Chapter 1683: They’re Here!

Mu Biqiong and Hua Mu gazed into the entrance to the Dark Abyss, but didn’t dare to approach it.

The goal of them coming on this trip to the Void World was to figure out the secrets of the Heavenly Demonsbane and the coexisting flowers, so they could end their coexisting state.

However, now that they had finally found the Dark Abyss, they started to have second thoughts.

The more they learned about the Dark Abyss, the more afraid they became.

Even mighty beings like the titan high chieftain and Ji Cang that had inspired fear across the starry river were either lying dead or trapped in it. Even Fan Tianze’s torrential sword intent had been bested by a mere branch of the Ghost Grass.

Countless condensations of prying spiritual power and soul power had been eliminated. All of these proved how deadly the Dark Abyss was.

It didn’t matter whether they were experts from the Doomed Star Sea or cultivators from the Mortal World. Right now, all of them were gathered outside the entrance of the Dark Abyss and hesitated about their next move.

The three kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea warned the experts present against making any rash decisions.

After seeing that Fan Tianze had nearly been injured by that branch of the Ghost Grass, the powerful experts from the Mortal World also stopped itching to enter.

They discussed their options floating above the entrance to the Dark Abyss.

However, no one dared to make any moves.

There were also no signs of Chu Rui coming out.

Time passed bit by bit.

After an unknown period of time, Dong Li, who was dressed in black garments, suddenly released her Dark Aureole with a charming smile. “I’ll go down there first.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly. “You?”

Dong Li nodded slightly. “Yes, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be alright. The Dark Aureole will protect me. After all, this is the Domain of Shadow Devil, the place where the Dark King was born.”


Before Nie Tian could stop her, she dove into the pit holding the Dark Aureole and standing on the black tortoise.

As soon as she entered, countless beams of glorious light emerged in the dark entrance to the Dark Abyss.

Many grand monarchs and God domain experts gasped.

They shrewdly sensed the heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing power within those beams of gorgeous light.

They doubt that even they themselves could survive those beams of light, much less Dong Li.


The Dark Aureole in Dong Li’s hand released a ward that enveloped her like a huge pitch-black umbrella.

The purest dark light burst forth from it, along with a mysterious, ancient aura, which protected her from all of the beams of light that shot across.

Surprised, Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect said, “This is strange… Those beams of light attacking her seem deadly, but Chu Rui didn’t seem to be attacked when he went down earlier.”

The others also saw the anomaly.

Dong Li seemed to have triggered some terrifying defensive mechanism after entering with the Dark Aureole, and was being baptized by those beams of light. Earlier, Fan Tianze’s sword light had also triggered the violent attack of the Ghost Grass.

It seemed that people would be met with different challenges when they attempted to enter the Dark Abyss.

With the Dark Aureole floating above her, Dong Li gradually disappeared into the darkness. Those devilish plants and sinister flowers she passed through didn’t attack her.

“Dong Li seems to have entered the abyss.” Hua Mu, who hosted a Heavenly Demonsbane, said with narrowed eyes. “I suppose she’s safe for the time being.”

Nie Tian let out a weak sigh of relief.

After seeing Chu Rui and Dong Li make safe entrances, a late Saint domain old man from the Delicate Water Sect let out a long laugh and shot straight down like a sword. “Let me give it a try!”

At the same time, he didn’t forget to preach to the others, “The way I see it, the defensive mechanisms won’t be triggered as long as we enter in our fleshly form. Both Vice Sectmaster Chu and Miss Dong entered safely. But when we tried to send our powers and spirit tools in there earlier, they were met by all sorts of fierce attacks.”

The eyes of many present lit up after they heard his theory.

They had also seen that Chu Rui and Dong Li seemed to have triggered different defenses of the tunnel when they had entered. Even so, they had both passed through the tunnel into the dark land that lay beyond. By contrast, their Star Eyes and various condensations of powers had exploded midway.

