Chapter 1716: True Or False

There was very obvious star power in the Void Mirror.

The star power came from the Magnetic Star Crystal, which had clearly been refined by Ji Cang long ago.

Otherwise, the Magnetic Star Crystals that had fallen into Nie Tian’s hand wouldn’t have returned to Ji Cang.

Ji Cang had been saying that he had been fatally injured, but he had been holding onto the Magnetic Star Crystal.

Why didn’t he hand over the Magnetic Star Crystal that was useless to him to Nie Tian?

All the Void Spirits that had attacked Dong Li had shunned Nie Tian because his flame domain had emitted the Divine Flame’s aura.

Ji Cang was so weak that he was dying, but why had the Void Spirits ignored him and never attacked him?

In addition, Ji Cang had been emphasizing that he needed to go into the Dark Abyss, as if entering the Dark Abyss was his real purpose.

When Nie Tian had expressed his intention to abandon this action to go help his parents, Ji Cang had persuaded him not to.

All he wanted was to use Nie Tian and the Divine Flame to find the so-called “gate” so that he could step into the Dark Abyss!

He didn’t care about anything else.


Pei Qiqi held the Void Mirror, and felt its broken soul slowly regathering in the mirror because of the infusion of her unusual spatial power. Then, she said, “My master was killed here, and even the Void Mirror’s soul was attacked and exploded. Every wisp of its dissipating soul contains star power that is eating away at its soul awareness.

“Members of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace are proficient in star power. Given my master’s cultivation base and status in the Mortal World, I can’t think of anyone who could kill him but you.”

The hatred in her eyes grew stronger and stronger. “Why?!”

Nie Tian and Dong Li also looked extremely grave.

Ji Cang was the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and the strongest cultivator in the Mortal World!

Why on earth would this legendary figure kill Qu Yi?


The black tortoise squeaked softly as it even displayed its colossal body.

Its shell was like a pitch-dark land, with many dark patterns that looked like interwoven black lightning bolts on it, looking vigorous and lively.

Several of its amazing bloodline talents were instantly activated.

A cloud of dense darkness rose from the tortoise’s shell and engulfed Ji Cang.

Ji Cang’s thin body first vanished in the darkness.

Seconds later, however, he reappeared.

His dim eyes grew brighter and brighter, like the brightest stars in the night sky!

The light in his eyes pierced through the darkness and illuminated a vast area of the dark land as he said, “Nie Tian, I’m the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and you’re a Son of the Stars. Qu Yi is just a stranger. The Mortal World may have enough energies to allow a paragon to emerge, but only one!

“Like me, Qu Yi was also eager to become a paragon, so he could surpass me.” He explained with a sincere expression, “after stepping into the dark land, he suddenly attacked me. I was forced to fight back. After my battle with him, I was seriously injured and could hardly recover, so I placed my hopes in the Dark Abyss, wanting to step into it. I’m sorry for his death, but I had no choice.”

“Don’t believe him,” Pei Qiqi said icily. “My master’s soul has vanished, but the Void Mirror’s soul is regathering slowly. I believe that with the help of my power, it will wake up eventually. As soon as it does, we’ll know the authenticity of his statements.”

“We don’t need to wait for the soul to wake up,” Dong Li spoke as the Dark Aureole above her head released darkness. “He overpowered the black tortoise, which shows that he still has power, and his hidden power is extremely strong. He has been pretending since I met him. He clearly harbors malicious intentions.”

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “I met Senior Qu Yi once in the Shatter Battlefield. I found him trustworthy. So...

“The problem is with you!” he snapped.

Suddenly, he started to question everything that Ji Cang had said, whether it was about the Doomed Star Sea, his father Qin Yao, or the mysteries of the Dark Abyss and the three worlds.

He even began to wonder if this Ji Cang in front of him… really was the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

According to Mo Heng and Chu Rui as well as the rumors in the Mortal World, as the strongest cultivator in the Mortal World, Ji Cang was nothing like this man in front of him!

However, this man was holding the Magnetic Star Crystal, and the light coming from his pupils was pure, condensed starlight.

“Nie Tian! You are a member of my sect!” shouted Ji Cang. “Qu Yi and the girl are strangers! Are you going to hurt me for them?”

“Senior Qu and Senior Martial Sister Pei are no strangers to me,” Nie Tian answered with a grave expression. “As for the so-called sect, hehe, are you trying to intimidate me with your identity as the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? You’ve probably been away for too long to know the current situation in the Mortal World, not to mention that you may not even be the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

Speaking up to this point, a thought flashed through his mind.

He glared at Ji Cang and exclaimed, “Didn’t you once say that Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, who’s one of the top ten grand monarchs in the Void World, is a real threat to the Mortal World? Don’t tell me that you’re him.”


The Spirit Scepter suddenly floated out, and a mysterious soul magic that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had comprehended was immediately cast by Nie Tian. “Soul Source Manifestation!”

The cyan gem at the top of the scepter suddenly burst forth with dazzling cyan light, and stared at Ji Cang like an eye.

Pulled by some magical principle and great Dao, Ji Cang’s figure suddenly emerged in the Spirit Scepter.


Ji Cang’s figure inside the cyan gem dissipated before Nie Tian could continue to cast spells to study the source of his soul.

Holding the Magnetic Star Crystal, Ji Cang frowned and said, “How stubborn!”

“Let’s not waste our breath!” Dong Li yelled, two dark stones emerging from her palms.

Strong dark energies flew out of the dark stones. Combined with her dark spiritual power, they merged into her Dark Aureole. “Dark Storm! Go!”

The Dark Aureole flew out, rushing towards the black tortoise like a dark storm that could sweep over heaven and earth.

The black tortoise cheered as its bloodline burst forth. It cooperated with the storm condensed by the Dark Aureole to put pressure on Ji Cang.

Pei Qiqi held the Space Boundaries Crystal with one hand and grasped the Void Mirror with the other. “You wait. I must concentrate my strength and deal with this murderer who killed my master myself!”


Bright and dazzling spatial blades slashed at Ji Cang, like huge long narrow knives wielded by a Ninth Heaven deity.

Each spatial blade was so sharp and piercing that crackling sounds started to come from the sky of the dark land, as if it were about to crack under the great pressure.

Dong Li and Pei Qiqi attacked together. At this moment, the two women’s strength was no weaker than that of so-called late God domain experts.

Nie Tian even thought that even if it were Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes, he might be overwhelmed by their combined strength.

However, in the face of their violent attacks, Ji Cang showed no fear. There was only a pitiful look on his face.

He felt pitiful that he would have to waste his strength in this conflict that had broken out before they could enter the Dark Abyss.


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