Chapter 1706: The Fall of A Behemoth

Through Ji Cang, Nie Tian learned many secrets that weren’t known to others.

The battle outside continued.

Every second of every minute, new mangled bodies and discarnate souls fell into the bottomless tunnel, where they were reduced to blood mists that disappeared into the dark depths. 

Gradually, people on the outside started to notice that the dark areas in the depths of the tunnel appeared to be growing brighter and brighter.

“The Tree of Life!” Nie Tian, who was talking to Ji Cang, exclaimed as his heart suddenly started to pound.

His Life Detection bloodline talent allowed him to detect that the Tree of Life, which had chosen to take root in the Realm of Middle Continent instead of the Silent Star Sea, had charged into the Domain of Shadow Devil after the Ripper Behemoth.

Ji Cang’s expression flickered with astonishment. “The Tree of Life?!”

After Nie Tian nodded at him, he said, “Finally, an existence that can threaten Grand Monarch Heaven Devil! Even though that Tree of Life in the Spirit World is already at its third generation, it’s stronger than the Ripper Behemoth. After all, it has risen beyond its limits and become a transcendent existence in the real sense.

“Even Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit died killing its first generation. He was a paragon of the Void World, for heaven’s sake.

“Also, its memories, talents, and wisdom are handed down generation after generation. All it loses after rebirth is power, which can be recovered through time.

“It’s immortal in the real sense. And the new generations can very well return to its peak, and perhaps even rise beyond it!”

Admiration and marvel filled Ji Cang’s face as he talked about the Tree of Life.

Judging by the look in his eye, it was as if even the three paragons of the Void World were no match for it.

The Tree of Life had lived through many eras. Legends about it had spread far and wide almost throughout the entire history of the Spirit World.

“The Tree of Life was the truly transcendent existence and so-called paragon in the Spirit World,” Ji Cang continued. “The Tree of Life’s birth has been a mystery. Perhaps its origin even has some connection with the origin of the Star Behemoths. They might have been born in the same era. However, while the Rampage Behemoth and the Dark Behemoth, which once represented the peak power in this starry river, have long since perished, the Tree of Life has only withered and revived a few times, and remains the transcendent existence it is.

“I even have a feeling that the grand fortune and immense energies of heaven and earth in the Spirit World have been occupied by the Tree of Life this whole time. And this is the reason why the Spirit World hasn’t seen the birth of paragons like the Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

“Perhaps Grand Monarch Nether Spirit left the Spirit World because he knew that he’d have no hope of becoming a paragon if he stayed in the Spirit World.”

Ji Cang appeared to find the Tree of Life full of mysteries, and had a very high opinion of it.

“Sectmaster, do you know about... the secrets of the Realm of Middle Continent?” Nie Tian asked after a moment of hesitation. “A secret spatial tunnel connects it to the Realm of Unbounded Desolation. Also, a giant is buried in the depths of the realm... a giant as large as a Star Behemoth. I couldn’t sense any flesh aura fluctuations from it, so I guess... it’s a human.”

Ji Cang stood aghast. “A human?! Does the Tree of Life know about this?”

“It doesn’t.”

 Ji Cang was in even deeper astonishment. “There are secrets in the Spirit World it doesn’t know about? If even it doesn’t know about it, how can I know about it? It has lived through many eras, and witnessed countless changes in the landscape of the Spirit World.

“It’s both the keeper of the Spirit World and the hand that pushed it forward.”

The astonishment on Ji Cang’s face made Nie Tian realize that the giant in the depths of the Realm of Middle Continent, which might have some sort of connection to the origin of humanity, was something even he couldn’t fathom.

“Together, can the Ripper Behemoth and the third-generation Tree of Life turn the situation around?” Nie Tian asked.

Just as Ji Cang was about to answer, Dong Li called out, “Look!”

A terrifying colossal figure seemed to be falling towards the tunnel. Looming beyond the glorious interweaving lights was a colossal centipede-like creature with countless sharp legs.

Flabbergasted, Nie Tian exclaimed, “The Ripper Behemoth!” 

“Yes, it is,” Ji Cang said, taking a deep breath. “It appears that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil drew it out from the floating continent, but it... lost much faster than I thought.”


Wrapped in purple devil clouds, the Ripper Behemoth, which should have been as large as realms, seemed to have shrunken a thousand times as it was forcibly stuffed into the tunnel filled with glorious lights.

Its gigantic fleshly form was also cut up in the tunnel.

All the others, including grand monarchs and God domain experts, had spilled blood that had fallen like rain when their bodies had been shredded.

Now however, as the Ripper Behemoth’s fleshly form was cut up, its blood poured down intensely like a rainstorm.

From Nie Tian’s point of view, it was as if a sea of blood was pouring down towards him.

The immensity of its flesh aura was simply shocking!

What was even more shocking was that the bodies, flesh aura seas, and domains of all the grand monarchs and God domain experts that had fallen into the tunnel previously had been shredded by the glorious lights, but that wasn’t the case for the Ripper Behemoth.

Its fleshly form basically remained together to keep its original shape.

Even though its blood poured down like a rainstorm, its body only seemed to be covered in cracks, without shattering like the others.

Soon, after the devil clouds wrapping around its body were ground down and vanished, its body seemed to expand to its original size. However, the strange thing was that it didn’t seem to be taking up too much space in the tunnel.

Then, Nie Tian watched it fall to a dark area that was very far away from where they were.

Astonished, Dong Li asked, “How vast is this place? How can it contain something as large as the Ripper Behemoth?” 

Before she had dived into the tunnel, she had been under the impression that this tunnel was somewhere in the depths of the Realm of Shadow Devil.

However, how large could the Realm of Shadow Devil be?

That Ripper Behemoth should be about the same size of the entire Realm of Shadow Devil.

If it had, in fact, fallen to a place under the surface of the Realm of Shadow Devil, why hadn’t the realm burst because of it?

Looking surprised, Ji Cang said, “Don’t tell me that you still think we're somewhere under the surface of the Realm of Shadow Devil. The truth is that we’re in a whole other place, a strange place that I’m not even sure is in the Void World. Just this darkness alone is vaster than we can imagine. As for the Dark Abyss… who knows what its inside is like?”

Sensing something through his bloodline, Nie Tian’s expression suddenly flickered. “It’s not dead! It’s still alive!” 

After he activated his Life Detection bloodline talent, the dark area the Ripper Behemoth had fallen to became as bright as the rising sun in his senses!

“It’s regathering flesh power! It won’t be long before it comes and finds me! It has sensed my existence as well!”

At that moment, they all noticed that the darkness around them was rapidly becoming brighter and brighter.

A peculiar life aura slowly dispersed from the outside world.

To his surprise, Nie Tian discovered that all of the coexisting flowers, Demon Eyes Flowers, Spectre Trees, and Carrion Flowers seemed to be rattled.

The Heavenly Demonsbanes even curled up in fear upon sensing that aura.

“The Tree of Life is here,” Ji Cang said. “Compared to it, all of the devil plants and spirit plants here aren’t even worth mentioning.”


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