Chapter 1670: The Fall of A Demon

In the Realm of Middle Continent in the Spirit World.

Torrents of energy started charging out of the vast underground space that was filled with immense energy to the realm’s surface.

Clusters of pure energy rose into the sky like suns and moons before slowly dispersing through the air, nourishing all things in the Realm of Middle Continent.

Two of the brilliant clusters rose into the air with two cultivators inside: You Qimiao and Han Qing.

The two of them had been trapped in the depths of the earth, and had thus been practicing cultivation with the unusual power in the wondrous underground space. Now, for some reason, they were suddenly expelled and carried to the surface.

They were at a loss. All they could think of was the burly giant in the depths of the earth, which had burst forth with blinding light and started spewing rivers of energy right before they had been expelled.

At that moment, the star core of the Realm of Middle Continent seemed to start pounding heavily like a strong heart!


A loud sound suddenly rumbled in their minds.

Immediately afterwards, the vast Realm of Middle Continent started moving like the floating continent.

It started drifting in the direction of the Silent Star Sea.

After a moment of bewilderment, You Qimiao and Han Qing gasped with astonishment, suddenly realizing what was happening. “The realm is moving!”

In a corner of the realm, the Tree of Life, which was growing rapidly by relying on the rich wood power in the Realm of Middle Continent, suddenly sensed the anomaly and issued a soul call.


Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims soon arrived in a streak of green light, and landed with a loud crash.

The soul will of the third-generation Tree of Life poured directly into Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s sea of awareness. “Have there been any major changes in the Mortal World lately? Great changes are taking place in the depths of this realm, where humanity was born. It’s now moving towards the Silent Star Sea. From the look of it, it’s hoping to cross the Silent Star Sea and enter the Void World.”

With its divine abilities, its first-generation had kept the invaders from the Void World at bay.

After the demise of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, even that Nether River had been contained by it.

But now...

“There doesn’t seem to have been any major changes in the Mortal World. In fact, a large number of God and Saint domain human experts have marched into the Void World through the Seven Stars Realm Sea recently.” Grand Monarch Primal Wood reported the latest news.

“It seems that Nie Tian, Dong Li, Pei Qiqi, and many of their chosen ones have entered the Void World as well.

“Word came from the Doomed Star Sea, saying that Nie Tian went to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and started a massacre upon arriving in the Void World. It appears that he’s going to refine that Nether River in the Netherspirits’ ancestral land as well.

“Many powerful experts from the Mortal World believe that the Void World holds countless precious materials and treasures. Before, since the Seven Stars Realm Sea wasn’t accessible, they couldn’t go to the Void World even if they wanted to. But now that the portal in the Seven Stars Realm Sea has been activated, aspiring experts were attracted across the Mortal World, and marched into the Void World at all risks.”

Sensing the movement of the Realm of Middle Continent, the third-generation Tree of Life said, “There must be great changes taking place in the Void World then. I’m afraid that the dead giant in the depths of the earth has a great secret too. Perhaps he has some sort of connection to some forbidden area of the Void World, which is probably the reason why it’s moving towards the Void World now.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood gasped. “The Realm of Middle Continent is moving towards the Void World?” 

“Yes, and it's accelerating,” the Tree of Life said. “Also, if it were to go there through the Silent Star Sea, then my first-generation self will have to make some changes.”

“Hmm? Those two trapped ones have come out of the depths of the earth.” It added, sounding somewhat surprised. “Now go talk to them, and see if they’ve discovered anything in the depths of the earth.”

“I’m on it.”


Almost at the same time.

Under the control of the Ripper Behemoth, the floating continent, which had been drifting about in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries after Nie Tian had left for the Void World, rammed through a series of power wards and charged into the Doomed Star Sea with an unstoppable momentum.

Even though it looked like a heavy, super-large-scale ancient starship, it skillfully steered clear of the deadly areas in the Doomed Star Sea.

Apparently, the floating continent, or to be accurate, the Ripper Behemoth inside of it, was no stranger to the Doomed Star Sea.

This Star Behemoth seemed to have traveled across the three worlds and visited all of their most dangerous areas in its seemingly endless life.

News of the floating continent entering the Doomed Star Sea soon reached Nie Jin’s ears.

She said two words: grant access.

Therefore, all of the rogue forces in the Doomed Star Sea did everything they could to clear a path for the floating continent, so the Ripper Behemoth could steer the floating continent through the Doomed Star Sea without obstruction.

Thanks to this, the Ripper Behemoth didn’t meet any of the strong obstacles and hardships Ji Cang, Chu Yuan, Qu Yi, and the other peak experts had met when they had crossed the Doomed Star Sea.


In the Domain of Dark Marsh in the Mortal World.

This domain, which belonged to the Feng Clan, had fallen shortly under the joint attack of the outsiders from the Void World and the Spirit World.

As the result of the bloodbath created by the Devils and the Demons, the blood of the countless slaughtered lives had turned the ocean in one of the realms red.

After the Devils had retreated and the Demons had been captured, most of the realms in this domain had become desolate and uninhabitable.

At this moment, the dark red ocean in that realm suddenly started surging, as if the blood of billions of lives was somehow being refined and becoming purer and purer.

An enormous demonic figure was looming under the surface of the dark red ocean.


A blinding pillar of light suddenly shot straight down from the heavens, and split the vast blood sea in two.

The pillar of light was a condensation of pure spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, without the slightest bit of impurities.

Its purity was uncanny.


A bloodcurdling cry echoed from the depths of the blood sea. “Mo Heng! You’re going too far! I’ve already pulled myself from the conflicts between the three worlds. Why do you keep coming after me and refuse to let me be?”

“You killed far too many lives in your previous life, and you spilled far too much blood in the Spirit World and the Mortal World after your resurrection.” Mo Heng’s cold voice echoed from high above. “Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, the crimes you’ve committed are beyond forgivable.”


Countless rays of blazing light started interweaving in the blood sea, before the hidden demonic figure suddenly split up.

“Mo Heng! You can’t kill me! Even though you’ve entered the late God domain, you can’t kill me by yourself!” Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory shouted as his demonic body, Blood Essence, and soul slowly separated.

A wild laugh somehow echoed from underneath the dark red blood sea. “What if I add in my Limpid Cyan Sword?” 

In the next moment, heaven-rending sword light morphed into billions of fish that filled the blood sea.

Numerous drops of purple Blood Essence exploded in the vast blood sea.


A dharma idol slashed the realm barrier open from underneath the realm with a divine sword, and thrust the sword upwards.

The land of the realm instantly broke apart, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh and blood that had merged with the blood sea was snuffed out by the sword light bit by bit.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s agonized shriek echoed from his every drop of Blood Essence and every wisp of soul. “Mo Heng and Fan Tianze! Both of you have entered the late God domain, yet you sneak up on me while I’m refining flesh power. How despicable!”

Fan Tianze didn’t seem to care as he laughed broadly and said, “You see us as despicable humans anyway.”

On that day, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who had moved from place to place and hidden himself for a long time, died under Mo Heng and Fan Tianze’s joint efforts.

Not a drop of his Blood Essence was secured. Not a wisp of his discarnate soul escaped.

Now, after You Qimiao, Luo Wanxiang, and Jiang Yuanchi, two more brilliant late God domain experts were born.

The two of them had dwarfed all of the other middle God domain experts when they had been at the middle God domain.

“It’s about time we headed to the Void World.”


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