Chapter 1661: The Six Formidable Kingpins

The Domain of Shadow Devil was filled with devil Qi and boundless darkness.

Outside the domain, however, stars shone bright, along with suns and moons.

At this moment, strong spatial fluctuations appeared.

As soon as Grand Monarch Hell Demon saw Nie Tian coming out of a spatial passage, he exclaimed happily, “Young Master! I’m glad that you’re fine! I knew that you were only lightly injured by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, and that you would be fine given your powers!”

Some Demons and Phantasms, as well as some hybrids and human Qi warriors, could be seen gathered around Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

They all seemed to obey Grand Monarch Hell Demon and see him as their leader.

After Nie Tian appeared, they all bowed and saluted as Grand Monarch Hell Demon had done with great respect. “Greetings, Young Master!”

Nie Tian was a little surprised.

The hundreds of them included Demons, Phantasms, humans, and hybrids. The weakest of them were at the eighth grade and the Void domain.

All of them were wreathed in ferocious auras, with murderous cruelty in their eyes. One could tell at a single glance that they were rebellious and unkind people.

Nie Tian examined them with his bloodline, and quickly found out that they were covered in murderous auras, which meant that all of their hands were covered in blood.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon chuckled and said, “Young Master, they are all warriors of the Doomed Star Sea. They’ve come to the Void World with me. Last time, I went to the Spirit World alone. But this time, the mistress wants chaos in the Void World, so I brought them.”


Dylan, Jiang Qinghuang, and the others came through the spatial passage one by one.

The experts of mixed races around Grand Monarch Hell Demon weren’t deferential to Dylan, Jiang Qinghuang, and those with them. They didn’t even salute Dylan.

On the contrary, Feng Beiluo and the Thunder Devil seemed to know some of those with Grand Monarch Hell Demon, and greeted them with a smile.

Nie Tian pondered and realized that those around Grand Monarch Hell Demon should be his subordinates.

Just like Grand Monarch Hell Demon, Dylan was also one of the six formidable kingpins in the Doomed Star Sea. The two of them were probably competitors.

“Grand Monarch Hell Demon, you got here fast,” Dylan said with a smile. “Unfortunately, the Shadow Devil Flag has been activated, and this is the Domain of Shadow Devil, her nest.”

Nie Tian saw that the Domain of Shadow Devil was already completely enveloped in a dark, cold, and flexible energy.

Even his flesh aura and soul awareness couldn’t penetrate it.

With the help of the Shadow Devil Flag, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s power had gained control of the entire domain.

As soon as anyone stepped into the Domain of Shadow Devil, she would immediately sense it and launch a storm of fierce attacks.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon spread his hand and handed thirteen Blood-condensing Pills to Nie Tian. With a broad smile, he said, “Young Master, these are Blood-condensing Pills. I’ve been gathering the Demons since you left for the Void World. I executed a group of Devils who refused to take orders, and I got these Blood-condensing Pills. One of them is refined from the power of several grand patriarchs. Please pay special attention to it.”

He had witnessed Nie Tian fight in the Spirit World, and knew how strong Nie Tian was.

He was probably the first formidable kingpin in the Doomed Star Sea who had accepted Nie Tian. He felt that Nie Tian deserved the title of Young Master in both strength and identity. He approved of him completely.

Therefore, when he had heard that Nie Tian had been severely injured and gone missing in the Void World, he had asked to come here.

Upon meeting again, he unreservedly gave Nie Tian the Blood-condensing Pills that he had gone to great lengths to condense, hoping that Nie Tian could recover quickly.

“Thank you!” Nie Tian said.

His eyes lit up as he picked out a Blood-condensing Pill, which seemed ordinary but carried an extremely tremendous flesh aura. “This one alone is almost enough.”

As soon as the Blood-condensing Pill fell into his hand, it shrank rapidly with a harsh noise.

After a while, it melted completely.

Nie Tian’s eyes instantly brightened. He nodded at Grand Monarch Hell Demon, and said, “My wounds are almost completely healed.”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon laughed. “Great.”

He didn’t have an affected air and put away the remaining Blood-condensing Pills, then he said with a solemn expression, “Young Master, those people from the Mortal World are being led by your fiancée. Their recent incursion into the Domain of Shadow Devil angered Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer. After she activated the Shadow Devil Flag and shut down the entire domain, no living creature has walked out of it.

“Some of my people have gone in, but none of them have come back, or sent a message. So I really don’t know what’s going on inside, and I didn’t dare to go in there myself.”

Suddenly, a piercing scream that could break heaven and earth rang out from the depths of the Domain of Shadow Devil. “The Gilded Phoenix and Grand Monarch Hell Demon from the Doomed Star Sea!”

Devil Qi billowed as a soft cold flesh aura morphed into a ferocious face in a sea of devilish clouds in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The ferocious face was like a round purple sun, emitting purple lightning and black devilish fire, but its appearance couldn’t be made out.

Everyone from the Doomed Star Sea who had seen or fought this Devil grand monarch before either shouted loudly or exclaimed softly. “Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer!”

They all looked very grim.

Nie Tian frowned.

As soon as Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s ferocious face appeared, he had an uncanny feeling that she had become one with the entire Domain of Shadow Devil, and that the realms and stars were her viscera.

It seemed she had refined the colossal Domain of Shadow Devil through her devil tool, the Shadow Devil Flag.

The whole Domain of Shadow Devil seemed to have become a weird living being similar to a Star Behemoth. The core of every star was working hard to channel devil Qi from the surrounding starry sea to this domain.

Relying on the Domain of Shadow Devil, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer refined her bloodline and strengthened herself.

Nie Tian’s soul awareness spread, and he immediately realized that the Domain of Shadow Devil in front of him was a like colossal array or Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s inner domain, in which she was in her element. “The Domain of Shadow Devil and the Shadow Devil Flag have become one. The flag is controlling the entire domain.”

Dylan pondered, then said, “She seems to be waiting for us. Where’s Snow Devil? Have you communicated with her?”

“She should be here any time now,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon replied and looked around subconsciously before he yelled in surprise, “She’s here!”

Crystal-clear snowflakes started falling in the starry river.

The snowflakes gave off a chilly power that made those outside the Domain of Shadow Devil feel like they were in an icy wonderland.

Each snowflake was filled with cold power that gave Nie Tian a sense of familiarity. “Snow Devil...”

Before he had gone to meet Dylan, Feng Beiluo had said that there were six formidable kingpins below Qin Yao in the Doomed Star Sea.

Before Qin Yao had come along, all six of them had all been ambitious overlords in the Doomed Star Sea.

Snow Devil, Dylan, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon were just three of them.

Although Snow Devil’s title had the word ‘devil’ in it, she was, in fact, a pure human.

Moreover, Snow Devil had been born in the Domain of Endless Snow in the Mortal World, and cultivated in the Heavenly Ice Sect.

It was just that she had been expelled by the Heavenly Ice Sect. After drifting around for many years, she had accidentally stepped into the Doomed Star Sea and derived the true meaning of snow in an unusual cold land. She had advanced to the late God domain step by step, and become a top expert in the Doomed Star Sea.

A cold feminine voice came from the snowflakes. “Dylan, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, help me control the situation. I’ll take a shot at this Domain of Shadow Devil.”

Then the countless snowflakes that filled the void slowly sprinkled towards the Domain of Shadow Devil.


Upon contact, the snowflakes exploded like ice crystals, while the devil light of the Domain of Shadow Devil sputtered in every direction before dissipating.

An ultimate battle instantly broke out.

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