!”


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