Chapter 1719: Tremendous Changes

Qu Yi was the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society. His understanding and mastery of spatial power was unmatched throughout the Mortal World.

The Void Mirror he wielded allowed him to go anywhere at any time in the Mortal World.

As long as he wanted, he could travel from one domain to another in a split second.

Because of that, he was considered the one human that was the most difficult to kill.

Even if his enemy had a superior cultivation base than his, even if he was surrounded by mighty experts, he could escape as long as he wanted to.

Given his abilities, even if the top three grand monarchs in the Void World had teamed up against him, they wouldn’t have been able to trap him, as long as the battle had taken place in the Mortal World.

How had Ji Cang managed to destroy his fleshly body, leaving only a wisp of his soul behind?

“Qiqi...” Qu Yi’s soul voice seemed to be coming from another space.

His soul shadow started to emerge in the mirror.

However, changes suddenly took place!

A very tiny Fragmentary Star suddenly manifested in the Void Mirror, bursting forth with blinding starlight!


Qu Yi’s emerging soul shadow was immediately annihilated like a wisp of smoke!

“No!!” Pei Qiqi screamed like a mad person before hastily fusing wisps of azure light into the mirror in an attempt to salvage him.

However, her effort was futile.

Face very grim, Nie Tian bellowed, “Ji Cang!”

“Sorry, he knows too much. I can’t let him live.” Ji Cang’s ethereal voice echoed out from the distance.


The five evil gods flew out one after another, and started searching around by relying on their keen soul perception.


Even the Rampage Behemoth’s bone that Nie Tian had strengthened with his life bloodline flew out under Nie Tian’s command to capture Ji Cang’s life aura and determine his whereabouts.

Nie Tian himself, who was in fury, also activated his Life Detection bloodline talent and soul detection.

Meanwhile, Ji Cang’s ethereal voice was still echoing in the air. “Qu Yi escaped to another space with a wisp of his soul essence through the Void Mirror. He thought I didn’t know. Hehe, I hid a Fragmentary Star in the Void Mirror after shattering its soul just to wait for his wisp of soul essence to return.

“In a manner of speaking, I have to thank Miss Pei. If he hadn’t sensed your aura and if you hadn’t tried to fix the Void Mirror’s soul, his wisp of soul essence wouldn’t have had the audacity to return so quickly through the Void Mirror.

“Of course, he did it because he wanted to tell you something, and he wanted you to help him find an opportunity to be reincarnated through that wisp of soul essence. However...”

Ji Cang’s voice finally became too faint to hear.

However, that exploded Fragmentary Star sputtered out small but terrifyingly mighty wisps of refined star power.

Like tiny swords made of starlight, they slashed and annihilated the residual fragments of the Void Mirror’s soul.

As this happened, numerous fissures ripped through the surface of the invaluable spatial treasure of the Void Spirit Society, the Immortal grade divine tool that had helped Qu Yi earn his name.

Even the mirror itself was damaged as its soul suffered another heavy blow, probably beyond salvation, from the starlight created by the explosion of the Fragmentary Star.

The five evil gods and the crimson bone conducted a thorough scan of a five hundred kilometer radius around them, but failed to find Ji Cang.

Pei Qiqi held the Void Mirror with both hands, tears filling her eyes. “He... He died because of me...”

Dong Li sighed and said, “You have nothing to do with it. That sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is such a scary figure. He set you up long ago. Once your master failed to resist the temptation to talk to you, and his escaped wisp of soul essence returned to the Void Mirror from another space, he would know about it, and that Fragmentary Star would be detonated...

“He’s the strongest cultivator in the Mortal World, for heaven’s sake. Why did he have to fight his own kind instead of the outsiders in the Void World?

“Given his powers and ruthlessness, even Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer would have had a headache if he had been bent on fighting the three major races of the Void World.

“Why did he have to do this?”

Dong Li couldn’t figure out an answer.

Pei Qiqi was still in great pain, regretting her decisions and holding the Void Mirror in front of her.

Nie Tian tried everything in his power, but still failed to locate Ji Cang. Neither his soul nor his life bloodline could detect him.


Great changes suddenly took place in the heavens of the dark land.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, the Tree of Life, and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer dove into the dark lands, along with experts like Yin Xingtian and Mo Heng, who represented the top power in the Mortal World, the Spirit World, and the Void World.

It seemed that they had finally seen the opportunity they had waited for for so long.

Nie Tian and Dong Li had to drop the incident with Qu Yi’s death and look up with astonishment.

Surprisingly, the most powerful grand monarchs and God domain cultivators from the three worlds seemed to be forcibly broken apart and scattered to different distant areas as soon as they fell from the Realm of Shadow Devil.

“Is that Gupi with Jiang Yuanchi?!” Dong Li exclaimed with wide eyes. “Didn’t it die already?”

After all of the powerful experts had descended to the dark land, Jiang Yuanchi manifested in his dharma idol like a god of light in the sky, and descended standing on Gupi, which was wreathed in toxic miasma.

Gupi could be seen with great clarity, like a fat, multicolored maggot that was ten thousand meters long.

Jiang Yuanchi was followed by many Lightspirits, who fluttered their holy white-feathered wings as they also descended to the dark land.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted.

He wasn’t surprised that Jiang Yuanchi would enter the dark land as the high chieftain of the Lightspirits.

However, hadn’t his master taken Gupi away with the River of Time?

He had even seen Gupi’s chopped-up remains!

“This is so odd, truly odd... I can’t believe Gupi came back to life! What’s even more baffling is how Jiang Yuanchi managed to find it...” Questions filled Nie Tian’s mind. It seemed that the opening of the Dark Abyss had shaken all three worlds, and shone light on many hidden mysteries.


The divided Divine Flame suddenly came back as one.

It urged Nie Tian once again.

Immediately afterwards, it took the lead to fly towards the area where it sensed the gate was.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

Dong Li moved lightly, grabbed Pei Qiqi, and dragged her onto the black tortoise’s back.

Nie Tian also landed on the incomparably broad back of the black tortoise, which had activated its bloodline.

Outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

All of the powerful experts from the three worlds had either died in battle or dove into the tunnel after the interweaving lights had become stable.

Even the Tree of Life, which had been fighting Grand Monarch Bone Piercer in the Realm of Middle Continent, had left the place where it had taken root, and flown down the tunnel in the form of a colossal tree with lush branches and leaves.

Only the Realm of Middle Continent remained motionless in the starry river outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Small numbers of experts of different minor races in the Void World continued to arrive and sneak into the dark land after Jiang Yuanchi.

All of them belonged to races that were even weaker than the Lightspirits, the Seaspirits, and the Moonspirits.


In the vast space in the depths of the Realm of Middle Continent.

Murky currents suddenly started converging and fusing into the magnificent giant that was lying face-up like a mountain range that stretched for thousands of kilometers.

Those currents and energies of heaven and earth had dispersed from his body to fill this vast underground space in the first place.

Now, however, they started pouring back into him like reverse rivers for some reason.

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