Chapter 1680: Magnetic Star Crystal

“From now on, if I hear you make another rude remark about me or my father, your sect or clan will be eliminated from this starry river!” Nie Tian said, sitting in the lotus position in the middle of his dazzling star domain. The Heavenly Stars Flower was swaying gently behind him, channeling brilliant star power from the depths of the starry river, while the All Manifestations Star Banner spread above him like a curtain of starlight that enveloped all realms.

At this moment, he looked like a god that ruled this entire starry river.

The profound connection between his star power sub-soul and star domain seemed to allow him to hear the miserable wails of star cores coming from every realm in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The entire Domain of Shadow Devil was on the verge of extinction due to Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s leaving.

Almost every heaven and earth had suffered calamity, and was rapidly withering.

Only the Realm of Shadow Devil gave him a feeling that it still had a cold, dark vigor hidden inside its star core.

“My breakthrough to the middle God domain...”

A thought entered his mind as he laid his eyes on the old Saint domain experts who had advocated setting all the human forces against him and Qin Yao again.

He found some of them familiar.

They were the ones who had demanded that he should give his Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir away in order to make more God domain experts that would create a strong resistance against the invaders from the Spirit World in the Heaven Span Pavilion.

They were also the ones who had fantasized about entering the floating continent and seizing fortunes for themselves when the floating continent had opened up.

Thanks to them, he had come to a deep understanding of the saying: a man who rests content with nothing is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant.

Now, he had decided to stop showing mercy to these kinds of people.

Furthermore, his current strength allowed him to deal with them the way he should have long ago.


As soon as he flicked his sleeve, the All Manifestations Star Banner flicked as well, causing numerous fragmentary stars to fall out of it.

The old Saint domain cultivators that had demanded Qin Yao and Nie Tian be held accountable earlier fell out of the banner along with the fragmentary Stars. Each and every one of them had a peculiar crystal floating before their chests.

Those crystals were condensations of refined star power.

Eyes narrowed, they examined them with rapt attention, and then discovered that the countless starlight sparks seemed to be manifesting the profound truths of star power and presenting the secrets of realms being born within the crystals.

This was a divine ability they had never seen before. A chill rose in their hearts as they stared unblinkingly at the crystals.

Mo Heng’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed in astonishment, “Fragmentary Stars! They’re the essence of the Fragmentary Star Incantation. Fragmentary Stars are condensed from star cores. After being vested with the wonders of the Fragmentary Star Incantation, they can be refined into fragmentary star marks. Other than that, since they spontaneously gather star power from their surroundings, they can also be very helpful in battle.”

Strong desire was written across their faces as Chu Rui, Dou Tianchen, and every other Qi warrior from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace stared unblinkingly at the Fragmentary Stars that had fallen out of the All Manifestations Star Banner, but were brimming with Nie Tian’s spiritual aura.

There were hundreds of Fragmentary Stars. All of them were the size of a fist, but their shape varied. Some were prismatic. Some were egg-like, while others were pyramidal.

Their color varied as well. They were dark red, orange, and emerald.

The one thing they all had in common was that they all shone with dazzling light and contained rich star power and soul power.


The Fragmentary Stars suddenly flew from the chests of the Saint domain elders, who had been rendered speechless, and returned to the All Manifestations Star Banner.


At that moment, people noticed that the crimson bone that belonged to the Rampage Behemoth seemed to be cutting a curious crystalline object above Nie Tian like a sharp blade.

As it did, Fragmentary Stars were being separated and falling off of it.

Every time a Fragmentary Star broke off, Nie Tian would infuse it with his star and soul power with the method recorded in the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

As soon as his power fused into a Fragmentary Star, he would have a peculiar feeling that the Fragmentary Star was vested with life, which allowed it to spontaneously absorb starlight from the starry river, turn it into his source of power, and help him perceive changes in his surroundings.

It was as if it were transformed into a wondrous star power core, only weaker.

