Chapter 1669: Signs of Chaos

Nie Tian was overjoyed.

He had regretted and begrudged losing the Spirit Scepter this whole time.

He had assumed that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who had managed to refine the Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls, would be able to refine the Spirit Scepter and sever his connection with it shortly after seizing it.

Who would have thought that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had failed to do so?

“This is great!” His eyes lit up as he somehow sensed the exact location of the Spirit Scepter by relying on his subtle connection with it.

Then, he realized that by doing this, he could locate Grand Monarch Soul Capturer at any time.

However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer couldn’t learn of his whereabouts through the Spirit Scepter.

“Just wait for it. I’ll pay Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and the Netherspirits a visit after my soul recovers and my bloodline upgrade is complete!”

Then, he adjusted his breathing and focused on refining his true soul, which had been branded with Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul wonders, with soul power he received from the Spirit Pearl.

It occurred to him that he needed to be at his peak state in order for his bloodline to finish its upgrade.

Not only did his flesh aura need to be brimming, but his soul had to be ready as well.

Earlier, Grand Monarch Life Wood’s residual power, the Blood-condensing Pills, and the flesh power he had gathered from the Devil warriors, beasts, and insects in the Domain of Shadow Devil had only helped him recover from his bodily injuries.

His true soul still had yet to recover.


The five evil gods suddenly flew out of the Spirit Pearl one after another.

Soul messages entered Nie Tian’s mind.


From the soul messages, Nie Tian learned that they each had a signature tool, which had been sealed away in the Void World after their demise.

Their connection with their tools had never been severed.

Now that they had recovered some of the power they had lost in their defeat at the Realm of Dark Souls, they wished to retake the tools they had forged in their previous lives.

Nie Tian granted their leave.

Therefore, the five evil gods left by themselves under the baffled gazes of Yin Xingtian, Dylan, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian didn’t put the Rampage Behemoth’s bone away.

The crimson bone simply floated in the dark void under him, emanating blood-colored light and quietly devouring the wide variety of energies in the starry river.

Star Behemoths could absorb all sorts of energies, no matter how odd they were.

Also, it didn’t matter whether they were in the Mortal World, the Spirit World, or the Void World.

They might be the least picky ‘eaters’ throughout the three worlds.

Time flew.

Nie Tian continued to refine his true soul in the devastated Domain of Shadow Devil, so he could finish his bloodline upgrade when his soul reached its peak state.

What he didn’t know was that his existence had made every race in the Void World nervous.


In a corner of the Void World.

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer of the Netherspirits slowly turned the pages of a heavy, ancient book in his hand.

Each and every page seemed to weigh more than a mountain.

With every page he turned, a spatial shackle seemed to be added to this area of the starry river.

He continued to cast his spell with intense focus on his face, completely ignoring the Voidspirits that were being killed.

A Bonedrude grand monarch laughed wildly as he chased after the Voidspirits in this area of the starry river with many other Bonedrutes and Netherspirits.


Lightning bolts kept flashing across the void. However, they couldn’t split the space open and get them to safety.

“Pei Yukong himself doesn’t have much time left, yet you’ve foolishly come to the Void World with him on this trip of death,” the Bonedrude grand monarch said with a hideous grin. “You’re no better than dead when you lose your ability to travel through space and have to fight in a confined area of the starry river. Now that you’re trapped here, don’t imagine you can leave in one piece!”

With these words, flames of death spewed out from his mouth.

Pale white flames that were vested with the profound truths of death power instantly engulfed the small force of Voidspirits that had come to the Void World with Pei Yukong, and turned them to ashes.


In the area where the Netherspirits’ territory bordered the Devils’ territory, a Voidspirit elder turned to Pei Yukong and said, “High Chieftain, one of our forces seems to have been trapped and eliminated. We’ve taken advantage of the confusion in the Void World to kill quite a number of Netherspirits, but now we’ve attracted their attention, and they’ve started fighting back. Our forces are suffering casualties.”

Several well-dressed Voidspirits stood respectfully around Pei Yukong, their faces grim.

The Voidspirits had a much smaller population than the Devils, the Netherspirits, and the Bonedrudes. Furthermore, when Voidspirits died, it was almost impossible to bring them back to life. They couldn’t be resurrected through their Blood Essence or disembodied souls as the outsiders could.

If they died, they died for good.

“I see. Dong Li’s force is fighting the Devils in the Devils’ territory. Those from the Doomed Star Sea are harassing the Bonedrudes in the Bonedrudes’s territory. It’s about time we called our operation off.” With these words, Pei Yukong let out a deep sigh. “And she refused to see me.”

“Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about that,” the elder said with a helpless expression.

The truth was that Pei Yukong had caught a wisp of Pei Qiqi’s aura as soon as she and Nie Tian had broken free from the Bonedrudes’ Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.

However, the wisp of aura had vanished in a flash.

That was how Pei Yukong had realized that she must have intentionally sealed her aura off with her Space Boundaries Crystal.

“Judging from the information we’ve obtained, Miss Pei parted ways with Nie Tian and the others long ago,” the elder said, casting his gaze down. “She thought that Nie Tian would be safe after joining those from the Doomed Star Sea, so she said that she wanted to come find us, and left by herself. However...”

“I know. It was my fault,” Pei Yukong said in deep sorrow.

“We’re in trouble, high chieftain. Duru has been trapped by Grand Monarch Sharp Bones of the Bonedrudes. He can’t seem to return to us using his bloodline magic!” Just then, a sharp cry echoed from within a spatial rift that split open in the void behind them.



In a brilliant realm in the Lightspirits’ territory.

A splendid city that had been forged from divine crystals was emanating endless light.

Any Lightspirit could strengthen their bloodlines, heal their wounds, and nourish their souls as long as they kept close to the city and stayed in that wondrous light.

This was the City of Holy Light, the headquarters of the Lightspirit race.

Jiang Yuanchi, who cultivated both light power and shadow power, was now the master of this legendary city. He had been recovering here with the power of the holy city since he had defeated Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher.


In the great hall, Jiang Yuanchi and several Lightspirit elders created an illusory gate that was filled with glorious flowing light through their joint efforts. Images gradually manifested in the gate.

It was an unknown area where the remains of an enormous, multicolored bug were scattered about.

Jiang Yuanchi smiled and said, “Hello, old friend. It’s about time you rejoin me.” 

Streaks of mysterious light suddenly wrapped around the chunks of Gupi’s body, carried them through the illusory gate to the City of Holy Light, and placed them before Jiang Yuanchi.

“From now on, it’ll be the guardian beast of our race!” Laughing broadly, Jiang Yuanchi took out numerous precious treasures he had looted in the Void World, and fused them into Gupi’s chopped-up body one after another.

The chunks of flesh seemed to regain their vitality as they started squirming and coming back together.


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