Chapter 1712: Destroy

The battles between the devil plants and the spirit plants were cruel and ruthless.

Branches and leaves were floating in the air both pathetically and beautifully.

All sorts of auras surged around Nie Tian. Some had wood power, some had soul power, and some had… the smell of living beings’ blood.


Violent, turbulent energy torrents churned in the perimeter, giving rise to lightning and thunder.

Storms and whirlpools of various unusual chaotic and twisting powers were inexplicably formed.

These devil plants and spirit plants were all living beings without fleshly bodies, but the battles between them were even fiercer than those between the grand monarchs.

Their battles seemed to make the branches and leaves in the sky morph into wood domains and the figures of the living beings that they had devoured.

They displayed the bloodline wonders of the Devils, the evil soul spells of the Netherspirits, and the wonders of the human race’s god domains.

Those branches and leaves all contained profound truths of heaven and earth, and the mysterious patterns on them seemed to manifest great Daos.

The powers that they displayed and their knowledge of souls, wood aura, and flesh aura weren’t any inferior to those of the late tenth grade grand monarchs of various races.

They had also lived longer than almost all the grand monarchs in the dark areas and the Realm of Shadow Devil, because they had longer lifespans than those living beings with fleshly bodies.

In order to devour Nie Tian and obtain the essence of his life, they weren't even afraid of the Divine Flame anymore. In fact, they seemed to have forgotten about their natural bane outside the Realm of Shadow Devil — the third generation Tree of Life.

Ji Cang frowned, fixing his eyes on Nie Tian, whose flesh aura sea was giving off that sweet scent to attract all the devil plants and spirit plants. “Nie Tian?”

Nie Tian didn’t respond.

However, the five evil gods, Agaz of the flame dragons, the black tortoise, and the Rampage Behemoth’s bone all burst forth with luster and waves that contained unusual life power.


The five evil gods instantly flew out to float above Nie Tian’s head, like five ancient deities.

The evil god of rage suddenly started to beat a war drum with great force.


As soon as he did, matchlessly terrifying rage morphed into cyan ghostly fire that crackled and rushed out.

In an instant, the soul awareness and many branches and leaves released by the Spectre Tree and the Ghost Spirit Grass exploded and perished.


Because of the drumbeat, the void seemed to be unable to bear the burden, and let out a crisp sound.

Numerous cracks suddenly appeared on the Spectre Tree’s trunk and roots.


The evil god of bloodlust thrust his sharp trident to emit a ray of cyan divine light before fine, sparkling, crystal-clear strands of light flew towards the Demon Eyes Flower.

The Demon Eyes Flower’s buds that were like demon eyes all turned gray and withered instantly.

Then the evil gods of hatred, despair, and fear all made their moves.

Before a winner could emerge from the battles between the devil plants and spirit plants, the five evil gods had growled and rushed out to separately fight the Carrion Flower, Spectre Tree, Ghost Spirit Grass, Heavenly Demonsbane, and Demon Eyes Flower.

The black tortoise, which carried the Dark Behemoth’s bloodline, wheezed and struck out into the thick darkness that Dong Li had morphed into before its bloodline suddenly exploded.

Dong Li’s dark power, which was perfectly compatible with it, greatly increased her battle prowess.

Driven by Dong Li, the Dark Aureole burst forth with incomparably terrifying darkness like a dark sun.

Mu Biqiong, or the coexisting flowers, was completely enveloped by the darkness.

Even the taupe swamp in which her naked body was rooted was infiltrated by the darkness and became as dark as ink.

In an unseen part of the swamp, Dong Li’s dark power condensed into extremely black particles that contained the true meaning of darkness.

Every black particle displayed the Dark King’s comprehension of the darkness and the essence and wonders of the purest darkness. “Darkness: Boundless Erosion.”

The coexisting flowers, which had an unknown age and were much older than the three outsider races of the Void World, finally began to wither.

Just then, Nie Tian opened his eyes.

In his Life-origin Form, he held the Rampage Behemoth bone. In the depths of his eyes were reflections of the coexisting flowers, Spectre Tree, Ghost Spirit Grass, and the other devil and spirit plants that wanted to devour him and transcend their limits with his life origin. 

He grinned and started to chuckle.

As soon as his laughter sounded, the devil plants and spirit plants which were entangled by Dong Li and the five evil gods struggled violently and fled madly. They fled at the risk of suffering heavy blows from Dong Li or the five evil gods. They didn’t care if their branches would be broken, if their leaves would fall off, or if they would be injured for a short time.

They just wanted to get away from Nie Tian right away!

The sweet smell on Nie Tian’s body, which had attracted them and made them greedy, had changed and become an aura that made them shudder with despair and feel more fear than they ever had from the Tree of Life!

“Didn’t you say that you wanted me?” Nie Tian said with a soft smile. His deep eyes seemed to have pierced through the darkness and landed on Mu Biqiong.

He waved and said, “Come here.”

“No!” Mu Biqiong cried, but the taupe swamp under her flew uncontrollably toward Nie Tian.

In an instant, the swamp carried her out of the darkness.

Dong Li’s expression flickered. “You...”

“No! I'm sorry! I was wrong. Forgive me. I dare not do it again.” Mu Biqiong entreated piteously and sadly, with tearful eyes.

The images of the two devil flowers in the depths of her eyes seemed to be deliberately weakened. A part of Mu Biqiong’s real fragmentary soul that had been swallowed and refined was forcibly pulled out.

At this moment, part of her really became Mu Biqiong.

“You’re not her,” Nie Tian shook his head and said grimly. “Besides, even if you were her, she would have to suffer the consequences for betraying me.”

All of a sudden, he stretched out his hand and made a snatching motion.

The long fair neck of “Mu Biqiong”, who had flown out of the taupe swamp, fell into Nie Tian’s hands.

As she flew away from the swamp, her thin fragile body suddenly swelled.

Her lower body had morphed into two enormous roots, which looked like ferocious devil dragons that were covered in scary, sharp thorns.

Nie Tian, who was enormous in his Life-origin Form, caught her by the neck.

Her two horrifyingly root-like legs, which were still connected to the taupe swamp, were about ten thousand meters long and were still absorbing the unusual powers in the swamp.

She had grown many times larger. That was why Nie Tian was able to catch her neck like that.

However, she shrank very quickly.

As she shrank, her fair, clear skin grew dry and brown at a visible speed, and became patches of old bark that peeled away from her body.

When they fell, they were reduced to flying ash and vanished.

At last, her outer skin was completely removed. One could see dense branches twisted together like veins in her body, instead of flesh and viscera.

Blood of various colors ran through the branches.

So it had only borrowed Mu Biqiong’s skin, but the content inside had long changed.

“Nie Tian, I, I didn’t want to hurt you...” she said as her voice and her eyes suddenly became unusually tender and soft.

At this moment, she was mostly herself.

“I know that. I’m sorry,” Nie Tian sighed softly, and loosened his grip around her neck.

She fell toward the taupe swamp, but before she could rejoin it, she dissipated, leaving no trace behind.


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