“Perhaps he’s right. Living beings may actually be exempt from certain harm.”

They started to agree with the man.

However, their fantasy burst in a brutal way in the next moment.


The misty water domain of that late-stage Saint domain Qi warrior from the Delicate Water Sect suddenly exploded before it could even cover a third of the tunnel.

The glorious streaks of light that had attacked Dong Li earlier but had been stopped by the Dark Aureole brutally ripped his water domain to shreds.

His fleshly body was also torn to pieces under everyone’s gazes.

Upon losing his body, his soul immediately scrambled upwards in great fear and regret.

However, an unidentified bolt of lightning flashed across, and his soul was reduced to smoke that rapidly scattered.

At that moment, a peculiar tree leaf stretched out of the darkness and rose in an ethereal manner.

After wrapping around the man’s scattering soul in a swift motion, the tree leaf seemed to smile cunningly as it retreated into the darkness.

Floating in the sky in the Realm of Shadow Devil, the crowd of experts that had been itching to enter the tunnel sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately dropped the idea.

Their hearts were still fluttering with fear as they pictured what would have happened if they had followed him into the tunnel. Then, they secretly celebrated the fact that they hadn’t.

Even though the Dark Abyss might hold the most precious treasures throughout the three worlds and the secrets to ultimate power, they had to weigh the pros and cons if there was a good chance that they would explode and die on their way in.

After all, that late Saint domain Qi warrior from the Delicate Water Sect had perished so easily before making very little resistance.

If they made their own attempts, would they be able to pass through the tunnel safely, as Dong Li and Chu Rui had?

It was well-established that the entrance to the Dark Abyss was filled with all sorts of devilish flowers and spirit plants. Would Chu Rui and Dong Li really find themselves in a safe environment on the other side?

These thoughts calmed their restless souls.

Even the Snow Devil’s expression flickered as she said, “That was the leaf of a Spectre Tree. It’s said that every leaf of the Spectre Tree has its own soul awareness. And a Spectre Tree is a combination of thousands of different soul awareness. Rumor has it that Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits’ secret cultivation method was inspired by Spectre Trees.

“There’s another saying that Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had a Spectre Tree growing inside of him!

“Spectre Trees feed on souls and refine them into new leaves, which is how they grow and transform. The fact that they have to devour souls to grow makes them even more terrifying than Heavenly Demonsbanes. Any Netherspirit dreams about having a wondrous Spectre Tree of their own and practicing secret soul magics with its help.

“However, if there’s a mishap, they themselves may end up food for the Spectre Tree.

“After all, Netherspirits are a delicious dish to Spectre Trees as well...”

The Snow Devil had fought Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits a few times in the Doomed Star Sea, and had a deep impression of his secret soul-split incantation.

She had always suspected that an incomparably strong Spectre Tree was growing inside of him.

She was sure of this even though she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes. She also suspected that... perhaps Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had already been possessed by a Spectre Tree, and that Spectre Tree was walking this starry river in Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ body.

Of course, these were only her speculations. There hadn’t been any proof.


At that moment, the countless rays of pale-gray crystalline strings inside of Pei Yukong suddenly burst forth with devastating death power.

His face grew even paler as life seemed to be drained from his eyes at an alarming rate.

His heartbeat gradually became too weak to be detected.

Dylan took a sideways glance at him and concluded with an expressionless face, “It doesn’t seem that he’ll make it.” 

Pei Qiqi cast her gaze down and clenched her fists as she muttered through gritted teeth, “Grand Monarch Sharp Bones and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes!”

“Th-they are here!” Pei Yukong suddenly cried out. Like the final radiance of a setting sun, he glanced around and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Come on! Establish spatial tunnels and activate spell formations! I have a feeling that the Bonedrudes have sent all of their elite forces after us!”


Wisp after wisp of smoke that looked like pale spirit snakes flew out of his nostrils, eyes, and ears, and shot towards the crowd.


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