Chapter 1668: Soul Detection


A grand seal that had been refined from countless evil spirits and vicious souls exploded and perished inside the Chaos Behemoth’s mind.

It was a Heavenly Spirit Seal that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had gone to great lengths to refine, with which he had attempted to gain control of the Chaos Behemoth!

Heavenly Spirit Seal was the only spell in this starry river that could manipulate the will of other beings and make them loyal to the spellcaster.

Nie Tian had originally gained the allegiance of the five evil gods with Heavenly Spirit Seals.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had only grasped the subtleties of this mighty spell after seizing the Spirit Scepter. Then, after consuming a tremendous amount of reserved spiritual materials and evil spirits of his race, he had finally made this Heavenly Spirit Seal.

The entire Netherspirit race had placed their hopes in it!

They had looked forward to enslaving the Chaos Behemoth with it!

Even at their prime, none of the three major races of the Void World had been able to tame a Star Behemoth and use it to their advantage.

Even though the Chaos Behemoth’s soul was not yet complete, it was still a Star Behemoth.

Now, just as Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was about to make this unprecedented achievement, the seal exploded, rendering all of his previous efforts in vain.


Wisps of strange soul power flew out of the Chaos Behemoth’s eyes as it howled with chaotic energy wreathing its colossal form.

The magical soul symbols that had been forced into them were now expelled by the Chaos Behemoth like bright, sparkling pearls.

The Spirit Scepter shook violently.

Veins popped up on Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s Spirit Scepter-bearing hand. With a grim expression, he fixed his ghostly cyan eyes on the Spirit Scepter and felt the rebelling will within it. “You want to break free from me and rejoin that Nie Tian? I’m a Netherspirit. What I’m doing is for the good of our race!

“I can’t believe that as our ancestor, not only do you refuse to help your people, but you’re actually taking that human hybrid’s side!


A stream of soul symbols flew out of the tip of his finger and into the pommel of the scepter, causing muffled explosions to come from within.

Only after a long while did the Spirit Scepter become quiet again.

However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer didn’t stop being grim.

Bitterness filled his heart.

He had assumed now that he had obtained the Spirit Scepter through a series of ploys, his power was finally going to rise to a whole new level, and he could finally tame the Chaos Behemoth with the Heavenly Spirit Seal he had learned to refine.

Who would have thought that the Spirit Scepter turned out to be more trouble than help, since it was much more difficult to refine it than the Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls?

Every now and then, the Spirit Scepter would try to break free, and it was usually at crucial moments when he had been dealing with the Chaos Behemoth.

A few times, its rebellious behavior had nearly caused him to be injured by the Chaos Behemoth.

Now, just as he had assumed that he had suppressed the Spirit Scepter’s rebellion for the most part, and he could finally enslave the Chaos Behemoth with the Heavenly Spirit Seal he had forged, the Spirit Scepter rebelled once again, completely ruining his plan to gain control of the Chaos Behemoth.

This put him in a foul mood.

A soul shadow of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits quietly manifested out of nothing and asked, “Can you make another Heavenly Spirit Seal? There’s no way we can tame this Star Behemoth without one.”

“I’ll try,” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer said in frustration.

“What happened earlier? Didn’t you say that you can control the Spirit Scepter fully?” Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit asked.

“There was a mishap,” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer said, his unfathomable eyes seeming to see through boundless space and focus on the Domain of Shadow Devil. “Nie Tian is in the Devils’ territory. I can feel that he has recovered from his injuries. I don’t know why, but the Spirit Scepter seemed to suddenly sense something from him, and tried to rejoin him at all costs.”

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit was flabbergasted. “How is that possible?!” 

“You’d better talk to the Devils and urge them to do everything they can to kill him,” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer said with a very grim face. “I have a feeling that this Nie Tian might be an even greater threat to us than Qin Yao. He’s rising at a speed much faster than Qin Yao did in the Doomed Star Sea.

“He’s like a comet that has suddenly appeared. Before we could react properly, he has grown so shockingly strong already.

“If we don’t kill him now, I’m afraid we soon won’t be able to.”

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was deadly serious as he said these words.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits took a deep look at him, pondered for a moment, then said, “Alright. I’ll talk to the Devils and urge them to kill Nie Tian with everything within their power. Besides that, the Voidspirits have stirred up some trouble in our territory. Do we...?”

“Pei Yukong?” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer laughed coldly. “What can a dying man do? Those Voidspirits might have been able to hang on to their last breaths if they had stayed out of the conflicts between the three worlds and holed up in the space disruption zone as they did. But now that they insist on making trouble, their extinction is certain. Pei Yukong is nothing to be feared, but that girl with a Voidspirit bloodline requires your attention. I sense a bit of a threat from her.”

“I see.”

In the lifeless Domain of Shadow Devil.

Nie Tian released his withdrawn flesh aura sea, which rapidly spread into his surroundings.


Blood-colored light burst forth as various profound mysteries of his life bloodline manifested in his flesh aura sea, as if more of its wonders had been activated.

However, the hybrids like Jiang Qinghuang and the pure-blood outsiders like Dylan gasped with astonishment and quickly flew away from him.

Only after there were thousands of kilometers between him and them did they attempt to stop. Gazing off at him, whose flesh aura was surging violently, they let out a sigh of relief.

With a broad laugh, Grand Monarch Hell Demon said, “It’s hard to believe that the young master can manifest such wonders before actually entering the tenth grade! Even my flesh aura grew restless, and almost surged out of control. Luckily, I left his surroundings quick enough. Otherwise, some of my flesh power would have definitely been channeled away by him.” 

Dylan let out a sigh of admiration. “His life bloodline is strangely powerful indeed.” 

Jiang Qinghuang and the other weaker ones were at a loss for words, their faces ghastly.

Just now, as Nie Tian had released his flesh aura sea once again, all of their hearts had raced like crazy.

At the same time, their flesh power had flowed uncontrollably towards him!

“I’m afraid Nie Tian making his bloodline upgrade in the Domain of Shadow Devil will shake the entire Void World,” Dylan said, looking grim. “I even have a feeling that the Devils, the Netherspirits, and the Bonedrudes will think up every possible method to kill him.”


In his immense sea of flesh aura, Nie Tian’s heart pounded heavily.

Wisp after wisp of pure soul power that he had gathered from the Netherspirits fused into his sea of awareness like sweet nectar.

If people could enter his sea of awareness at this moment, they would be able to see what seemed like nine suns emanating blazing divine lights of different colors in it.

They were his nine sub-souls!

In contrast, his true soul seemed the least bright and eye-catching, hanging among the nine of them.

All of a sudden, the most unimpressive-looking true soul started receiving the inflowing pure soul power.

Like running spring water, the soul power fused into his true soul.

The blurry true soul slowly grew solid and had a clear edge added to it. Countless mysterious soul symbols could even be seen flowing through its semi-transparent meridians.

“I can’t believe that the transformation of my soul has beaten the upgrade of my bloodline!”

Greatly spirited, Nie Tian sensed that a mysterious bond seemed to suddenly bind him with something.

The bond defied space.

Immediately afterwards, he seemed to hear that thing cheer.

After a moment of bewilderment, he suddenly realized what was happening. He was so overjoyed that he almost burst into laughter. “The Spirit Scepter! I can’t believe that scepter still hasn’t been refined by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer! And it still recognizes me as its master!”


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