Chapter 1653: The Place Where Grand Monarch Life Wood Dies

In the Doomed Star Sea.

An ancient starship that was made from multicolored refined metal and carved with thousands of complex spirit arrays sailed through the starry river with an unstoppable momentum.


This indestructible ancient ship crushed any meteorites it touched along the way.

Several Devil warships and the Bonedrude warships were fleeing from it.

However, the ancient ship made of multicolored refined metal caught up to them and crushed them neatly one by one, like a giant shark hunting in the deep sea.


Many streaks of light surged out of the warship.

A large number of Bonedrude and Devil warriors left their exploding warships one by one like kites that were cut loose, before being hit by streaks of light.

The Devils exploded into fragments of mangled flesh, and the Bonedrudes exploded in an instant like smashed porcelain.

This ancient starship was named the Rainbow Boat.

The ship was unknown in the Spirit World and Mortal World.

However, it was very well-known in the Doomed Star Sea and the Void World.

In the eyes of the three outsider races of the Void World, this boat was none other than a lethal weapon to strangle all kinds of living beings, as it had killed many of their clansmen.

There were eighteen Heaven Rainbow Divine Cannons on the Rainbow Boat, which were far more advanced than the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannons and Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons.

If the eighteen Heaven Rainbow Divine Cannons all fired together, they would be able to kill monarchs and destroy gods!

In the case of an encounter, even outsider grand monarchs’ flesh aura seas and God domain humans’ god domains would be severely damaged or even destroyed by the gunfire of the Heaven Rainbow Divine Cannons.

A spatial array tower that stood in the middle of the Heaven Rainbow Divine Cannons suddenly burst forth with dazzling light.


Grand Monarch Hell Demon suddenly stepped out of the tower, making his way to the cabins with a grim face, and called out towards a palace made of a multicolored divine stone, “Mistress, I’m back from the Spirit World. The Voidspirits sent me the latest news. The young master was ambushed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer in the Realm of Dark Souls. Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, Grand Monarch Soul Converger, and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer all joined the action. Together, they badly injured the young master.”

In an instant, the divine stone palace burst forth with a tremendous amount of dazzling colorful light, then someone’s anxious cry echoed out. “What?!”

“Feng Beiluo, Yuan Jiuchuan, and the others drove the Chaos Behemoth there in a hurry,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon continued. “With the help of Pei Qiqi, the young master managed to escape through a spatial passage, but his current whereabouts are unknown. The Chaos Behemoth and many Heavenly Corpses are still in the Realm of Dark Souls. Grand Monarch Soul Capturer has refined the Nether River and taken over the Spirit Scepter. Now, he’s trying to tame the Chaos Behemoth through soul magics.”

A fierce cry came from the palace. “Netherspirits! Attack the Netherspirits’ strongholds in the Doomed Star Sea with full force. Don’t spare the Devils and Bonedrudes’ strongholds either. Also, go awaken your master!”



In the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.

While the five evil gods recuperated in the Spirit Pearl, Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi took out elixirs and pills to heal their wounds and nourish their souls.

Lightning wisps kept flying in and out of Yuan Jiuchuan’s nostrils, like tiny green snakes.

Only Feng Beiluo of the Heavenly Corpse Sect, who was almost unharmed, was wandering around.

“I’ve long known that there’s a Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones in Bonedrude territory, where countless bones are kept,” he muttered as his eyes shone. “To you, this is an uncanny and unaccustomed Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, but not to me. Death power is fundamentally the same as corpse Qi.

“When a creature dies, both its flesh aura and spiritual aura will dissipate into heaven and earth. Death power will be produced during that process. The Bonedrudes can absorb and refine death power so they can fuse it into their meridians and bones in order to strengthen themselves.

“The spells of our sect, the Heavenly Corpse Sect, work slightly differently. What we do is prevent those powerful creatures’ flesh aura and remaining spiritual aura from dissipating after their deaths.

“We seal their powers inside their corpses, and after tempering those powers, we transform them into corpse power.

“Our corpse power enables corpses to rise again without souls or intelligence. But we have ways to manipulate such a corpse so that corpse slaves that have no soul, but do have corpse power, can fight.”

