Chapter 1718: Sudden Leaving

Ji Cang’s star domain slammed into Nie Tian’s star domain with devastating force!


A vast streak of dazzling starlight flew out of Ji Cang’s star domain and rushed into Nie Tian’s star domain like a broad river.

It flew around with an unstoppable momentum, giving rise to loud whooshes.

Numerous sparks of starlight that Nie Tian had condensed with pure star power were swept away by it.

Even the All Manifestations Star Banner that had formerly belonged to Luo Wanxiang started shaking uncontrollably, as if it were going to join the streak of starlight.

“Of all the stars in this starry river, I am the lord!” Ji Cang’s mighty voice rumbled out, shaking heaven and earth so violently that they seemed to be on the verge of shattering.

It didn’t matter whether it was Pei Qiqi or Dong Li. Every ray of starlight they saw carried Ji Cang’s aura.

Even Nie Tian’s star domain was being gnawed away by Ji Cang’s will, as if it would soon become a part of his star domain.

The Magnetic Star Crystal was the core of Ji Cang’s star domain, and its greatest wonder was that it could attract and absorb star cores.

If it could attract and absorb even star cores, what was star power?

“So you’re after my star domain?”

Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form suddenly burst forth with dazzling blood-colored light, his extremely raging flesh aura sea spreading into his surroundings.

“Don’t forget that I have much more to offer other than my star domain!”

His flesh aura sea, which brimmed with life power, instantly fused with his star domain.

In the blink of an eye, his glorious, shining star domain became infused with power, as if by a spring of life.

His wood domain also moved and morphed to overlap with his star domain.

This gave rise to infinite changes in his star domain, instantly making it alive and full of vigor.

Receiving nourishment from his flesh aura sea and wood domain, the Heavenly Stars Flower became so much stronger that it started to show some resemblance to the Tree of Life!

Its numerous blossoms burst forth with brilliant divine light like countless stars.

“Freeze!” Nie Tian called out in a deep voice.

Ji Cang’s streak of starlight that was playing havoc on his star domain came to a sudden stop.


Wisp after wisp of sparkling starlight was separated from the streak of starlight.

Even the All Manifestations Star Banner flew out of the streak of starlight, and rejoined Nie Tian’s star domain.

The unusual power of the Heavenly Stars Flower shone in every corner of Nie Tian’s star domain.

Like the eyes of a Demon Eyes Flower, its numerous sparkling and crystal-clear blossoms stared unblinkingly at the streak of starlight, and the shadow of Ji Cang’s soul will within it.

“Impressive.” Ji Cang’s voice echoed from within the streak of starlight.

In the next moment, his star domain suddenly rose high into the sky.


That streak of starlight also flew out of Nie Tian’s god domain and returned to Ji Cang’s star domain, where it disappeared into a brilliant crystal.

That crystal was none other than the Magnetic Star Crystal, the core of Ji Cang’s star domain.

Ji Cang’s faint laugh echoed from his rising star domain. “Forget it. I’m not playing with you anymore. I’d rather save my strength and make preparations for entering the Dark Abyss.” 

In his star domain, he frowned as he glanced at the numerous orange flame sparks in his surroundings.

They were the Divine Flame.

When he and Nie Tian had started fighting, the Divine Flame had split into numerous flame sparks that had spread out to surround him.

At this moment, the aura he sensed from them made even him apprehensive.

He didn’t want to engage in a fierce battle against Nie Tian and the Divine Flame, where both sides would suffer severe injuries, before entering the Dark Abyss. Therefore, he had decided that he might as well leave and wait for a better opportunity.

As soon as he left, the black tortoise was freed from his restrictive spell. The enormous tortoise collapsed to the ground, looking exhausted.

“He just left?” Nie Tian muttered with a grim expression, discovering that his opponent had left just as he was about to go all-out in their battle.

His leaving was strangely sudden and without warning.

As soon as he left his view, Nie Tian could no longer sense his existence with his soul or life bloodline.

“Is he really the sectmaster of your sect?” Dong Li coughed and asked, looking a bit pale. “He’s nothing like what I’ve heard.”

“Yeah, even now, I’m not sure,” Nie Tian said, frowning. “But his understanding of star power is way above mine. That Magnetic Star Crystal is also full of wonders. If it weren’t for my unique bloodline and the fact that I could boost the power of my god domain with my newly-awakened bloodline talent, he would have possessed my star domain already.”

Ji Cang was every bit as mighty as the top three grand monarchs in the Void World.

“If he can absorb your star domain...” Dong Li said before her expression suddenly flickered. “Then he might have laid his murderous hands on Chu Rui, the vice sectmaster of your sect, as well after he dove into this dark land!”

Upon hearing this, Nie Tian gasped with astonishment. “That’s actually quite possible! He only left because he discovered that my Heavenly Stars Flower could resist his Magnetic Star Crystal’s attraction after being nourished by my flesh aura sea. If Chu Rui had run into him in this dark land, his god domain might very well have been absorbed by his Magnetic Star Crystal.”

“But Chu Rui rushed down here to help him!” Dong Li said.

Pei Qiqi jumped in at his moment and said, “Even if he really is Ji Cang, he’s not the man in the legends we heard anymore.” 

Her Space Boundaries Crystal suddenly burst forth with sparkling light.


Wisps of sparkling light flew into the Void Mirror.

The light revealed the Void Spirits inside the mirror before the power of the Space Boundaries Crystal drove them out with force.

The numerous flame sparks that the Divine Flame had split into swarmed in.


They rapidly burned and refined the Void Spirits that had been driven out of the Void Mirror.

After the Void Spirits were gone, the speed at which the Void Mirror’s broken soul regathered improved significantly.

“My master captured and put those Void Spirits in the Void Mirror. He had been thinking about how to deal with those Void Spirits and explore their secrets the whole time.”

As she spoke, Pei Qiqi gently placed her fingers on the Void Mirror.

Wisps of soul will rose from the Void Mirror and fused into her fingers.

The soul of the Void Mirror seemed to want to tell her something...

“Ji Cang learned everything he knows about the Void Spirits from my master,” Pei Qiqi said to Nie Tian, while sensing and sorting through the broken memories the Void Spirit’s soul conveyed to her. “It’d be almost impossible for the Void Mirror’s shattered soul to regather if I didn’t drive those Void Spirits out. They had been contending against the Void Mirror’s soul inside the mirror.”

As she spoke, an extremely faint shadow suddenly flashed across the Void Mirror.

Pei Qiqi’s eyes lit up. “Wait!”

“Qiqi...” A very weak voice echoed from within the mirror.

Nie Tian shuddered and stared at the Void Mirror with amazement written all over his face. “Senior Qu! Is that you?”

“Master!” Pei Qiqi was so surprised and overjoyed that she burst into tears. 

She held the Void Mirror with both hands, and tiny wisps of azure light kept flying out from the depths of her bright eyes.

Her spiritual power fused into the Void Mirror continuously.

The wisp of Qu Yi’s soul seemed to have overcome great difficulty to travel from another space and manifest in the Void Mirror.

Nie Tian was elated.

The arrival of that wisp of soul meant that Qu Yi hadn’t perished, at least not beyond salvation.

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