Chapter 1652: Upheaval In Various Places

Shao Tianyang and the high chieftain of the flame dragons watched helplessly as raging devil fire circled Dong Li, who completely ignored it.

Strangely enough, when Dong Li plunged into the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, it seemed that the restrictions, which were tremendously frightening, suddenly failed to work.

What was more frightening was that their sight and perception could no longer reach the starry river above the forbidden land.

That area of the starry river had become completely dark and without any light.


The Lightspirit, who was restrained by Yin Xingtian and too frightened to move, shivered as he stared blankly down at the area filled with darkness where Dong Li had fallen.

This fear, which was coming from his bloodline, was even greater than the fear that he had felt from the sword that had been pressed against his throat, and the sword intent that was about to penetrate his fleshly body.

Feeling his muscles, cells, and drops of blood trembling nonstop, he exclaimed inwardly, “This aura belongs to the Dark King, the paragon of the Devils!”

The Lightspirits had seen a period of glory before the Dark King had been born and comprehended the origin power of darkness.

It was because of the Dark King that the Lightspirits had been enslaved and completely surrendered, and had been willing to be driven!

To all Lightspirits, the Dark King was their nemesis!

This Devil paragon had been born to be the Lightspirits’ natural enemy, because he had frozen the bloodline power of numerous Lightspirit experts and turned all their sacred lands into ruins.

Moments later, the experts from the Mortal World saw that the devil fire in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement suddenly quieted down. “Eeeh?!”

Dark power quickly filled the forbidden land, and the devil fire was put out.

A dragon’s cry of relief suddenly echoed out from the darkness.

Dong Li’s cold voice rang in the darkness. “I hope the two of you will keep your promise and throw the Void World into confusion. You should use the power of the three outsider races of the Void World to replenish your consumption.”

The darkness gradually dissipated.

The colossal black tortoise could be seen crouching over the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement in its original form and uttering plaintive cries.


Weird sounds of broken bones came out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, which was shaped like a colossal beehive. Black spots of light that were mixed with devil fire flew towards the black tortoise.

Countless devilish beasts and insects let out cries of terror, but still couldn’t escape death.

Even some Devil warriors exploded and died due to the dramatic changes in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Strands of their flesh aura merged into the black tortoise.

More and more fine dark patterns emerged on the back of the black tortoise.

Shao Tianyang, the sectmaster of the fire element sect who had been hollow-eyed and dejected, showed himself and softly said, “What is the relationship between the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and that spiritual tortoise?”

“The Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement is special and mysterious because it was mixed with the Dark Behemoth’s fleshly body and broken bones when it was built,” Dong Li replied.

“And this tortoise?”

“Is the Dark Behemoth’s descendant.”

“So that’s how it is!”

Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, and the others gathered in ecstasy. “Sectmaster Shao!”

They hadn’t expected that the man being imprisoned in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement was actually the sectmaster of the fire element sect.

Shao Tianyang stood outside the forbidden land, feeling as if a lifetime had passed. “I didn’t expect that I would see daylight again. I thought my flame power would be drained day and night by the Devils in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement until the day I died.”

Dong Li’s cold eyes suddenly fell on the Lightspirit. “Where is the nearest realm of the Netherspirits?”

Trembling all over, the Lightspirit hurried to show her the exact direction.

Dong Li then told the black tortoise with her soul, “Let’s go. The source of your bloodline has been defeated by the Dark King, so of course he wanted to make the most of everything. Its eyes, bones, and flesh have either been refined into unusual dark treasures or merged into the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, making this forbidden land a place where the Devils can temper their fleshly bodies.

“We’re very lucky that we found this place so you can retrieve its remaining flesh power.”

As she spoke, the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement returned to normal, with devil fire burning in different places. However, the most terrifying restrictions had failed to work.

It was because of the power of the Dark Behemoth that the restrictions had been so strong that even Shao Tianyang and the high chieftain of the flame dragons had been unable to break free.

The black tortoise gave a low, plaintive cry. Suddenly, its huge feet stomped the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.


With its heavy stamps, the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement exploded and broke into boulders.

The devil beasts, devil insects, and devil warriors who had low level bloodlines within it had long since died thoroughly. The forbidden land, which had been built at some point and somehow become unusually strong after being fortified by the Dark King, fell apart.

What Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi had failed to achieve seemed so easy under Dong Li and the black tortoise’s power.

Just like this, Shao Tianyang and the high chieftain of the flame dragons were saved, while the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement was destroyed.

This was a heavy blow to the Devils.

In the space disruption zone.

In the brilliant magnificent starry river, numerous void spirit beasts that were like Silver Domain Snakes were absorbing wisps of unusual spatial power that were thin as gossamer to strengthen their bloodlines.

There was a secret arcane realm in the depths of the space disruption zone, and only those who carried Voidspirit bloodlines could see into it.

At this moment, a magnificent palace made of numerous Space Spirit Jades was floating in the dazzling space inside of it.

Inside the palace stood huge, bright mirrors.

Each mirror reflected an area of the starry river, such as the domains of the Mortal World, the Spirit World, and the Void World.

It seemed that the Voidspirits were monitoring the three worlds with the help of those bright mirrors.

Streaks of blue light went into and out of those mirrors every now and then. They were entering and returning from the domains corresponding to the mirrors.

It appeared that each mirror could be regarded as a spatial passage.


Rays of blue electric light suddenly flew out of one of the mirrors.

Upon arriving, the electric light seemed to be translated into a message by the strange power of this place.

Immediately afterwards, numerous voices rang from the mirrors or the Voidspirits in the palace.

“Crap! Miss Pei was badly injured by the Netherspirits in the Void World!”

“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer set a trap in the Void World, causing Nie Tian and Miss Pei to almost die in the Realm of Dark Souls!”

“Miss Pei is now missing. The flesh aura we received from her also contains the smell of death.”

“She’s in the Bonedrudes’ territory?”

Soon, the latest news was passed up to the high levels of the Voidspirits.

Thick life aura came out of a pool of blood in a secret room of the palace.

Pei Yukong, the high chieftain of the Voidspirits who should have been dead, was immersed in the pool of blood, staring emptily at the dome of the palace.

The dome was covered with extremely complicated patterns made of spatial light.

A harsh voice quietly rang in the silent palace. “Chief, Miss Pei is in danger. The Doomed Star Sea may not have heard about it yet, but Nie Tian and Miss Pei have been ambushed by the Netherspirits. No one knows if they are dead or alive.”

Pei Yukong’s empty glassy eyes slowly focused. “Inform those in the Doomed Star Sea.”

“High Chieftain, you...?”

Pei Yukong sighed and said, “Nie Tian’s Blood Essence can only delay my death for a while. It can’t fundamentally change anything. It’s time for me to get out of here.”


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