Chapter 1697: The Azure Heaven Divine Emperor


Yin Xingtian’s wrist twisted, and the Heavenbreaker thrust directly towards Grand Monarch Bone Piercer.

At the same time, changes happened to the Heavenbreaker!

The Heavenbreaker, which looked like a flowing river, seemed to be erased of its makeup as blinding cyan light burst forth from within the blade.


A sword clanking sound that had been hidden for decades suddenly echoed out.

The misty, cyan light surrounding the Heavenbreaker rapidly disappeared into the blade, which then morphed into an unearthly divine sword that seemed to be forged from a whole mysterious, cyan crystal.

“The Azure Heaven Divine Sword!”

“The Azure Heaven Divine Emperor!”

Mo Heng from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion exclaimed in astonishment.


Yin Xingtian’s sword domain then morphed into a heaven and earth condensed from countless cyan sword lights, where there stood a divine mountain peak.

Atop the mountain peak, a forest of spiritual swords had been planted into the ground.

If one examined it with rapt attention, one would find that every sword light that made up the Godspan Sword Formation, which was now hovering around Nie Tian, corresponded to a spiritual sword atop that divine mountain peak.

The sword lights of the Godspan Sword Formation let out low cheerful cries as they hovered, as if they were birds returning to their nests.

Nie Tian, who had finally broken free from the bone throne, was deeply shaken.

Watching Yin Xingtian thinking hard with a deep frown, he found him rather unfamiliar.

“Azure Heaven, Azure Heaven Divine Sword, Azure Heaven Divine Emperor...” As he muttered to himself in a low voice, the Heavenbreaker, which had withdrawn the cyan light into itself, suddenly released a waterfall of immense sword intent that crashed towards Grand Monarch Bone Piercer.


The bone throne that had just reformed under Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s bloodline power shattered once again, and became countless dry bones.

Even the death formations that had been carved within the bones were severed one after another by the cyan sword light that shot across, giving rise to sharp whooshes.

Instead of fear and anger, reverence appeared in Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s eyes as he asked, “Who are you? You have to be someone special in human history!”

“I...” Yin Xingtian opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

However, as the others examined him closely, they were surprised to discover that countless memory sparks seemed to be bursting in the depths of his eyes and fusing distant memories with his soul.

“Patriarch Azure Heaven!” A Saint domain Qi warrior from the Heaven Span Pavilion suddenly cried out. “You... You’re the creator of the Godspan Sword Formation, the most famous sword god in our sect’s history: the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor!”

Everyone immediately started discussing this while staring excitedly at Yin Xingtian, who had been the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor in his previous life.

“The Azure Heaven Divine Emperor! The most brilliant cultivator in the Heaven Span Pavilion’s history!”

“Yes! It has to be him! It’s said that he was the one in the history of the Heaven Span Pavilion to make the most rapid advances in cultivation. Pardon me, not just the history of the Heaven Span Pavilion, but the history of the entire human race!”

“The Azure Heaven Divine Emperor was the one who mastered the Dao of the sword and stepped into the late God domain in merely five hundred years!”

“However, his incredibly fast advances also made his cultivation base unsteady. Shortly after entering the late God domain, he made a bold attempt to take a step further, where he failed and died a violent death. According to the Heaven Span Pavilion, even his soul perished, which eliminated his chance at rebirth.”

“It was thanks to his great vision that the Godspan Sword Formation was first established at the Heaven Span Pavilion’s headquarters. After that, it was gradually modified and perfected by generations of disciples of the Heaven Span Pavilion, which allowed it to have today’s glory.”

“No wonder Yin Xingtian was able to interact with the Godspan Sword Formation as soon as he entered the early God domain!”

“During the days when he cultivated in the Streamcloud Sword Sect, Yin Xingtian always tempered his cultivation base to the extreme before advancing to the next level. Among all the disciples of the Streamcloud Sword Sect, his advances in cultivation were the slowest, but also the steadiest. He spent so long perfecting his cultivation base at the late Saint domain that he nearly exhausted his lifespan before entering the early God domain.”

“He must have done this because he’s been under the influence of the residual will from his previous life, where he was the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor!”

“He must have regretted having an unstable cultivation base in his previous life, so he chose to practice cultivation in the opposite way in this life, making sure that his every step in cultivation was steady and flawless!”

“No wonder his cultivation base experienced an unexpected boom. His underlying awareness must have been awakened when he was under great pressure.”

“He practically peaked in sword cultivation in his previous life already. Then, in this life, he’s spent so many years building up his knowledge about sword magics. I suppose no one in history can match his accumulation in the Dao of the sword!”

Yin Xingtian slowly lifted his lowered chin, and there were no more cyan sparks bursting in the depths of his eyes. “I... am awake.”


In a split second, he shot across the void and arrived in front of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer.


Heaven-defying sword intent rushed out of his god domain in an overwhelming manner, causing the Ghostly Corpse Snakes that were lurking in the dark around Grand Monarch Bone Piercer to explode one after another.

A grave look filled Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s widened eyes.

At this moment, he realized that an opponent who could match him had finally appeared.

That opponent was none other than Yin Xingtian, who was wielding the Godspan Sword Formation with a steadily improving cultivation base and a soaring aura.


Dry bones collided with one another in the void.

The Ghostly Corpse Snakes snapped by Yin Xingtian’s sword intent seemed to be glued back together by Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s will and came back to life.

At the same time, the shattered bone throne came back together underneath him with a loud bam.

Immediately afterwards, Yin Xingtian’s azure heaven god domain and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s realm of death crashed into each other, as if two completely different heaven and earths were attempting to absorb each other.

The innumerable sword lights and ethereal sword intent in Yin Xingtian’s azure heaven god domain seemed to have their own awareness as they engaged in a fierce battle against the bright wisps of death power essence within Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s realm of death.

Brand new spatial rifts were ripped open in the area of the starry river where their battle took place.

The seal that had been cast upon the space in the Domain of Shadow Devil couldn’t withstand their devastating power, and failed the moment their battle broke out.

Pei Qiqi was the one to shrewdly perceive these changes.


She appeared beside Nie Tian, who was lost in thought. Then, with the power of the Space Boundaries Crystal, she took him, in his Life-origin Form, out of the area where Yin Xingtian and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer were engaged in a fierce battle.

“The spatial seal on the Domain of Shadow Devil is gone. If you want to...” As she said these words, countless spatial rifts manifested in the void behind her, as if she had moved all of the interweaving spatial rifts in the Void Illusion Mountain Range here.

“I can take everyone to the Doomed Star Sea!” She cried.

However, everyone seemed to be consumed with fury and senseless killing.

Not a single one responded to her. Even the Voidspirits had lost themselves in numbing, frenzied fights against the members of the three major races.

“It won’t mean anything,” Nie Tian said grimly. “I’m afraid this battle is bound to sweep across the three worlds. We can’t escape it.”

He had already sensed the arrival of the Tree of Life and the aura of the Ripper Behemoth.

The strongest experts from the three worlds had all come out of hiding to focus on the opening of the Dark Abyss.

This was going to be a great tribulation for every being in this starry river. The weak wouldn’t know it was coming, while the strong wouldn’t be able to escape it.

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