Chapter 1677: Kill!

“Ahh!” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer screamed.

His scream exploded in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness like thousands of sharp silver needles.

Nie Tian’s true soul said grimly, “You deserve it!”

The pieces of misty space from the shattered Spirit Pearl still shone with brilliant green light.

“Grand Soul Wringer!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

Then, a colossal wringer, which seemed to be able to crush all the living beings in the world, was formed by him with his soul awareness and soul power.

As soon as the ancient heavy wringer was formed, soul symbols flew out of Nie Tian’s true soul and fused into it.

It started to rotate slowly.


The pieces of misty space from the shattered Spirit Pearl looked like broken porcelain, and were absorbed by the wringer. As the wringer rotated, they were ground to dust.

In the dust, there were rays of broken light, which were broken soul strands that contained Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s soul awareness.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s scream became harsher and more ear-piercing. “Qin Yao!”

He had no time to pay attention to Nie Tian, but focused his attention on the three bright fragmentary star marks that were hanging high above him.

Countless human ancient symbols suddenly fused into three rivers of starlight, and flew out of the three fragmentary star marks.

The rivers, which were full of dazzling stars, charged at Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul that had manifested in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness.


Oddly enough, a loud sound of rushing waters came from the Nether River that Grand Monarch Soul Capture had condensed to surround the Spirit Pearl.

Immediately afterwards, the Nether River disappeared.

Now, both the Spirit Pearl and Nether River were gone.

Only Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul remained in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness. As it was pierced by the rivers of starlight, many mysterious, ancient dazzling symbols ravaged Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer let out cries of pain that grew shriller and shriller.

At the same time, Nie Tian was surprised to perceive that the soul power that had been taken from his true soul and sub-souls was flowing violently back into this space, which was his sea of soul awareness!

Moreover, the soul power was also mixed with a tremendous amount of power that didn’t belong to him.

It appeared to be soul power that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had condensed and hidden in the Spirit Pearl and Nether River.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul gradually grew transparent, giving people a very illusory feeling that it looked like a reflection in water.


The soul strings and soul symbols forming it were engulfed by the starlight and flooded into the river of stars.

Suddenly, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul vanished completely.

The three shining rivers of starlight then returned to the three incomparably wondrous fragmentary star marks.

Nie Tian was just about to talk when the three fragmentary star marks flew directly out of his sea of soul awareness.

They rested on his chest again.

He sensed them with a strand of soul awareness, and saw that numerous soul symbols were now floating in the three fragmentary star marks. The soul symbols lined up neatly and morphed into three soul texts that recorded soul wonders.

They were three texts in the Book of Spirits!


His true soul and nine sub-souls regathered power in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness.

A stronger soul power from the Spirit Pearl and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer wandered masterless in his sea of soul awareness and happened to be recklessly refined and engulfed by him.

He recovered quickly.


Somewhere in the Void World.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s true form clutched the Spirit Scepter tightly, his thin cheeks covered in blood, giving him a scary look. 

“Qin Yao!” His earth-shattering shout shook space, emitting a loud crackle.

A Voidspirit who wanted to escape with Void Travel was suddenly exposed.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer pointed the Spirit Scepter at him.

Like a ball of mysterious light, the soul of the Voidspirit, who carried a ninth-grade bloodline, was instantly sucked out by the scepter and swallowed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer.

He grunted as he chewed, as if he were savoring delicious food. The blood on his face gradually faded.

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer and Grand Monarch Soul Converger simply stood next to him and said nothing.

The Chaos Behemoth had been confined to a desolate and lifeless realm in the distance with many restrictions.

The restrictive power of the realm didn’t seem to be strong enough to kill the Chaos Behemoth. Meanwhile, the Chaos Behemoth seemed to still have confidence in its strength, and showed no fear.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer brandished the Spirit Scepter in his hand and pointed it in the air repeatedly. “Absorb!”

Every time he pointed it at a place, the void rippled with spatial power, and space cracked.

Moments later, huge ferocious souls wreathed in raging soul power were forcibly pulled from the unknown places where they were confined.


Grand Monarch Soul Capturer suddenly opened his mouth.

His mouth was like a blue abyss that engulfed all the ferocious souls.

The ferocious souls wailed, pleaded in horror and struggled for their lives.

Noticing Grand Monarch Soul Slayer and Grand Monarch Soul Converger, a few of them uttered shrills that the two grand monarchs could hear, begging them to put in some words for them.

However, that changed nothing.

All the souls drawn by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer disappeared into his mouth.

The dim eyes of Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who was holding the Spirit Scepter, lit up again. Within a short time, his lost soul power had been restored with the help of those ferocious souls.

However, Grand Monarch Soul Slayer and Grand Monarch Soul Converger’s expressions flickered slightly. Then, they slowly bowed their heads.

They knew some of the ferocious souls.

There were not only the souls of dead grand monarchs from the Doomed Star Sea and Spirit World, but also the souls of dead Devils and Netherspirits.

It was their style to kill the experts of the Doomed Star Sea and their enemies from the Spirit World and Mortal World, refine them into ferocious souls, and swallow them to make up for lost soul power at critical moments.

However, the souls of dead Netherspirits… could be revived.

Those souls of their clansmen had been obviously complete ones that could be revived through some young bodies. However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had taken that opportunity away from them by ruthlessly refining them into ferocious souls so that he could swallow them when he was weak.

His behavior made both Grand Monarch Soul Slayer and Grand Monarch Soul Converger uneasy.

Having regained most of his power, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer explained casually to the two grand monarchs, “Those clansmen have betrayed our race by secretly associating with the people of the Doomed Star Sea. Those who have betrayed us don’t deserve to be revived!”

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer and Grand Monarch Soul Converger nodded slowly to show that they understood.


In the Devils’ territory.

The high chieftain of the flame dragons, who had broken free from the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, showed up in a realm full of raging Devil Qi and wandered in the sky like a burning mountain range.

The flame dragon twisted in the air as its claws curled up like a ball and cast down balls of fire.

Numerous Devils screamed and fled everywhere.

Ninth grade grand patriarchs had barely flown into the sky before they were torn to pieces by the chieftain’s claws.

An early tenth grade devil beast growled and charged into the sky.

However, before the black, bull-like devil beast could reach him, it was ignited by a mouthful of fire from the chieftain.

The chieftain smiled darkly. “You’re courting death! All of you are courting death!”

The earthcore flame that had been deeply buried in the realm was activated by his bloodline. Volcanoes spewed out deep purple lava and flames that reduced even more Devils into blood that merged into the lava.

All of a sudden, a terrifying colossal devil god came across the sky, grabbed the high chieftain of the flame dragons as if he were a snake, and pulled with great power. “You’re courting death, too.”

The chieftain’s burning body, which was nearly ten thousand meters long and was as tough as iron, was torn apart!

His blood, bones and flesh filled the sky and fell.

“Drink his blood,” the devil god said and immediately vanished.

In the devil realm, all the devils fanatically searched for the chieftain’s blood, bones, and flesh, and chowed down on them.

Every drop of dragon blood and every fragment of the torn chieftain emitted purple black devil light, as they were confined by devil power and thus lost any chance of revival.


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