Then, he resorted to his connection with the fragmentary star marks, and found a brand new text about the refining method and magical use of Fragmentary Stars.

“Star Eyes, or Heaven Eyes, are like intangible eyes that can be used to detect spirits and explore hidden truths.

“Fragmentary Stars are made from the star core fragments that are collected from the starry river. They can spontaneously absorb star power from their surroundings, and fuse it into their master. Like special vessels, they can also release a shocking amount of star power in battle. If one is strong enough and capable of controlling more than one of them simultaneously, the spell formation they set up with them can generate incomparably destructive power in battle.

“Star Eyes are intangible, but Fragmentary Stars are tangible...”

Numerous wonders and exquisite uses of Fragmentary Stars manifested themselves with great clarity within the third fragmentary star mark.

Nie Tian did nothing more than take a quick glance at them, and they were permanently engraved in his mind.

Shortly afterwards, Nie Tian awoke from the fragmentary star mark with a shudder. Elation appeared at the corner of his mouth as he spotted Mo Heng. Bowing respectfully, he said, “Grand Elder!” 

Only after that did he turn to Fan Tianze and said, “Senior Fan.”

As Mo Heng nodded slightly, Fan Tianze laughed and said, “You’re indeed full of surprises, kid. If what I suspect is correct...”

He paused to fix his eyes on the wondrous crystal that was being cut by the behemoth bone. “That’s a Magnetic Star Crystal, right?”

Blazing desire had long since filled the eyes of Chu Rui, Dou Tianchen, and many others.

“Umm, I honestly don’t know,” Nie Tian said frankly. 

Pointing at the Rampage Behemoth’s bone that was cutting the crystal, he added, “That bone seems to have found it in the depths of the earth. It clung onto the bone, so the bone wrapped it in its flesh aura and carried it to the surface. What amazes me the most is that those tiny crystals that are attached to it are actually fragments from star cores.”

Chu Rui took a deep breath and said with excitement, “That’s a Magnetic Star Crystal indeed! Nie Tian, Magnetic Star Crystals are a unique kind of magnetic object that are very precious and extremely hard to find. Unlike regular magnets, they attract star cores. When realms explode, fragments of their star cores will drift through the starry river and crash into random places along with the falling stars. As long as there’s a Magnetic Star Crystal nearby, they’ll be attracted and attach themselves to it.

“Back in the day, our sectmaster traveled through the Mortal World and the Doomed Star Sea just to find those legendary items.

“Unfortunately, in our sect’s entire history, only one patriarch was able to find one in the Doomed Star Sea billions of years ago, and he failed to obtain it.

“To those of us who practice the Fragmentary Star Incantation, they’re like divine objects!”

The blazing looks in the eyes of Dou Tianchen and the others grew even more intense.

Having his horizons broadened, Nie Tian stared at the Magnetic Star Crystal, which wasn’t large, but had numerous multicolored star core fragments attached to it, and said in surprise, “I had no idea that it’s actually so precious.”

“Where did it come from?” Chu Rui asked in a hurry.

Nie Tian pointed down and said, “There.”

Everyone present seemed to have their desires sparked.

“The Dark Abyss!”

“The entrance to the Dark Abyss where the titan high chieftain’s corpse lies!”

“Perhaps only a place like the Dark Abyss can give birth to Magnetic Star Crystals.”

“What else could be in there, other than Magnetic Star Crystals?”

At that moment, Dong Li approached Nie Tian and asked, “Your bloodline... doesn’t seem to have upgraded.”

Nie Tian frowned slightly and said, “There was a mishap, and I used the power somewhere else. It was Grand Monarch Soul Capturer of the Netherspirits. He nearly possessed me through the Spirit Pearl. Oh, right. The Grand Monarch Nether Spirit who ruled the Spirit World for a whole era is the Grand Monarch Soul Capturer today!”

Mo Heng was flabbergasted. “What?!” 

The Snow Devil, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, and Dylan also stood aghast, their expressions flickering drastically.


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