Feng Beiluo continued to speak to himself, looking with amazement at the countless floating corpses. “It’s a pity that most of these corpses’ power has dissipated and turned into death power for the Bonedrudes to absorb. Eeeh, this one is better, but its grade was far too low when it died. Well, this is a natural corpse bank. Every corpse could be a slave with a little refining.

“If there’s a strong tenth grade creature’s corpse here, maybe I can try refining it into a corpse slave.

“If not, I’ll have to adopt other means, so that my trip to the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones will be worthwhile. I was a little scared of it before I came, but now...”

Feng Beiluo was a little more talkative than usual in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.

“Profound Heaven Corpse-transforming Spell!” he exclaimed softly as he suddenly activated the secret spell of the Heavenly Corpse Sect and displayed his God domain.

His God domain was a wonderland transformed from immense corpse power. It looked as if there were ancient divine corpses lined up in a special way and absorbing corpse power.


Gray white smoke started flying out of the many motionless floating corpses in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones and merging into Feng Beiluo’s God domain.

Feng Beiluo’s eyes suddenly lit up as he exclaimed, “This is simply a blessed land for the disciples of my sect!”

Nie Tian suddenly sensed something.

Opening his eyes, he glanced at Feng Beiluo and said suddenly, “I can’t stay here in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones any longer. It’s very difficult to recover from my injuries quickly with only these elixirs and pills. Also, my bloodline is terribly unaccustomed to this place.”

“But this is the only place that doesn't have spatial arrays,” Pei Qiqi said. “If you show up anywhere else, the experts of all the races in the Void World will swarm in.”

“Fighting and killing the Devils and the Netherspirits will help me recover,” Nie Tian said. “Also, If I can help you, your bloodline will heal faster, but it all depends on me having enough flesh aura.

“The Bonedrudes’ territory isn’t a blessed land to me. The death power here can even inhibit the advancement of my bloodline!”

“So you want to leave?” Pei Qiqi asked.

After thinking for a moment, she added, “I’ve consumed too much power. I’m afraid that I won’t have enough power to activate another Void Travel. This forbidden land also has restrictions that make my space bloodline unstable.”

Nie Tian abruptly got up and said to Thunder Devil and Feng Beiluo. “We can’t leave with the help of spatial power, but we can fly out of this forbidden land. Come on. Let’s go!”

Yuan Jiuchuan nodded. “Alright.”

Feng Beiluo was reluctant, but he gave priority to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian found his bearings and took the lead to shuttle through the many floating corpses. “We’ll head in the direction with the faintest death aura.”

They left one floating corpse after another behind.

As they sped along, they didn’t see any Bonedrudes or truly powerful floating corpses.


The number of floating corpses were dwindling, and the death aura was getting thinner. As Nie Tian thought that he was about to leave the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones with the others, he saw an extremely large corpse floating quietly before them.

There weren’t other corpses in the area, only it.

This area was filled with shining stars, along with more than one bright sun and one cold moon.

Shocked, Nie Tian shouted, “I-I’ve seen this place before! The floating corpse clearly belongs to Grand Monarch Life Wood, the high chieftain of the Floragrims. He was killed by the Bonedrudes. It’s his bones that Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s Bell of Death burned!”

“How did you see it?” the Thunder Devil shouted.

“My master used time power to show me for a short time,” Nie Tian explained.

After going blank for a while, Feng Beiluo said, “It appears that we are not heading away from the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones. Instead, we’re going deep into it. The death aura here is thin purely because the residual life aura of the corpse of the Floragrim high chieftain has counteracted the death power.”

Nie Tian frowned. “Strange, it’s strange.”

Wu Ji had used time power to show him the corpses of Grand Monarch Life Wood and Grand Monarch Nether River of the Phantasms, as well as the abomination Gupi, which had been severed into pieces.

Wu Ji must have done so for a reason.

Nie Tian couldn’t figure out what that reason was. “Since Grand Monarch Life Wood’s body is here, are Master and the River of Time somewhere in the Void World too? Grand Monarch Life Wood ought to have been killed by the Bonedrudes, with his bones used by Grand Monarch Ash Bone. But what on earth do the Bonedrudes want to do by placing this corpse here?”


At that moment, his heart started beating violently.

Grand Monarch Life Wood’s corpse suddenly emitted a pale green halo as strands of wood power and flesh aura started flowing towards Nie Tian spontaneously.

He shuddered.

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