Chapter 1667: Devil Blood Incarnates

The Devil Qi of the Domain of Shadow Devil fused with that drop of devil blood and split into thousands of devilish gods.

Each and every one of them was tall enough to prop up heaven and earth. They either held giant hammers, wielded magical swords, manifested devil flames in their palms, or surrounded themselves with profound devil magics.

Simply by looking at them, everyone felt deeply awed and uneasy.

It was a strange, instinctive feeling that they were facing an enemy they couldn’t possibly defeat.


The devilish gods suddenly burst forth with endless devil light that instantly enveloped and put everyone who attempted to pursue Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer in sore straits.

Even Nie Tian was no exception.

Countless rays of light that carried the purest devil power infiltrated his flesh aura sea and dashed about randomly, completely ignoring the wonders of his life bloodline.

He had to focus his attention in order to stop his flesh aura sea from going out of control.


The Gilded Phoenix, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, the Snow Devil, Chu Rui, and the others all let out muffled groans with painful looks on their faces.

Dylan’s golden flesh aura sea had numerous purple sparks added to it. With every spark that exploded, he let out a groan.

Things were even worse for Grand Monarch Hell Demon. Not only was his Demon bloodline completely suppressed, but his meridians started bursting.

Everyone who attempted to pursue Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer from both within the Domain of Shadow Devil and without suffered from the attacks of the duplicated devil gods, their faces filled with agony.

Dong Li was the only exception.

Over her head, the Dark Aureole emanated pure black magical light like a dark sun.

Those rays of dark light were contending against the power released by the devil gods, as if the wonders of two bloodlines were clashing, giving rise to continuous buzzing sounds.

“Who is that?” Dong Li asked with a grim look in her eyes. Since she had entered the Void World, she hadn’t encountered anyone that had made her feel the fear of being killed like she was feeling now.

This enemy they were facing now was the first.

The most terrifying part was that this enemy was only the incarnation of a drop of devil blood after being fused with Devil Qi!

“Who else can it be?” Dylan said with a bitter and powerless look on his face. “Of course it’s Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, the current high chieftain of the Devils, and as far as we know, the strongest expert in the Void World.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment.

Dong Li’s face grew even grimmer. “Even so, he can stop all of us with a single drop of his blood?”

She found this hard to believe.

The rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea also fell silent after hearing this.

Many of them had heard stories about Grand Monarch Heaven Devil since they had entered the Doomed Star Sea or had been born in the Doomed Star Sea.

All of those stories associated Grand Monarch Heaven Devil with words like invincible, tough, overpowered, undefeated...

He was like a lofty devil mountain in the Void World that no one could get past.

Over the past millennia, no matter how hard Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had tried, how much stronger they had become, they hadn’t been able to shake Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s status.


The giant duplicates of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil suddenly dispersed, and turned into thousands of blackish-violet clouds.

Like giant swirls, the clouds rapidly floated to the different realms of the battle-stricken Domain of Shadow Devil, and sucked the surviving Devils, devilish beasts, and insects into themselves.

It wasn’t long before every surviving devilish creature in the Domain of Shadow Devil had been picked up.

Then, all of the blackish-violet clouds flitted towards a gaping spatial tunnel in the void.

Just like that, all of the devilish creatures that had been lucky enough to survive Nie Tian’s attacks were taken away.

Only after that did the devil power and devil light that were suppressing everyone’s flesh aura seas, god domains, and saint domains dissipate with a boom.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil hadn’t even presented himself. With only a drop of his devil blood, he had managed to channel Devil Qi from the entire Domain of Shadow Devil, thwart their pursuit, and take all of the surviving devilish creatures away.

Such divine abilities!

Looking at the realms that were now completely dark and lifeless after having even their Devil Qi channeled away, everyone fell silent.

After a long awkward silence, Dou Tianchen from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace finally couldn’t help but ask, “Nie Tian, how is this Devil high chieftain compared to Grand Monarch Soul Capturer?”

“He’s stronger,” Nie Tian answered honestly.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had controlled the Nether River to inflict severe damage on him.

According to the five evil gods, the reason why he could control the Nether River was because he had refined Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual power. By doing that, his power had already risen above that of regular late tenth grade grand monarchs, and bordered that of a paragon.

That was how amazingly strong Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was.

However, he had a feeling that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil was even stronger!

Ye Wenhan sighed and said, “The three major races of the Void World are incredibly mighty indeed.” 

The Snow Devil let out a loud harrumph. “Of course! Otherwise, how would we have been suppressed for so many years, and only been able to fight them by relying on the dangerous environment in the Doomed Star Sea?”  


The Spirit Pearl flew over, with the five evil gods’ sinister forms vanishing into them one after another.

Nie Tian took a deep breath, and his turbulent flesh aura sea shrank abruptly.

As his flesh aura sea withdrew, the immense flesh power it had gathered also poured into him, and morphed into countless crimson lightning wisps that flew to his every muscle and bone.


More brand new Bloodline Crystal Chains were densely produced within the green aura in his heart.

After a violent shudder ran through him, Nie Tian’s enlarged form somehow shrank instead of expanding.

His eyes burst forth with dazzling light like crimson divine crystals.

“What?!” Grand Monarch Hell Demon and Dylan were the first to sense the changes in him, and fixed him with astonished gazes.

After a moment of bewilderment, Dong Li exclaimed in ecstasy, “Nie Tian!”

Gradually, the others were either tipped off by others or sensed the changes themselves.

They all realized that Nie Tian’s bloodline was about to enter the tenth grade!

This great battle in the Domain of Shadow Devil and the flesh power he had condensed from the deaths of countless Devil warriors, beasts, and insects had finally pushed his bloodline forward!

Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, and the others spontaneously gathered to his side, and stood guard.

Under the instructions of the three kingpins, the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea also spread out to form a circle around Nie Tian in order to make sure he wasn’t disturbed.

“If the young master can advance to the tenth grade, then he may have a chance to fight against Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!” Feng Beiluo muttered with blazing excitement and elation in his eyes. He was the first of them to have contact with Nie Tian. He had basically watched him grow stronger and stronger. He was also the one who had the highest hopes for him.

To him, Nie Tian was a living miracle!

All of the so-called chosen and prodigies in the Doomed Star Sea were outshone by his brilliance.

“It was the master’s aspiration that he’d become strong enough to contend against the top three experts in the Void World one day! But I’m afraid even the master himself didn’t expect that day to come so soon.”

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Netherspirits’ territory...

The Chaos Behemoth was finally trapped by the joint efforts of Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and many other Netherspirit experts.

They had confined it to a dead star.

On the dead star, numerous evil spirits and vicious souls morphed into giant soul symbols that slipped into the Chaos Behemoth’s eyes.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer wove the Spirit Scepter with a calm expression, but his eyes were filled with anticipation.

He was attempting to gain control of the Chaos Behemoth with his mightiest soul spell.

All of a sudden, the Spirit Scepter in his hand burst forth with blinding cyan light.

“Nie Tian! It’s you again!”

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