Chapter 1702: The Sectmaster

There were many more who had been possessed by Heavenly Demonsbanes, like Hua Mu.

When he took a closer look, Nie Tian realized that dozens of experts had been reduced to being the Heavenly Demonsbane’s food.

Its seeds were so widespread that they could be found across the three worlds.

Soil made of the fleshly bodies of living beings would help the seeds grow until they found a chance to possess them.

Some of the hosts had long known of the Heavenly Demonsbane’s existence in their bodies, while others didn’t know until they died.

The seeds of the Heavenly Demonsbanes had a clear spiritual connection with the largest Heavenly Demonsbane, which allowed them to communicate from different worlds.

As soon as the seeds grew up, they would bewitch them to find a way to come here and become a tribute to the colossal Heavenly Demonsbane.

Among the many who had been possessed and engulfed, Hua Mu had been relatively weak.

Nie Tian noticed that even grand monarchs of some unknown races, whose bloodlines had reached the tenth grade, had been entwined by the Heavenly Demonsbanes and had their blood essence and souls absorbed before they had died.

The Heavenly Demonsbane’s soul awareness sounded wantonly. “What a pity! If I’d planted a seed in your body when you were young, when it blossomed and bore fruit, it would have been very helpful to me. What a pure rich life aura you have!”

The vines that had wrapped tightly around Nie Tian’s true form were as cold and shiny as metal.

The power that came from it was mighty enough to break most grand monarchs into pieces.


Suddenly, the tips of the vines stabbed into his fleshly body like sharp blades.

The mouths on the vines were like giant pythons. They nibbled at Nie Tian’s flesh and intended to drink his blood.

“What a crude method to extract flesh power,” Nie Tian said scornfully, as Bloodline Crystal Chains suddenly brightened in his heart.

His true form burst forth with dazzling light, and his bloodline talent Life Drain suddenly burst forth.


His flesh aura clashed violently with the gnawing powers from the vines.

The Heavenly Demonsbane sensed danger.

The largest Heavenly Demonsbane stretched out its vines again. Instead of binding his flesh, the new vines pierced his true form like sharp spears, creating numerous bloody holes in him.


Nie Tian’s nine doppelgangers finally came roaring and scattered to attack the smaller Heavenly Demonsbanes.

Raging flames surged out from his flame doppelgänger. In an inconceivable manner, orange flames flew out of the unique arrays connecting to the Flame Land.

Unexpectedly, Nie Tian sensed the aura of the Divine Flame, Nie Yan, and the Flame Land, even though they were currently separated by seemingly infinite space.

A small Heavenly Demonsbane was touched by the orange flames.

In an instant, it started burning violently.

This also caused the largest Heavenly Demonsbane to let out a bitter soul cry, “The aura in these flames... Ah!”


The vines that wrapped around Nie Tian instantly released him and scrambled back.

Then, the colossal Heavenly Demonsbane fled like crazy, as if it had seen a ghost.

The small Heavenly Demonsbanes looked like its shadows as they hurried to follow the departing giant plant.

The Heavenly Demonsbane had given up on nibbling at Nie Tian.

It wasn’t his bloodline that it feared, but the flames from his flame doppelgänger.

Nie Tian was in a daze.

While he was lost in thought, his fleshly body that had been pierced by the vines quickly healed.

In the blink of an eye, he returned to his original state.

At this time, all of his doppelgangers and sub-souls rushed into his true form and became part of it, like young swallows returning to their nest, which allowed his Life-origin Form to reappear.

“The Flame Land lies in the Domain of Flame’s End in the Mortal World, while this is the entrance to the Dark Abyss in the Void World,” Nie Tian said, looking surprised. “Why does it seem like my flame domain can connect to the Flame Land directly?”

He thought he sensed the Divine Flame’s and Nie Yan’s auras, and sensed their presence.

However, this didn’t make any sense.

A cold voice and a charming, seductive voice sounded at the same time. “Nie Tian, Nie Tian...”

While one voice sounded in his ear, the other voice reverberated around his sea of soul awareness.

Both voices came from Mu Biqiong, but they seemed to be from two sources.

“Coexisting flowers!” Nie Tian thought to himself. 

Recalling Hua Mu’s death, he felt a chill in his heart, and guessed that Mu Biqiong, the Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect, who had once almost gotten intimate with him, must be in a similar situation.

Since there was such a colossal Heavenly Demonsbane here, there must be similar coexisting flowers.

The colossal Heavenly Demonsbane was no less powerful than a late tenth grade grand monarch. As for the coexisting flowers, they would only be more powerful.

Hua Mu’s death had grieved him, but Mu Biqiong’s death… wouldn’t grieve him much.

Suddenly, another voice came from a distant, dark area. “Nie Tian...”

The moment he heard this voice, his expression instantly changed. He desperately flew towards it as fast as he could.

This new voice came from Dong Li, who sounded very weak.


His Magnetic Star Crystal suddenly burst forth with bright starlight and flew away, as if it were attracted by something.

Unexpectedly, it was heading in the same direction as Dong Li’s cry.

Nie Tian flew at his fastest speed possible.

He deliberately displayed his flame domain and filled his surroundings with the Divine Flame’s aura. Many devil plants and spirit plants like Spectre Trees, small Ghost Spirit Grasses, and Carrion Flowers avoided him as he dashed past.

In this entrance to the Dark Abyss, the Divine Flame’s aura seemed to have a particularly strong deterrent effect.

Blaming himself a bit, Nie Tian sped up again. “If I’d known this, I would have emitted the Divine Flame’s aura immediately after I came down here!”

Like a flaming meteor, he darted through the darkness below, illuminating his surroundings.

Many light balls that were like ghostly fire flickered in the darkness, like terrifying beasts and evil spirits watching the flame meteor quietly, but they all remained restrained instead of acting rashly.

Some abominations that had never traveled the three worlds didn’t recognize Nie Tian, but were familiar with the flames’ unique aura, so they remained silent and motionless.

After a short, smooth journey, he finally found Dong Li and a haggard, scrawny old man in a cyan shirt.

The old man was holding the Magnetic Star Crystal in his hand. He shook his head and sighed with a bitter smile on his face, “It’s too late, too late.”

“Nie Tian!” shouted Dong Li, who looked pale and was holding the Dark Aureole with both hands, trying to protect herself and the shrunken black tortoise with dark light.

Her eyes were full of wariness, as if something in the dark had been attacking her.

The expression of the old man in the cyan shirt changed, and his eyes suddenly brightened. “Is he Nie Tian? Is he a current Son of the Stars of my sect?”

“Yes, he is,” Dong Li replied proudly.

“Who are you?” “Nie Tian asked, feeling puzzled.

“Ji Cang, the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace,” Dong Li said.

Nie Tian was greatly shocked. “Sectmaster!”

Although he already had a hunch that he was Ji Cang, he was thrilled to see this legendary sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, who hadn’t shown himself since he had joined the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

After all, he had been the strongest cultivator in the Mortal World for years!

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