Chapter 1728: Spiritual Power And Flesh Aura

Nie Tian had too many questions.

The colossal being buried in the Realm of Middle Continent was a human paragon. Was it true that the Tree of Life knew nothing of this?

The Spirit World had been a place where the Tree of Life had been rooted, and had been protecting since ancient times.

Had it really not learned that this colossal being was in the Realm of Middle Continent of the Spirit World, and was a paragon?

If it had learned that the colossal being was indeed related to the human race, then...


Tiny wisps of the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth quietly flew out of Dong Li’s spiritual sea in her dantian region and toward the sky where the ancient colossal being was.

There were multiple spiritual cores without attributes and one spiritual core with a dark attribute in her spiritual sea.

What flew out of her was from the spiritual cores that had been condensed by pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

They were in an extremely tiny amount.

It seemed to Dong Li that the lost spiritual Qi was negligible. As soon as she intervened with her soul awareness, the loss of spiritual Qi ceased.

Compared to her, Nie Tian’s and Pei Qiqi’s spiritual power didn’t leak at all.

However, fine strands of Nie Tian’s flesh aura were leaving him.

The lost flesh aura that contained life power seemed to be flowing to the Tree of Life.

Nie Tian’s awareness spread and cut off the loss of his flesh aura.

He frowned and thought to himself, “A small part of her spiritual Qi flowed to the colossal being, while my flesh aura went to the Tree of Life.”

Meanwhile, he kept watching the battle between the Tree of Life and the colossal being that was taking place above in the sky.

Soon afterward, Yin Xingtian, who had awakened his memories and power as the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, was the first to arrive.

He landed and said, “Why are you still here, Nie Tian? It’s clear that you got my message. Why didn’t you rush into the Dark Abyss?”

After his awakening, he started to call Nie Tian directly by his name, but his concern for him didn’t change.

Nie Tian was stunned. “Umm… Some of the spiritual power in your body has also vanished?”

“Oh, my spiritual power?” Yin Xingtian said, then nodded, pointing to the colossal being above his head. “Yes, I lost some spiritual power after his appearance, but it was negligible to me, so I didn’t really care. I even let it leave my body because I wanted to see where it would go.”

“It went to him,” Yin Xingtian continued. “If you had my cultivation base, you would be able to feel something. To tell you the truth, I think even the birth of the human race might have had something to do with him!”

“You mean that colossal being...?” Dong Li exclaimed softly.

Yin Xingtian nodded. “Yes. Do you feel the same way?”

Pei Qiqi joined the conversation and asked, “Why is the Tree of Life… fighting him in the sky?”

Yin Xingtian shook his head. “Well, I don’t know about that. But on my way here, I saw many fellow cultivators’ spiritual power flowing toward him, no matter what their cultivation bases were.”

“Mine didn’t,” Nie Tian spoke.

Yin Xingtian pondered and said. “You’re different. You’re a hybrid. I also saw a few hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea. Just like you, their spiritual Qi didn’t leave them either. However, a little bit of their flesh auras flew out of their bodies and seemed to fly toward the Tree of Life.

“The same happened to the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims!”

Hearing this, Nie Tian’s brow knitted.

His bloodline and spiritual power perception instantly spread out to verify Yin Xingtian’s statement.

Because many approaching humans and outsiders had already entered his perception range, he could sense the changes of their auras without them finding out.

After a while, he nodded with a strange look on his face. “You’re right!”

The humans’ strands of spiritual power flowed to the colossal being, while the flesh auras of the hybrids, the outsiders, and the Ancientspirits flowed to the Tree of Life.

However, the members of the three outsider races of the Void World, as well as the Fiends, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes from the Doomed Star Sea, remained unaffected.

None of the outsiders whose bloodlines were from the Void World were affected by the colossal being or the Tree of Life.

What did that mean?

The fierce battle between the colossal being and the third generation of Tree of Life had attracted the attention of all those in the dark land. Many had also sensed the anomaly, and stared fixedly into the sky.

There still weren’t any soul movements in the colossal being, who was bursting forth with golden divine light, and protecting himself with the frigid gem and lightning bolts that slithered all over him.

He seemed to be fighting the Tree of Life with the help of these unusual treasures alone.

The third generation of Tree of Life had originally come for Nie Tian, but now it had changed directions halfway and constantly stretched out green branches and leaves in an attempt to penetrate and split the colossal being.

The third generation of Tree of Life kept rapidly increasing in strength and growing in battle.

Even Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes lurked in the dark, not daring to make a move.

“It’s growing and recovering its strength incredibly quickly,” Grand Monarch Bone Piercer said, sitting on the bone throne, followed by several Bonedrudes around him who were flying to the place where Nie Tian was. “When it first appeared in the Realm of Shadow Devil, I could fight it, but now I can’t. After all, it is an ancient existence which has dominated the Spirit World for hundreds of millions of years, killed Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, and frustrated our race’s invasions again and again.”

All of a sudden, an earth-shattering howl sounded. “Qin Yao!”

The howl came from Ji Cang, sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!

In the next moment, Ji Cang who seemed to be standing in a mysterious sea of stars, suddenly flew out. Sensing the Magnetic Star Crystal, he quickly flew toward an area of the dark land.

A dazzling sea of stars also flashed in that area.

Ji Cang’s angry roar seemed to be mighty enough to shatter heaven and earth. “Traitor! For the so-called hybrid path that you have explored with your own strength, you’ve almost ruined the entire human race! You knew that someone was behind your so-called new path, yet you refused to stop!

“You are the sinner of our whole human race!”

Ji Cang’s mighty voice seemed to reverberate through every corner of the dark land. Even those who were hiding themselves heard it very clearly.

“Ji Cang! It’s Ji Cang of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

“The strongest cultivator of our race! The strongest human!”

“He’s still alive, and he’s in the dark land!”

“He’s not just alive, but he’s so strong!”

All of the experts of the four great ancient sects and the rogue cultivators of the Mortal World were thrilled to hear Ji Cang’s name and see him denounce Qin Yao publicly for his crimes.

Ji Cang’s influence surpassed Qu Yi’s and Chu Yuan’s in the human race and he was as expected of the strongest cultivator!

Nie Tian charged into the sky in his Life-origin Form, looked at the dazzling sea of stars where Ji Cang was, and shouted, “Ji Cang! You backstabbed Qu Yi in this dark land and secretly plotted against me! And now, you’re talking nonsense! Who on earth are you?”

Ji Cang laughed, wild and heroic. “Hahaha! What do you know, brat? As a hybrid, a seed of a conspiracy against our human race, how are you qualified to speak to me? Yes, I killed Qu Yi, but that was because he deserved it! He approved of the so-called hybrid path, and even took in Pei Qiqi as his disciple!

“Qu Yi, Qin Yao, and the hybrids of the Doomed Star Sea all deserve to die!”


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