Chapter 1694: A Deadly Battlefield

Blood-colored light and brilliant spiritual power filled the starry river outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Saint domains spewed raging flames and boiling lava like erupting volcanoes.

Flesh aura seas that looked like the nether world swarmed with countless evil spirits and vicious souls that kept letting out ear-piercing shrieks and insidious cackles.

Mighty tools burst forth with boundless divine light, while devil blades slashed across the void to let out devil light that engulfed beings in flesh form.

Vast floating cities made of pale-white bones flew across the void to crash against god and saint domains.

Grand monarchs pointed with their fingers, and terrifying flesh auras shot forth like mountain ranges that stretched through the nine heavens.

Countless sword lights dashed through the void, searching for opportunities to pierce into the weakest points on the outsiders’ enormous bodies in order to deal the fatal strike.

If one observed from high above, one could see that all of the fragments and remains of the flesh aura seas, cultivators’ domains, and dissipating souls that were created in this fierce battle were spontaneously gathering and falling into the tunnel leading to the Dark Abyss, as if they were attracted by some hidden power.

Only a very small amount of the lingering flesh auras, which were in Nie Tian’s surroundings, were absorbed by his Life-origin Form through Life Drain.

Ninety-nine percent of the remains disappeared into the tunnel that was filled with glorious but deadly lights. It didn’t matter whether they were material fragments or discarnate souls.

All of them seemed to serve one purpose: satisfy the appetite of that ‘gate’...

The battle escalated.

Soon, Yan Bin was killed by the Netherspirits, along with a few other Saint domain human experts.

After a while, Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion, who was at the middle God domain, had his domain blown up by a Bonedrude grand monarch and his disembodied soul annihilated by a Netherspirit grand monarch.

Then, Zu Guangyao from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had his sunlight domain ripped apart by the Devil Cloud Halberd.

While powerful Saint domain and God domain human experts perished one after another, many senior members of the three major races of the Void World also suffered violent deaths.

The heads of powerful species that represented the peak strength of the three worlds were gathered in this place now.

Even grand monarchs and God domain experts were dying in this fierce battle, with their remains falling into the Dark Abyss, not to mention the Saint domain experts and grand patriarchs.

It looked as if the tunnel was expanding every few moments.

The devilish plants and spiritual flowers hiding and looming in the dark areas in the depths of the tunnel seemed to become easier to see.

Those fierce creatures that inspired fear across the three worlds swayed their branches and leaves, as if they were celebrating a feast where they were doing their utmost to devour power in order to make themselves grow faster.

They seemed to have waited for this day for a very, very long time.


In a silent area of the starry river that was countless kilometers away.

A vast starship shining with brilliant light slowly came to a stop.

In the shadow underneath the starship, Gupi’s enormous body was squirming, its insidious eyes looking around restlessly, as if it was going to charge out at any time.

If Nie Tian were here, he would have found that it had become even larger than when Wu Ji had imprisoned and taken it away.

The sea of acidic toxins it released seemed so deadly that it could reduce members of any species, even Star Behemoths, to blood and gore.

Jiang Yuanchi, the Shadow Society’s former sectmaster and the Lightspirits’ current high chieftain, stood on the brilliant starship with all of the Lightspirit experts standing behind him.

All of those powerful Lightspirits looked at him from behind with feverish looks in their eyes.

It appeared that Jiang Yuanchi had won the heartfelt acknowledgement of the Lightspirits.

Seeing that Jiang Yuanchi had remained silent for a long while after ordering to stop the starship, one of the Lightspirits couldn’t help but ask, “High Chieftain, do we sail for the Realm of Shadow Devil now? As you know, the gate to the Dark Abyss will only remain open for a short period of time. If we miss the time frame, we won’t be able to make it in.”

Jiang Yuanchi frowned and said with a berating tone, “What's the rush? The gate hasn’t opened yet. You have no idea how deadly the Realm of Shadow Devil is right now. If we barge into that area at this moment, I can’t even guarantee that I’ll be able to live long enough to see the gate open, much less you.”


Jiang Yuanchi smiled. “We wait. The battle taking place over there is nearing its end. The situation in the three worlds is going to experience great changes after this battle. It’ll set the tone for whether the three major races of the Void World will continue to rule the Void World, whether those from the Doomed Star Sea can march into the Void World, and whether the Spirit World and the Mortal World will collapse and be conquered by the Void World.

“More importantly, it’ll determine whether the Dark Abyss can actually make paragons.

“I’d like to see what being a paragon feels like too. If I join the ranks of paragons, the Lightspirits will overpower the Devils, the Bonedrudes, and the Netherspirits, and become the overlords of the Void World!”

The crowd of Lightspirits was greatly spirited after hearing these words.


Jiang Yuanchi suddenly gasped with astonishment, gazing into the depths of the starry river.

One of his eyes was as deep and dark as a frigid lake, while the other shone with boundless divine light like the brightest celestial stone. “The floating continent! I can’t believe the floating continent has actually crossed the Doomed Star Sea and entered the Void World!”

He could see that the floating continent was traveling at a high speed billions and billions of kilometers away.

Hiding inside the floating continent was the Ripper Behemoth.

Gupi let out a soul will that was filled with yearning.

Jiang Yuanchi let out a cold snort and muttered, “You’d better keep it to yourself. I know that you yearn for Star Behemoth flesh and blood, but that Ripper Behemoth is much stronger than you are right now. If you want to devour its flesh, you’ll have to be patient and wait for the right opportunity. You’ll get your chance after it suffers severe injuries.”

Gupi quieted down after hearing this.

Jiang Yuanchi gasped once again. “What the...?!”

This time, he was even more astonished than he had been when he had discovered the arrival of the floating continent.

He saw another vast landmass entering the Void World from another place, a place that should have been sealed!

The Silent Star Sea!

For millennia, the three major races of the Void World had made repeated attempts to explore this mysterious place connecting to the Spirit World. However, all of their attempts had turned out to be futile.

When the first-generation Tree of Life had withered and died, its heaven-changing, earth-altering power had sealed the Silent Star Sea, keeping the powerful beings of the Void World from entering the Spirit World.

In the meantime, not a single living being had crossed it into the Void World either, not until this day.

A vast azure landmass only slightly smaller than the floating continent had somehow crossed the Silent Star Sea into the Void World.

He also sensed an aura that made even him uneasy from that azure realm.

“What on earth is hiding in it? How did something like this survive even after the entire Spirit World ran out of its energies of heaven and earth?” He contemplated hard, but failed to find an answer.

Having stayed in the Void World for a long time, he didn’t know that Nie Tian and the others had found the origin of humanity in the Spirit World, which was the Realm of Middle Continent.

Of course he didn’t know that this realm flying from the Silent Star Sea at a high speed was none other than the Realm of Middle Continent, where the third-generation Tree of Life had taken root, and a giant almost as large as a Star Behemoth was buried.

“Things keep getting more and more complicated.”

Jiang Yuanchi grabbed his hair with a confused expression, and repeatedly urged Gupi to stay low. Under no circumstances should it release its aura to provoke the incoming realm.

“Start the starship and get out of here. We’re in someone’s way.” He ordered.


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