Chapter 1714: See

The turbid cyclone rotated slowly.

A mysterious passage inside it slowly opened like a flower bud.

This passage also connected to the Dark Abyss.

It could be another treasured land that had infinite vitality and wonders, or a very dangerous place where countless intruders were buried!

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits shrieked loudly, staring at the Spirit Scepter, which had escaped from Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s grasp and was drifting away from the turbid cyclone.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s hand that had held the scepter was covered with blood.

His face, which was thin, haggard, and strangely insidious, twitched suddenly.

A new mark was about to form between his eyebrows.

He wanted to recapture the Spirit Scepter with the soul wonders that he had comprehended.

Dazzling starlight suddenly flitted out of Qin Yao’s eyes as he stood proudly in the bright sea of stars. “Eye of Stars!”

An eye was condensed in his palm.

The eye seemed to have been highly refined by power from the star cores of all the stars in this starry river.

The stars vanished, the universe, time and space changed, and the four seasons took turns...

All sorts of mystical wonders could be seen in the eye.

It contained not only the secrets of the stars, but also many unknown wonders of the countless lives in the three worlds.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer only looked at it for a moment, and he was greatly shocked.


Hundreds of millions of spirits floated out of his head. Those spirits shrieked and screeched, lining up to form a soul seal that was like a country of the dead.


Many stars shot towards him like a storm of crystals in the turbid cyclone.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s battle with Qin Yao broke out again in an instant.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer could no longer hold onto the Spirit Scepter with his soul awareness.

He could only watch the scepter float out of the turbid cyclone.

Nie Jin, who stood quietly on the Rainbow Boat, looked up at the Spirit Scepter fascinatedly, and whispered dreamily. “Little Tian… Is that you? Can you see me?”

Seeing the Spirit Scepter fly away from the turbid cyclone, many Qi warriors who practiced evil spells were thrilled.

“Is that our young master’s image in the Spirit Scepter?”

“It is indeed!”

“Yes, I’ve seen him from afar in the Domain of Endless Snow!”

“I can’t believe that the young master has become so strong that he can take the Spirit Scepter away from Grand Monarch Soul Capturer now.”

“It was the young master who first gained control of the Spirit Scepter! Haha, since his soul awareness can be projected on it despite the space between us, it means that he at least has leisure in the Realm of Shadow Devil! Since he can do that, it proves that he can handle the battles there effortlessly!”

“Very good! Couldn’t be better!”

When it was in Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s hands, the Spirit Scepter could increase Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s battle prowess by at least 20 percent. However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer hadn’t gained full control of it.

Otherwise, with the Spirit Scepter, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s battle prowess could be increased by 40 or even 50 percent!

If he could manage that, he might be able to even surpass Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and become the strongest cultivator of the Void World!

Because of Qin Yao’s previous statement, everyone now knew that the Grand Monarch Soul Capturer in front of them was Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who had been incomparably strong and only less well-known than the hidden Tree of Life in the history of the Spirit World.

They had also found that when Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had held the Spirit Scepter and fought Qin Yao, they had been evenly matched, and couldn’t defeat each other.

But now...

Since Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had lost the Spirit Scepter, they believed that Qin Yao would be at an advantage in their battle from now on!

They were thrilled about that!

Nie Tian’s soul figure grew solid in the cyan gem on the Spirit Scepter little by little. 

It was not until his soul figure broke away from the turbid cyclone that it grew truly solid.

He had accomplished the true projection of his soul figure, through which he could see a colossal turbid cyclone beneath the scepter, thousands of bones of various races, the fragments of warships, and the ongoing battles.

All of a sudden, he saw a small, female figure standing on an ancient starship that seemed to be made of multi-colored divine stones and bursting forth with boundless divine light.

The figure was staring at him fondly, her eyes full of a solicitude that couldn’t be melted...

Even though his true form was far away in the dark land, as soon as he saw the look in her eyes through his soul shadow, he felt unspeakable sorrow. Even his soul started to shake violently. “I-I...”


After flying out of the turbid cyclone, the Spirit Scepter suddenly burst forth with a bright light, which was so dazzling that everyone’s eyes felt like they were about to explode.

Time became jumbled, space was twisted, and the stars were reversed!

In a split second, layers of spatial restrictions were mercilessly torn apart.

The Spirit Scepter, which was in a whole other place, suddenly appeared in the dark land where Nie Tian’s true form was and floated between his eyebrows.

His eyes widened as he saw his soul figure in the cyan gem disappear.

His heart was so heavy with feelings that he couldn’t help but clutch his chest as he said, “I-I saw a battle that’s just as fierce going on in another place. I also saw a woman standing on an ancient colorful starship, looking at me and calling my name repeatedly.”

“If you saw her, you should know who she is,” Ji Cang whispered.

Dong Li looked excited. “Nie Tian, she… was the woman who gave me my gifts.”

“I-I know, I know...” Nie Tian looked down and murmured. He felt like bottles of condiment had spilled over in his heart (Idiom: have strong, mixed feelings), which made him somewhat overwhelmed. “Many years have passed. I’d imagined how wonderful it would be to finally meet her.”

“But I-I’m a little afraid when I really see her.

“On the one hand, I fear that all of this is just an illusion. On the other hand, why did she, or they, leave me when I was a baby, and then secretly keep an eye on me?

“W-what am I worried about?”

He kept whispering to himself. 


Numerous clusters of orange Divine Flame were still scattered everywhere and burning furiously.

More and more small fires engulfed the Void Spirits and grew little by little.

After a long time, all the Void Spirits in the vicinity had been devoured by the Divine Flame, which then sent a message to Nie Tian: “Come with me.”

Nie Tian instantly came to his senses. “Huh?”

He turned to look at the cluster of Divine Flame blankly and asked, “Come with you? Where to?”

As soon as he said this, Ji Cang realized what was happening. He grew excited and hurried to shout, “Go! Go with it! It comes from the Dark Abyss, and surely it knows how to get in!”

Nie Tian also realized what was happening. “The Dark Abyss!”

The Divine Flame repeated its message: “Come with me.”

After that, it started drifting weightlessly in a certain direction.

It was not very fast.

Nie Tian hurried to follow it. Dong Li hesitated for a bit before she ordered the black tortoise to carry Ji Cang on its back and follow along.

The Divine Flame drifted in an unhurried manner. There were no more devil plants, spirit plants, or Void Spirits that attacked Dong Li along the way.

Nie Tian looked up once in a while, and could see that a large number of experts were still falling.

However, as soon as they fell, they were scattered to unknown places in the dark land. As he tried to perceive his surroundings with his bloodline and explore with his soul, he could sense nothing.

Thanks to the guidance of the Divine Flame, their journey was remarkably smooth, and they didn’t encounter any danger.

During this process, Nie Tian’s aura, power, physical strength, and his Life-origin Form’s height kept climbing rapidly!


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