Chapter 1658: Become Well-known

Dylan’s true form burst forth with golden light so dazzling that no one could open their eyes.

The phoenix looked like a golden ocean after spreading his wings, which had a span of several thousand meters.

Each of his feathers was filled with fierce energy, bursting forth with dazzling light.

Even though it was still far away, as Nie Tian squinted and examined it carefully, he could see the golden light flowing through the golden feathers.


Golden light sputtered from his wings now and then. He let out a light cry, and streaks of golden light in the starry river were channeled and gathered towards him.

Upon seeing him, Jiang Qinghuang and several hybrids shouted loudly.

Jiang Qinghuang yelled, “Father, we found Nie Tian on the edge of the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.”

The golden phoenix gave out a scream, and its huge body instantly shrank. “Nie Tian!”

In a flash, Dylan morphed into his human form. Dressed in fine gilded robes, Dylan looked like a handsome, radiant young man.

Circles of golden halos that were filled with an amazing flesh aura surrounded him.

He instantly flew past Jiang Qinghuang and the young hybrids, came directly to Nie Tian, and examined him with curious eyes, “Hmm? Weren’t you seriously injured? How come it doesn’t look like it?”

His eyes were like priceless golden beads, and he seemed to see right through Nie Tian.

“Umm...” Nie Tian hesitated before saying, “I found Grand Monarch Life Wood’s corpse in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones. Because Grand Monarch Life Wood’s flesh aura hadn’t dissipated completely and had some connection with mine, it merged into my body. The injuries Grand Monarch Soul Capturer inflicted upon me have healed to a large extent.”

“So it was due to Grand Monarch Life Wood!” Dylan exclaimed softly, before he sighed and added, “When Grand Monarch Life Wood crossed the Doomed Star Sea, I paid him a secret visit and tried to dissuade him. I owed a debt of gratitude to him in the early days when I was still in the Spirit World. But he didn’t listen to me, and resolutely went to the Doomed Star Sea to seek a so-called opportunity in the forbidden lands. As a result...”

As he thought of this, Dylan felt regret.

Before he had left the Spirit World, he hadn’t been able to match the chieftain of the flame dragons in either bloodline grade or battle prowess.

After he had left, he entered the Doomed Star Sea. Within a short time, his bloodline had broken through, and he had become one of the late tenth grade grand monarchs and established a position in the Doomed Star Sea.

His choices and achievements had intrigued Grand Monarch Life Wood.

Grand Monarch Life Wood had thought he would have an even better chance if he went to the forbidden lands in the Void World, since Dylan had been able to achieve so much in the Doomed Star Sea.

Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Grand Monarch Nether River had had the same idea as him. After they had entered the Doomed Star Sea and learned about it, they had become even more determined, rushing into the Void World one after another.

They had all assumed that it was due to the wonders of the forbidden lands in the Void World that Qin Yao, as well as all the late tenth grade grand monarchs and late God domain experts, could build up their strength so quickly.

Those outsider grand monarchs and God domain experts had been far weaker than them when they had first entered the Doomed Star Sea.

“Lord Dylan, young master hasn’t recovered from his wounds yet. Should we send him to the Doomed Star Sea or help him regain his strength as soon as possible?” Feng Beiluo asked.

“What do you think, Nie Tian?” Dylan asked.

“Regain my strength? How?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“It’s easy,” Dylan replied with a smile and flicked his sleeve. Then, a streak of golden light streaked across the void, and balls of light that were like large walnuts appeared in his palms. “Here you are. These are Blood-condensing Pills.”

The Blood-condensing Pills were dark red. They were as large as fists and rich in flesh aura.

There were six Blood-condensing Pills in total. Each of them contained flesh aura that was equal to that of an outsider grand patriarch.

In fact, the six Blood-condensing Pills in Dylan’s palms were really made from six grand patriarchs of the Devils and Netherspirits. “Six Blood-condensing Pills should be enough to help you recover, right?”

“Dad, his bloodline is at the ninth grade like mine. How can he consume all of these Blood-condensing Pills?” Jiang Qinghuang asked, her heart full of grievances. “Besides, haven’t you said those Blood-condensing Pills are for me when my bloodline breaks through to the tenth grade? If you give him all those precious Blood-condensing Pills, are you even taking me into consideration?”

“How dare you be so disrespectful?!” With these words, Dylan sighed and said apologetically to Nie Tian, “She’s been spoiled and willful in the Doomed Star Sea since childhood. I have been fighting the three outsider races of the Void World all the time, so I’m not strict with her. Just ignore her. It’s extremely difficult for others to absorb all these Blood-condensing Pills, but if you take your time, you should be able to absorb them all. Ehh…”  He stood aghast before he could finish.

Before the six Blood-condensing Pills could even fall into Nie Tian’s hands, they were already ignited and set ablaze like dark red balls of fire.

Wisps of pure flesh aura rose from all six of them, flew into Nie Tian’s pores, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Moments later, all six Blood-condensing Pills burnt out, leaving no trace of flesh aura.

Dylan and Jiang Qinghuang, as well as the other hybrids, were dumbfounded.

Blood-condensing Pills were a kind of flesh aura medicine specially invented by Nie Tian’s father for hybrids and outsiders like Dylan.

Dylan’s Blood-condensing Pills had been refined from the grand patriarchs he had killed. Reasonably speaking, if someone with a ninth grade bloodline absorbed a Blood-condensing Pill that contained a ninth grade grand patriarch’s flesh power, they should be able to regain their fighting strength.

Shouldn’t the flesh auras of people who shared the same grade be equal?

However, Nie Tian had easily absorbed six Blood-condensing Pills before their eyes, and seemed to need even more.

Dylan froze for a moment before he said, “I thought that your power originated from your human God domain cultivation base and the wonders of your tools. I now know that that is not the case. It seems that I’ve misunderstood. A few Blood-condensing Pills can’t provide the flesh aura that you need.”

Nie Tian spoke truthfully, “You’re right.”

Dylan was immediately impressed with Nie Tian. “Those were all the Blood-condensing Pills I had. Well, I’ll go ask Grand Monarch Hell Demon for some. I’ve got to admit that I underestimated you. Grand Monarch Hell Demon has been speaking highly of you since he came back. A lot of people were unconvinced. I was a little skeptical too, but I’m not now.”

Jiang Qinghuang and the several other hybrids fell silent.

Nie Tian was calm as ever. In fact, he hadn’t attached any importance to the so-called hybrid geniuses in the Doomed Star Sea like Jiang Qinghuang.

In his opinion, only Grand Monarch Hell Demon and this Dylan in front of him could speak to him as equals.

It was also because of this that he had laughed off Jiang Qinghuang’s previous provocation and ignored her, because the gap between the two of them was simply too vast.

“I don’t need Blood-condensing Pills anymore. Do you have a way to send me to the territory of the Devils?” Nie Tian asked with a smile. “I hear that my people are there now. You can just send me there and help me find them.”

Dylan pondered for a bit, then nodded. “Sure.”

Nie Tian made an obeisance by clasping his hands. “Thank you.”

“Father, the chieftain of the flame dragons is also in the Devils’ territory, but you…” Jiang Qinghuang reminded Dylan.

Dylan waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter.”


A golden spatial altar manifested out of thin air. “This altar was built by Pei Yukong himself. It connects to the Devils’ territory.” Dylan said.

Pei Qiqi seemed to sense something through her bloodline, and nodded to Nie Tian. 


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