Chapter 1686: Sacrificial Offerings

Yan Bin from the Domain of Red Sunglow said in a shaky voice, secretly congratulating himself. “Thankfully, thankfully I stopped myself from leaving with them.”

There were no more pictures emerging on the Space Boundaries Crystal, but everyone knew that the experts of the three outsider races of the Void World were gathering slowly, and that they were well-prepared.

Otherwise, those who had fled wouldn’t have been killed with such precision.

“We should stop thinking about fleeing the Domain of Shadow Devil now,” Ye Wenhan of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace pondered for a moment, then said, “Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer is back. All of the devastated realms, remaining Devil Qi, and many spell formations in this domain are her eyes. Even the exposure of the Dark Abyss may be a trap set up by her.”

“All of us have come together in the Domain of Shadow Devil,” whispered the Snow Devil.

Nie Tian’s expression changed.

The experts of the four great ancient sects in the Mortal World, the surviving Voidspirits, the many crooked forces from the Doomed Star Sea, he himself, and later, Mo Heng and Fan Tianze.

Driven by the situation, almost all those who had entered the Void World had gathered to the Domain of Shadow Devil.

Was there an invisible hand behind this?

The high chieftain of the flame dragons had been killed by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. Could it be possible that Shao Tianyang, the sect master of the fire element sect, had also had an accident?

The Dark Abyss appeared in the Domain of Shadow Devil, and everyone arrived.

Immediately afterwards, the experts of the three outsider races sailed ancient starships to the Domain of Shadow Devil, as if they had made an appointment.

Nie Tian could hardly believe that this was all just a coincidence.

“Death Qi, Nether Qi, and Devil Qi have begun to fill the Domain of Shadow Devil,” Dylan, the Gilded Phoenix, said after squinting his eyes and sensing with his bloodline for a moment. “The three rich energies are slowly converging on the Realm of Shadow Devil. I suddenly have a feeling that...”


At this moment, several Saint domain Qi warriors who had left earlier came back.

They said with dejected faces, “Evil energies appeared in the starry river in the Domain of Shadow Devil, impeding our movement. When we flew in the starry river, our saint domains were being eroded, and we simply couldn’t stand it. By contrast, the evil energies are thinner around the Realm of Shadow Devil.”

The evil energies they were referring to were Death Qi, Nether Qi, and Devil Qi, which had a great influence on their saint domains.

“In my opinion, the word ‘fishing’ isn’t accurate,” Dylan said with a wry smile on his lips. “It looks like they’re driving a group of sheep and getting them to go into the sheep pen.”

“If we are the sheep, where is the sheep pen?” Nie Tian asked.

“The Domain of Shadow Devil is the sheep pen,” Dylan replied.

“No, I think the Dark Abyss is the sheep pen,” the Snow Devil said, lowering her head to look down at the gorgeous unusual lights, and the darkness that lay beyond. “My senses tell me that the experts of the three outsider races of the Void World have deliberately made us gather at the Domain of Shadow Devil and discover this entrance to the Dark Abyss.

“Now, they’re trying their best to get us to enter it.”

Hearing this, everyone was at a loss.

“Why?” Fan Tianze asked, feeling puzzled. “The top experts of the Spirit World and Mortal World thought up every possible way to enter the Dark Abyss. If the Dark Abyss holds priceless treasures and secrets that can help experts transcend their limits, the three outsider races should try and stop those who want to enter.”


The shattered saint domains of the human Qi warriors who had died miserably morphed into magnificent unusual lights that swarmed into the Dark Abyss, as if they were being pushed by some force.

The fragments of their saint domains were assimilated by the gorgeous lights in the passage, and joined them before they could reach the dark areas.

The passage became more and more brilliant and magical.

However, the faces of the people who were staring at the passage turned pale.

The fusion of the dead experts’ domain fragments and the unusual lights in the passage supported the Snow Devil’s theory — the Dark Abyss was the sheep pen.

“That...” Mo Heng, the grand elder, hesitated for a moment, then said, “your master knows the Dark Abyss quiet well. He had a wild guess.”

“What wild guess?” Fan Tianze asked in surprise.

The Snow Devil, Dylan, and many experts of the Doomed Star Sea fixed their eyes on him.

Everyone knew that Mo Heng’s following words might be the reason for the three outsider races’ abnormal movements.

“He said there was more than one entrance to the Dark Abyss,” Mo Heng said as he no longer hid the secret. “Some entrances are doomed to be dead ends, while others give those who enter a chance to survive. The entrances that are dead ends are easy to find, well-lit, and seemingly without many dangers.

“Those entrances are absolutely not like the one below, where there are countless devil plants and spirit plants that feed on intruders.

“Those usually look bright and safe, but once you step into it, you’ll die beyond the shadow of a doubt.

“He said that numerous top experts of the three worlds have died in those entrances, but none of them even made it through the ‘gate’ to the Dark Abyss.”

After a pause, he added, “By contrast, the entrances that give those who enter a chance to survive and hold numerous wonders usually look very dangerous, and are guarded by unusual things.

“For example, all those Heavenly Demonsbanes, Ghost Grass, and Spectre Trees are the unusual things guarding the entrance in front of us. If you want to enter the Dark Abyss through it, you’ll need a large number of sacrificial offerings.

“Only through blood sacrifices can one clear the entrance and open the so-called ‘gate.’

“The blood sacrifices either require many living beings, or many experts’ bodies and domain fragments. The stronger the experts, the better.

“Was that clear?”

Fan Tianze of the Heaven Span Pavilion stroked his nose and said in a grim voice, “Yes. We are the sacrificial offerings for the blood sacrifice! It’s like the phenomenon where outsiders or Ancientspirits threw sacrificial offerings into a deep sea or divine mountains to worship their ancestors in ancient times. Now, we are being used as sacrificial offerings by the three outsider races to make a blood sacrifice for the entrance to the Dark Abyss to open up.”

Fan Tianze’s sword intent soared through the heavens as infinite fury burned in his eyes.

However, most people’s expressions flickered with fear.

Ye Wenhan sighed. “If Qin Yao’s guess is true, we might be the sacrificial offerings this time. Most of the time, living sacrificial offerings are better than dead ones. If they fall into the darkness alive before their fleshly bodies are torn apart and their souls are eliminated, that should achieve the best effect.”

“Sacrificial offerings, sacrificial offerings...” Nie Tian murmured as he stared at the bright passage and kept recalling the picture where Dong Li had entered. “Has she become a sacrificial offering too?”

Like Fan Tianze, he felt an uncontrollable outburst of rage, and an unwillingness to yield.

His heart seemed to beat violently with rage. “They consider us to be sacrificial offerings, and want to knock at the gates of the Dark Abyss with our deaths!”

“Nie Tian, calm down,” Mo Heng exclaimed softly. “Grand Monarch Soul Capturer of the Netherspirits probably didn’t join this operation because he had to deal with the Chaos Behemoth. But with Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer around, it’ll be very hard for us to win this battle. What’s more, we’re in the Domain of Shadow Devil of the Void World, which is their territory.”

“Grand elder, what shall we do?” Nie Tian asked.

Mo Heng looked at Dylan and the Snow Devil and said, “You… should have a way to communicate with the people in the Doomed Star Sea. At this point, if we can’t retreat to the Doomed Star Sea, then we need them to try their best. The other kingpins and Qin Yao must show up quickly so we can have a chance to live.”

Dylan shook his head and said with a wry smile, “We tried immediately after Grand Monarch Hell Demon had that incident. It was useless. None of our soul messages and soul strands can get through.”


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