Chapter 1715: The Masterless Void Mirror

Nie Tian stopped suddenly.

The Divine Flame floating through the air also stopped quietly to look at him in puzzlement.

“What’s the matter?” Dong Li asked curiously.

The five evil gods also stopped one after another.

Nie Tian looked at Ji Cang, who looked anxious sitting on the back of the black tortoise, and asked, “Sectmaster, do you know a place where there is a vast turbid cyclone?”

He gradually calmed down.

Just then, it occurred to him that his parents were still fighting the Netherspirits in another place.

The situation of their battle was unclear.

Ji Cang immediately understood his thoughts. “Do you want to give up the chance of going into the Dark Abyss and go help them?”

He pondered for a while before he shook his head and said, “That’s unwise.”


“The place where they’re fighting the Netherspirits is most likely another entrance to the Dark Abyss,” Ji Cang replied, weighing his words. “According to your father’s guess, there is more than one gate to the Dark Abyss. The more dangerous the gate, the greater the chance to survive. The gate that they’re at is most likely a dead end.

“But since your father knows the most about the Dark Abyss, he might have some other arrangements and methods to find a way in.”

“That is to say, if he defeats the Netherspirits, he’ll most likely meet you in the Dark Abyss.”

Nie Tian responded by asking, “But what if he can’t defeat the Netherspirits?” 

Ji Cang smiled brightly. “Given his battle prowess, he can surely deal with Grand Monarch Soul Capturer now that he’s lost the Spirit Scepter. At the very least, they’ll be evenly matched. His life won’t be in danger!

“From what I know of him, he must have a good plan if he dares to approach that gate. You needn’t worry.”

Dong Li also tried to comfort Nie Tian.


Suddenly, a flash of dazzling electric light struck down from above.

The electric light condensed and morphed into a crystal-clear Space Boundaries Crystal. Then Pei Qiqi came out of one of the many facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal.

The moment she stepped out and saw Nie Tian in his Life-origin Form, her cold eyes grew moist. “You… I’m glad that you’re fine.”

It seemed to have taken such great strength to say just these words that even her shoulders quivered.

She had found her way to him by relying on her subtle bloodline perception.

When Nie Tian’s bloodline had been further awakened, and the auras of the black tortoise, the five evil gods, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the Rampage Behemoth bone had suddenly soared, she had also benefited from it, because Nie Tian had spent his Blood Essence in helping her open her acupoints.

She had noticed that the remaining strands of red blood aura in those opened acupoints had suddenly started cheering and helping her strengthen her Voidspirit bloodline again. This had let her know that Nie Tian was still alive.

Then, she had regained consciousness from her frenzied state.

After that, she had dived into the dark land and started searching with the help of the Space Boundaries Crystal and the strands of red flesh aura in her body, which had a keen sense of Nie Tian’s location.

Nie Tian heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing her. “I’m glad that you’re fine. That’s what I wanted to say too.”

Then, he suddenly thought of something and said hurriedly, “Senior Martial Sister Pei, there’s a turbid cyclone somewhere, with stars shining and many experts fighting inside. Do you know where that is?”

Pei Qiqi looked puzzled.

“I summoned the Spirit Scepter back to me from there,” he continued, and waved the scepter to show her. “Does that mean that the two areas are not far apart?”

He hadn’t given up on the idea of going to his parents’ aid.

Pei Qiqi had a strange look on her face. “Don’t you know that the dark land we’re in isn’t really in the Void World? The passage in the Realm of Shadow Devil is just a window. If you jump out of the window and enter here, you are entering a strange and completely unknown world. In this area, I can’t even sense the situation in the Realm of Shadow Devil.”

She frowned deeply. “Even my Voidspirit bloodline and the spatial power that I’ve mastered are very limited here.

“The fact that the Spirit Scepter was actually able to come straight here from another place... To tell you the truth, I find that hard to believe. At least, I wouldn’t have the ability to manage that with the Space Boundaries Crystal.”

Hearing her words, Nie Tian finally gave up. “Forget it. It seems impossible for me to get there to help.”

Just then, he heard the Divine Flame’s urging message that only he could hear.

It pressed him to keep up so they could go into the real Dark Abyss.

“Alright then,” he agreed, and kept marching with resignation.

“Huh?” Pei Qiqi suddenly exclaimed softly. The Space Boundaries Crystal that she held suddenly glowed, and the image of a mirror emerged in one of its facets.

The mirror was lying on the ground.

However, groups of strange beings seemed to be swimming in it.

“The Void Mirror! My master’s Void Mirror!” Pei Qiqi screamed, before a drop of her pure blue blood fell on the Space Boundaries Crystal. “Bloodline, Void Link!”


A mysterious passage that only Pei Qiqi could sense with her bloodline was mysteriously formed.

As soon as it formed, Pei Qiqi looked at Nie Tian apologetically and said, “Nie Tian, I have to go take a look. It’s not far from here. I’ll be right back.”

At this moment, a message came through from the Divine Flame.

Immediately afterwards, it floated away, following Pei Qiqi.

Surprised and confused, Ji Cang asked, “Why is the Divine Flame going with her?”

Nie Tian’s eyes widened before he answered with a slightly strange look on his face, “Because those beings swimming in the Void Mirror are Void Spirits. And since the Divine Flame can strengthen itself through Void Spirits, it wants to go with her.”

“If it’s not far from here, it won’t hurt to go take a look, but...” Ji Cang sighed. “If the Void Mirror is here, Brother Qu may have also sunk into this dark land.”

“You were here, too. Haven’t you seen him?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

Ji Cang shook his head. “No. The dark land is too vast, and I was too weak to look around.”

“Alright. Let’s go.” Nie Tian said nothing more.

Soon he followed the Divine Flame to the place where the Void Mirror was.

The Divine Flame hovered around the Void Mirror, as if it wanted to swallow the Void Spirits in it, but couldn’t find a way to do so for the time being.

Sensing the Divine Flame’s arrival, the Void Spirits in the Void Mirror were clearly terrified, and started swimming much faster, as if they were trying to hide.


The Magnetic Star Crystal that had been briefly possessed by Nie Tian before flying into Ji Cang’s palm suddenly burst forth with dazzling light.

The Void Mirror also shone brightly.

Nie Tian froze for a few seconds before his face suddenly became extremely dark and gloomy. “The Magnetic Star Crystal’s star power is in the Void Mirror! Did you kill Qu Yi of the Void Spirit Society, sectmaster?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Ji Cang, looking puzzled.


In a flash, Dong Li flew to Nie Tian with the Dark Aureole above her head, before she looked coldly at Ji Cang and shouted, “Come back!”

She was calling the black tortoise.

Pei Qiqi reached out and grabbed the Void Mirror. After using a wisp of her spatial spiritual power to enter and perceive it, she glared at Ji Cang with hatred. “It was you!”

The black tortoise squeaked, violently shaking its shell, but couldn’t get rid of Ji Cang.

Nie Tian and Dong Li could see fear creeping into its small eyes.

It was obviously afraid of Ji Cang.


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