Chapter 1726: He’s Coming Towards Me!


The Realm of Shadow Devil collapsed like a castle made of sand that was destroyed by a giant beast on the rampage.

The Devil realm perished within moments.

The Realm of Middle Continent was the only thing that still existed beyond the heavens in the dark land.

Even the realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil that Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer and Nie Tian had pulled to the vicinity fell apart and perished.

If Nie Tian could charge out of the dark land to take a look around now, he would find a large area of the starry river around the Realm of Shadow Devil in devastation, as if he were in the middle of the Doomed Star Sea or the Domain of Forbidden Heaven.

Numerous realms had exploded, filling the starry river with countless gigantic meteors of various shapes.

Coldness, silence, and desolation were all there was left.

It was hard to believe that a vast part of the Domain of Shadow Devil had been reduced to ruins in such a strange way.


The mountainous being turned over from time to time as it slowly descended from the heavens.

Every time it turned, it seemed to cause violent stirs of the energy of heaven and earth. Lightning bolts filled the sky as spiritual power of various attributes poured down like rain.


For some reason, a devilish, pitch-black serpent that was at the ninth grade suddenly charged up towards the giant being.

The devilish serpent was seven thousand meters long, its pitch-black body wreathed in fine lightning wisps.

It seemed to be after the mighty lightning bolts that were wrapped around the giant being like chains.


As the lightning-attributed devilish creature approached the giant corpse, one of the lightning chains suddenly whipped out and struck it.

The enormous devilish serpent was instantly reduced to a blood mist.

Fine lightning wisps burst forth from the depths of Yuan Jiuchuan’s eyes as he stared unblinkingly at the numerous lightning bolts that were slithering around the giant being. “My heavens! By merely looking at those lightning bolts and examining the way they move about, I can derive many profound truths of lightning and thunder. What on earth is that giant being? It seems to be a human to me.”

With these words, he suddenly jerked his head towards Feng Beiluo. “Are there any records about him in the Doomed Star Sea?”

Feng Beiluo, who was also flabbergasted, answered, “No, not even the slightest! I don’t know anything about him either! But if he comes from the Realm of Middle Continent, the birthplace of humanity, does it mean that he has some sort of connection with us?”

Upon hearing this, a Qi warrior from the Doomed Star Sea, who was a disciple of the Nether Spirit Society, cried out, “How is that possible? If we had powerful ancestors like him, how could all the outsider races in the Spirit World ride roughshod over us as a people?” 


At that moment, a Saint domain Qi warrior from the Mortal World, who was well-versed in ice power, shot skywards.

As he did, he spread his ice domain, which had a cold palace made of countless ice crystals inside of it, and stared at the gem at the giant being’s Adam’s apple, which was exuding frigid ice power, with blazing desire in his eyes.


Strange cracking sounds came from the frigid palaces within his ice domain as he charged towards the giant being at full speed.

The frosty currents circulating in his ice domain suddenly went out of control.

The ice-cold palace was instantly reduced to countless ice shards and dust that filled the sky, along with his shattered saint domain and broken soul. Within seconds, they all vanished without leaving a trace behind.

“That’s an invaluable metal power treasure!”

A disciple of the Five Elements Sect looked up feverishly at the piece of armor on the giant’s chest that emanated dazzling golden light that filled its surroundings, and couldn’t help but fly towards it.

He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find the giant being again after it fell into the dark areas.


A beam of golden light shot out of the piece of armor and annihilated the greedy disciple of the Five Elements Sect with power sharp enough to pierce through the three worlds and split any realm that it came across.

However, their deaths didn’t seem to stop the experts from the three worlds, who had their greed sparked, from making more attempts.

One figure after another shot skywards from different areas of the dark land.

Numerous human Qi warriors, members of the three major races in the Void World, rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea, and experts from the Spirit World set their yearning eyes on the lightning bolts that were wrapped around the giant being, the piece of golden armor on his chest, and the frosty gem at his Adam’s apple.

Not only did Saint domain Qi warriors and ninth grade grand patriarchs charge into the sky one after another, but even God domain Qi warriors and tenth grade grand monarchs joined the action as well.

Bolts of lightning slithered from the giant being. Beams of golden divine light blasted out. Streaks of ice power poured down like waterfalls...

As a result, bodies exploded one after another, filling the sky with mists of blood and mangled flesh.

All of them, who considered the giant a lifeless corpse and deemed those lightning chains, that piece of armor, and that gem to be unclaimed treasures, were killed in brutal ways.

Even two outsider grand monarchs exploded and died as an early God domain cultivator from the Doomed Star Sea was snuffed out by a blast of golden light.

The giant being continued to descend to the dark land at a surprisingly slow speed.

He didn’t make any movements or emanate any flesh aura or soul aura fluctuations during the process. However, dozens had been obliterated by the lightning bolts, golden lights, and icy currents from him.

“What should we do, Nie Tian?” Dong Li asked in a soft voice.

The communication between Nie Tian and the Divine Flame had ended from the moment of the giant being’s arrival.

The fact that Nie Tian had been staring unblinkingly at the giant being, while the Divine Flame had been rising slowly, suggested that both of them had been focusing their attention on it.

“The appearance of this giant human-like being seems to have disrupted someone’s plans.” Pei Qiqi seemed to see a series of images in the Space Boundaries Crystal as she spun it. “The powerful experts from the three worlds that should have been coming after us are all focused on that giant being now.”

After a short pause, she added, “And the speed at which he descends is simply too slow...”

The Chaos Behemoth, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, and the Tree of Life were very powerful creatures as well. However, all of them had fallen at a speed much faster than this.

The giant being was the only one that had descended at such a slow speed.

It was as if he were doing this intentionally to attract the attention of every powerful expert in every corner of the dark land and give them the impression that he was well within their reach.

After all, he was so large, and the lightning chains, the heart-protecting armor, and the frosty gem on him were so eye-catching...

It was almost like he was afraid that those here wouldn’t know that he was dead and covered in priceless treasures, as if he were saying, “Come and take them.”

This was really strange.

“Even though he’s falling at a very slow speed, he’s been falling towards me,” Nie Tian suddenly said with a heavy tone and a grave expression. “If he’s stopped by no one, he’ll eventually land exactly where we are. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that I’m like his beacon light.”

“What?” Pei Qiqi exclaimed in shock. “He’s coming towards you?”

Dong Li joined the conversation. “Is it possible that you’re mistaken? After all, the three of us are here, and the Divine Flame... Right! Is it attracted to the Divine Flame?”

“No, it’s me,” Nie Tian said with a decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron.

“It seems that you’d better communicate with the Divine Flame and find a way to enter the Dark Abyss as quickly as possible,” Dong Li said, looking worried about him. “The thing with the Void Spirits has already made us the common target for many. Now that giant being’s here, which I’m afraid will put us in even more trouble. Most importantly, we still don’t know what he is and what he’s doing here.”


Nie Tian, in his Life-origin Form, suddenly felt his heart begin to pound. Gradually, his heartbeat became as deafeningly resounding as the sounds of giant bells!

By merely listening to his heartbeat, both Dong Li and Pei Qiqi felt great pressure on their chests.

Nie Tian suddenly held his chest, his face turning red as a beet, as if his heart was going to explode.


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